Part Two

Guest Stars
Marill as herself
Raichu as herself
John De Lancie as Q
Desmond Harrington as Damien
Togepi as herself

Written By
Marill & Raichu

3rd March 2001

30th November 2003

Episode Based In
April 2375 (early season 6)


Last time on Fifth Voyager
Q returned to warn the crew about a Q that seeks revenge on anything that bears the name Voyager. Q gave a six member awayteam a holographic creature each to help them fight on the holodeck, where the Q was hiding out. Unfortunately they were too late, the Q destroyed Engineering leaving Voyager helpless. The awayteam members prepared to transport to a planet with a power that could save Voyager. Will the away team find the power and save Voyager from destruction? Will Togepi really be on the main cast list? Will nasty Q2 get his butt kicked? And will Tom ever get what he deserves?

And now the conclusion
Lord Q's Hideout, Phados Two:
Miss Q moved away from the scanner.

"I can't believe it! How could he let them slip through his hands, he's no better than the rest of the hired help around here!" she yelled.

"Oh give it a rest," Lord Q moaned. The main door opened and Q2 walked in.

"Hi honey, I'm home!" he yelled loudly.

"You big slimy purple pin head, six of Voyager's crewmembers are going after the great power! I thought this Q was a master of disaster, he's nothing more than a slime infested jelly bean..." Miss Q yelled angrily. Q2 clicked his fingers and her mouth disappeared.

"Finally someone shut her up," Lord Q said happily.

"Your feebleness is staggering. You obviously need a vacation. Circumstances require for me to choose a new leader and I pick.. me! Hahaha!" Q2 laughed. He walked over to Lord Q's seat and he sat down.

"Who does this clown think he's dealing with!" Lord Q yelled.

"The Boogie Q is taking over," Q2 said.

"No one double crosses Lord Q and lives!" Lord Q yelled. He pointed his finger at Q2 and he was hit by an energy blast.

"Hey stop that, it tickles!" Q2 laughed. "My turn," he said as he clicked his fingers. Lord Q and Miss Q disappeared and a snow cone appeared in Q2's hand. Inside it was mini versions of Miss Q and Lord Q.

"There you go, bonehead!" Miss Q yelled in a squeaky voice.

"You can't trust anyone in this galaxy!" Lord Q yelled also in a squeaky voice.

"Oh, I love snowcones!" Q2 said happily. He shook the snowcone in his hand.

"Earthquake! Earthquake!" the Q's squeaked.

"Now you have a choice, you can join me or you can join these insuperable dingle dogs!" Q2 said to the Bolian and Cardassian.

"Goldar get us out of here!" Lord Q squeaked.

"Don't listen to that purple snotball!" Miss Q squeaked.

"Don't you dare betray me!" Lord Q squeaked.

"Er, we didn't like those dingle dogs in the first place," Goldar said (the Cardassian).

"You said it, they stink!" the Bolian said. Q2 laughed.

"So what are we going to do about the Voyager awayteam, oh my hideous one?" Goldar asked.

"Oh yes, the away team," Q2 muttered. He clicked his fingers and fifteen black bird creatures appeared. "Shut your beaks! Now, you'll fly to Phados One, find the away team and you will tear them apart!" Q2 laughed. The creatures laughed and they flew away.

Phados One:
The awayteam dematerialised on a rocky surface. It was a coastal region and the wind was strong. It was very much like Earth.

"Cool, look at this place," Triah muttered.

"Guys, look at this!" Jessie yelled from a few metres away. Everyone ran over to her. She was hovering over a huge humanoid skeleton.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"I think the question is, what was it?" Tom asked.

"Definitely not the welcoming committee that's for sure," Triah said.

"Er, don't we have a job to do?" B'Elanna asked. Everyone nodded and they continued walking.

Ten minutes later:
The away team were walking across some rocks near the sea.

Jessie stopped and stared out into the ocean. James, who was behind her stopped as well. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I was just thinking about Voyager. You know, and all the things we've all been through together," Jessie muttered.

"Don't worry, we'll find that power, and then we'll send that Q back to the sewer he climbed out of. Come on lets go," James said. They both smiled, and turned away from the ocean. They both screamed as one of the bird creatures dove for them. Luckily they had enough time to duck.

The screams got everyone's attention. More bird creatures appeared. James and Jessie turned as another creature dove for them. James jumped off pulling Jessie with him.

Everyone ducked when the creatures dove down for them. The creatures attacked. Tom ran towards a wall, a creature was following him. Suddenly he ducked and the creature flew straight into the cliff face.

Jessie pushed a creature away. One flew up behind her and it grabbed her by the arms and it flew away. She tried to get out of it's grasp but she saw how high it was and decided against it.

"Hang on Jess!" James yelled.

"Jessie, hold on!" everyone else was yelling.

"Put me down big bird, I hate heights!" she screamed. Suddenly the bird let her go, she dropped to the ground.

Everyone saw a woman fighting the creatures. Suddenly she began to move a bunch of sticks in circles, a whistling noise started. The creatures screamed in pain and they flew away. The away team gathered around the woman.

"That was amazing, thanks," Tom said and he held his hand out. She smacked his burned hand with her stick.

"If you want to thank me, go back to where ever it is you came from," the woman said angrily.

"We can't go back," B'Elanna said.

"We were told there was a great power here, is it true?" Harry asked.

"Yes, the ground is littered with the bones who have tried for it and failed," the woman said.

"We're different, we won't fail," Tom said. The alien smacked him in the back of the legs, the blow made him lose his balance. He fell over backwards.

"Leave, Phados One before it's too late," the woman said.

"Look, we don't want any trouble, that Q guy told us..." Triah said.

"Q! Did you say Q?" the woman asked.

"Are you that Q that protects this planet?" B'Elanna asked.

"Yes, my powers were taken away so I could protect this planet. My name is now Darcia. What were you saying about Q?" the woman asked.

"Our ship was attacked by an exiled Q, he has a big grudge on Voyager. We were told about that the power could repair Voyager. Q told us about you," B'Elanna said.

"Q is free?" Darcia exclaimed.

"How does she know which Q is which?" James whispered. Jessie shrugged.

"Q is a monster, if we don't hurry your ship is doomed. Follow me," Darcia said.

Holodeck Two (Newcastle Building Site):
Q2 had brainwashed a large group of holograms to dig up the building site. He was sitting on a chair looking very bored. Goldar was standing near by.

"My god, I'm bored. These holograms are extremely slow. I've seen Old Men work faster," Q2 said. The Old Man appeared. "Huh? Who's he?"

"Hello, I'm the Old Man. I remember in those days we used to..."

"Is this a hologram?" Q2 asked. Goldar shrugged. Q2 clicked his fingers and the Old Man disappeared.

"How the hell does he keep getting into our stories?" Marill's voice asked.

"Actually I did it this time. I hate that Q so I thought I'd torture him," Raichu's voice replied.

"Warn me the next time BEFORE I get the rabid dogs set up outside the house," Marill's voice said. Some barking is heard, followed by kids screaming. Marill and Raichu ran to the window. Some of South Stanley's brats were getting chewed up by the rabid dogs.

"Oh well, they did some good," Raichu's voice said. Marill shook her head.

"Watch and learn the horrors of South Stanley," Marill's voice said.

Outside the mothers stole the kids bodies and moved house. A moving van quickly pulled up, a family with twice as much kids moved into the house in five seconds. Another second later the kids are running riot among the streets playing with tyres, broken prams, trolleys, knives (that 1 hasn't happened yet but it will) & finally Marill's door. Her dad stormed out of the house yelling at the kids. The kids ran away screaming.

"See," Marill's voice said.

"Geez, you'd probably see saner kids in a Nut House," Raichu's voice muttered.

"Hey, will you writers shut up and let us get on with the story!" Q2 yelled.

"That's it, he's in for extreme pain!" Raichu's voice yelled.

"You know rabid sounds a lot like rabbits!" Marill's voice muttered.

"AAAGGHHH!" they both screamed.

"Anyway, like I was about to say, you're using holographic teachers. They're the slowest creatures in the entire galaxy," Goldar said.

"Oh, god, I'm bored! Lets have some fun. Hey you!" Q2 yelled as he pointed at a hologram. It stopped working instantly. "Dance," Q2 said. The hologram started dancing.

"Do the Can Can," Q2 said. The hologram did what it was told.

"Ballet," Goldar said. The hologram raised it's arms in the air and it did a twirl on his tip toes. Q2 laughed.

"Oh, Boss, they're back!" Goldar said with a tricorder in his hands.

"Transport them into the holodeck," Q2 said as he clicked his fingers. Now there was enough power to transport the creatures into the holodeck.

"How did you fare?" Q2 asked.

"Fine," one muttered.

"So have they all been destroyed?" Q2 asked.

"Well, we were about to destroy them..." one said.

"What you didn't kill them. You call yourselves warriors your just uncooked turkeys. I'll have you stuffed and roasted!" Q2 yelled angrily.

"But master, there was a monster with a huge sticks. She kept swirling them around," another creature said.

"These sticks. Did these sticks have a whistling sound?" Q2 asked.

"Well it was more like nails on a black board," one creature said.

"Darcia, that manipulating sea devil of a witch. If she leads them to the great power, everything will be ruined!" Q2 exclaimed.

"Do you want us to take another whack at it?" the creature asked.

"How about taking another quack at it!" Q2 yelled, he clicked his fingers and the creatures exploded. "There's no time to waste, my robots must be unearthed by midnight," Q2 said.

Phados One, A Mountain Top:
Darcia led the away team to a stone henge type place.

"What is this place?" B'Elanna asked.

"The sacred grounds of the Y'Jeti," Darcia said and she headed towards the cliff edge. Everyone followed. "There, beyond the Marlon Ridge is the Monolick. Inside holds the key to the greatest power in the universe. The Monolick is heavily guarded against intruders. No one has ever survived in an attempt to reach it," Darcia said.

"Then how can we?" Jessie asked.

"You were chosen by Q. I have faith in his wisdom," Darcia replied. Everyone gave each other worried looks.

"Er, can you help us?" Tom asked.

"We will call upon the sacred Game Creature spirits of the Y'Jeti," Darcia said. Everyone exchanged puzzled looks.

Five minutes later:
All members of the away team were standing in a line. Darcia was standing opposite them with the fire in between them. Darcia had something in her hands.

"Buried deep within each of us is a animal spirit waiting to be released," Darcia said. "Close your eyes and look deep inside."

Everyone did as they were told. Darcia blew whatever was in her hands into the air. The powder rose above the fire and it glowed. It rose further into the air and the fire grew. Suddenly the away team had these strange Ninja clothes on, they were different colours.

Triah's was pink, Tom's was green, B'Elanna's was orange, James' was purple, Jessie's was red, and Harry's was black. Each of them had a large coin with a picture of the creatures they had on the holodeck imprinted on them. Darcia walked over to B'Elanna.

"B'Elanna, you are the Charizard, fierce and unstoppable," Darcia said. She moved over to Tom.

"Tom, you are the Chikorita. It's looks make it appear weak but it's heart is strong," Darcia said. She moved over to Triah.

"Triah, light and gentle, you're are the Togeta," Darcia said. She moved over to Harry who was upset again.

"Harry what's wrong?" Darcia asked.

"I'm still a frog," he muttered.

"Yes, a Phrog, like the one you kiss to get a handsome prince," Darcia said. She moved over to James.

"James you're the Arbok. Although it doesn't look it, it's powerful but caring," Darcia said. She moved over to Jessie, the rest of the awayteam gathered up behind Darcia.

"And you Jessie are the Firera. Small but extremely strong and hot tempered," Darcia said.

"You can say that again," Tom muttered. Jessie growled at him so he kept his mouth shut.

"Shut up, Tom, fire beats grass any day," Jessie said angrily.

"All of those who holds the Y'Jeti power, anything is possible, but I'm afraid you must do this on your own," Darcia said.

"Aren't you coming with us, Darcia?" Triah asked.

"If only I could. I can only stay in this plateau, it holds my immortality. The strength is inside you, trust it. Your sacred Game Creature will be your guide. May your animal spirits watch over you," Darcia said and she disappeared in a flash of light.

Five minutes later:
Tom and B'Elanna stood on the edge of the cliff face, looking at the mountain that Darcia named the Monolick. The rest of the team walked up to them.

"It's time," B'Elanna said. She and Tom started walking down the rocky path down the mountain. The others followed.

Voyager, Holodeck Two:
The construction site in Newcastle was upturned. The holograms were digging up some strange robot pieces. Q2 walked to the edge of the upturned earth.

"Feast your eyes on the exo-skeleton of the barbaric, holographic, Q-Ataurs. The time at hand is close by. Once my lovely little Q'Ataurs are up and running, spreading fear and destruction throughout Voyager. I will annihilate Voyager and then the universe!" Q2 yelled, then he started laughing evilly. Goldar and the Bolian laughed with him.

Phados One, An open graveyard:
"What is this place?" B'Elanna asked.

"It looks like some sort of graveyard," Tom said as the away team continued walking through the pile of dinosaur skeletons.

"Welcome to Jurassic Park," James said. Tom walked over to one of the skeletons heads.

"Very funny, James," Jessie muttered.

Unknown to Tom the dinosaur's tail was moving towards him. He turned suddenly and ducked. Everyone turned quickly. A dinosaur skeleton got up to it's feet. It started to head for Triah but Harry was in the way. He jumped out of it's way before it stepped on him.

Triah ran for cover as the skeleton headed for her. "Triah, get out of there!" Tom yelled.

B'Elanna picked up a large bone and she ran over to the skeleton. It's head moved to the right and it knocked B'Elanna to the ground.

"B'Elanna!" Tom yelled.

The skeleton started heading Jessie's way. She screamed and she ran for cover. "Somebody help me!" she screamed. Tom tried to go after her but James grabbed his arm.

"Are you bloody crazy. Stay here I've got an idea," James said quickly.

"What's wrong James, you're never usually this brave," Triah asked.

"James, that thing'll either trample you or eat you... maybe chew you a little. There's no way you're going," Tom said. James whispered something in his ear. Tom perked up a little bit. "You win, but don't blame me if you get killed." James picked up a bone and he threw it at the dinosaur.

"James, what the hell are you doing!" Jessie screamed angrily. The dinosaur turned around and started to go after him. Jessie managed to get away, Tom stopped her from going after James.

James got cornered by a tree. The creature stopped.

"Er, Tom, this would be a good time," James said. Tom quickly jumped onto it's back and he pulled out a bone from the back of it's neck. It's head fell off then it collapsed. Tom fell with it. B'Elanna, Triah and Harry ran over to him.

Jessie ran over to James and she gave him a hug. She quickly pushed him away, glaring at him.

"What the hell did you think you were doing! You could of been killed!" she yelled angrily.

"Gee, I'm sorry mum," James said sarcastically. Jessie calmed down a bit.

"It's okay, if it wasn't for you, I'd be dead. Another thing, don't call me mum, I'm not that old," Jessie said. They both laughed.

"Tom, are you okay?" B'Elanna asked.

"Yeah, thanks," Tom said.

"Come on lets go before he tries to pull himself together or something," Triah muttered. The team continued to make their way to the Monolick.

Holodeck Two, an abandoned factory in Newcastle:
"Boss, the construction is completed," Goldar said.

"Yeah, when's lunch?" the Bolian asked. Q2 made his way to the balcony overlooking the entire factory. All of the holographic teachers were working on building ten foot tall robots.

"Teachers of the North East! You have completed my Q'Ataurs. But frankly I'm sick of your ugly faces and your dull personalities. You will return to the construction and kill yourselves in a brutal way," Q2 said loudly.

All of the holograms dropped what they were doing and they headed out of the door. Damien appeared with his rabbits.

"Excellent, my plans are being carried out. Now my rabbits will destroy these teachers and then I'll destroy the world," he laughed.

Togepi, Marill and Raichu appeared. Raichu grabbed him by the ear and she dragged him through a dimensional portal. They disappeared. "Oh well, the rabbits are being pulled away again," his voice yelled.

"Ohno, not you again, but you, I don't know who you are," Q2 said as he pointed to Togepi. Raichu screamed and Damien jumped back out of the portal.

"Bwahahahahahaha!" he laughed evilly. "Nothing is going to stop me now!" he yelled. One of the teachers stopped when he saw Damien.

"Damien, what are you doing here? Do you realise the opportunities of blah, blah, blah!" he blabbered on. The Old Man appeared.

"Hey, he stole my job, in my day anyone who stole someone else's job got his head put on the block..." the Old Man blabbered. Q2 got bored of the headmaster's opportunities and infrastructure speech and the Old Man's stories.

"Computer, delete Mr Cotton from Voyager's holodeck," he said. Mr Cotton disappeared. He clicked his fingers and the Old Man disappeared.

"You will never destroy the teachers without the rabbits help! Bwhahahaha!" Damien laughed evilly.

Marill held out her Bush CD player and she brought out her Pokémon 2000 CD. She put it into the CD player.

"Ha, listen to the torture of the new version of Pokémon World," Marill yelled. The CD started to spin inside the CD player.

Ten minutes later:
"It'll stop spinning soon," Marill said angrily, she was very tempted to kick the CD player, but she's never done that before (sarcasm alert).

A few hours pass:
Everyone but Marill had fell asleep. She was ready to explode but she wasn't the only one. She nearly died in shock when the CD player stopped spinning. "See, I told you!" she yelled happily.

Everyone woke up and they assumed their original positions. She pressed the play button when it came up to track 8. The song started to play.

Damien screamed, "oh, my ears!" Suddenly he exploded (not really, he had to blast off somehow). He flew away with the rabbits. "We're blasting off again!" he yelled. *PING!*

Marill was jumping up and down in joy. Raichu went to change the track but she hit the stop button.

"Ooops, don't worry it'll play again," Raichu said, she pressed play, and it did what it usually did, nothing. "It'll do it this time!" Raichu exclaimed. She touched the CD player, it was boiling hot. "OW!" she screamed.

Marill got very angry and she pressed the play button, it did the same thing, nothing. Steam started coming out of her ears. She kicked it really hard. Suddenly it blew up.

Marill, Raichu and Togepi were also flying through the air. There was a big hole in the factory. "Wow, the view is great from here," Raichu said.

"Oh great, now I've definitely got an excuse to get a new CD player. That spinning forever thing didn't convince my mum," Marill said happily.

"Er, Marill, your CD was in there," Togepi said.

"Oh s***!" Marill screamed.

"Oh well, at least you kept the receipt," Raichu muttered.

"Oh s***!" Marill screamed.

"Something tells me she didn't," Raichu muttered. They flew into the horizon.

"We're blasting off too!" they yelled. *PING!*

"Oh finally, I thought those Humans would never go away," Goldar muttered.

"Finally the moment of truth! Violent, let the power go!" Q2 ordered. The Bolian (Violent) pressed some buttons.

Suddenly the two robots came to life. One was shaped like a spider and the other was big like but it had two legs and two arms. "Now my Q'Ataurs will destroy Voyager from the inside out, bwahahahahaha!" Q2 laughed evilly.

Phados One, Near by the Monolick:
The away team finally emerged from the forest. They came across a large rocky wall with markings on. Suddenly the wall started shaking. The four imprinted figures in the wall started moving. All of a sudden the figures came to life and they jumped out of the wall holding sharp weapons.

"Oh my god!" Triah moaned.

"What do we do?" Jessie asked.

"Panic," James replied. The creatures suddenly attacked the away team.

Harry got chased by one of them up the cliff face. Jessie was next. She jumped onto a rock and she started to climb up the cliff face. The creature made her trip up with it's weapon.

"Oh damn, this isn't my day," she moaned as she continued to climb the cliff.

Tom also started to head up the cliff face.

Triah got attacked by one. She kicked it but it knocked her to the ground.

Jessie slipped and she fell over. The creature tried to hit her with it's weapon but she rolled away. She pushed it lightly and she continued to climb up the cliff.

Harry reached a dead end, a drop to boiling hot water. Tom was way ahead of him.

"Hang on Harry," Tom muttered as he climbed further up the cliff face. Harry pushed past the creature just before it attacked him. "Ever played Leap Frog?" Tom joked as he jumped down to the creature's back. It grabbed his arms and he threw him off it's back. Tom slipped off the edge, he clung on but the creature was playing a more violent version of This Little Piggy.

Harry snook up behind the creature. "Hey rock head," Harry said. The creature turned but Harry pushed it off the cliff into the boiling water. Harry helped Tom up.

"Thanks Harry, I thought I was finished," Tom sighed as they both watched the creature boil to death.

"One down, three to go," Harry muttered.

Triah ran into another dead end. She noticed a large gap in the rock face. She climbed inside. The creature tried to stab her with it's weapon.

"Somebody help!" she yelled. B'Elanna ran up to it and she hit it hard. It turned to attack her.

"Hey, lets talk about this," B'Elanna muttered. The creature lunged forward. "I guess not," B'Elanna said. She backed off.

Jessie ran behind a large loose rock. She tried to push it, it was moving but very slowly. "Oh come on, roll!" she moaned. The creature caught up with her. Somebody tapped it on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, but can I just distract you for a brief second?" a familiar voice asked. It turned around and it lunged for its distracter, but he had already moved to the side. The creature lost it's balance and it fell down the cliff.

"They're strong, but they're not to smart," James said with a grin. He walked up to Jessie and they both pushed the rock. The rock finally moved faster.

"Yeah, lets rock 'n' roll," Jessie said. The rock gave way and it fell down the cliff taking the creature and a few other rocks with it.

Tom climbed over onto a tree top that was near by the rock face. Just below was Harry being attacked by two creatures.

"What is this, pick on the Phrog day?" Harry moaned.

"Hey Harry, need a hand?" Tom asked as he saw a vine hanging from the tree.

"The thought's crossed my mind!" Harry yelled. Tom held onto one end, he threw the other end down to the bottom. Harry grabbed it as Tom jumped backwards. Harry went up as one creature tried to attack but instead it cut the other creature in half.

Tom arrived at the bottom. "Talk about a spitting headache," Tom joked.

Meanwhile the others were holding vines on top of the tree branches. "Are you guys ready?" Tom yelled. Everyone nodded, then jumped down. They all knocked the last creature. It stumbled backwards into the rock face. The impact caused more rocks to come tumbling down. This crushed the creature.

Suddenly the Monolick opened slowly. A large stone structure was revealed. There was a metal coin shaped thing placed on it near the top. On it was inscriptions of the away team's Game Creatures. Suddenly it started to glow. Then little light shadows of the animals emerged from the large coin.

They all gathered together above the away team. Suddenly there was a flash of light. Once again, the team was back in their original outfits and they all had a ball in their hands.

"We did it!" Triah yelled.

"We've got the power!" Harry exclaimed. James and Jessie, as usual, give each other a big hug. Tom and Harry hi-fived each other.

"All right. Lets do that thing that Q told us to do," Tom said. He pressed his comm badge. Nothing happened.

"Why isn't it working?" Triah asked.

"It only means one thing, Q2 has attacked again," B'Elanna said.

"Can we tap some power into the transporters so we can transport back?" Jessie asked.

"I'll do it," B'Elanna said. She took off her comm badge, she fiddled with it for a few minutes.  She put it back on. She double clicked it and the away team dematerialised.

The Shuttle Bay:
The holographic robots, the Q'Ataurs, appeared and they started destroying the shuttles.

"Janeway to all hands, abandon ship. Repeat, abandon ship."

Crewman scattered everywhere to find shuttles that hadn't been destroyed. Q2 and Goldar were standing on a higher level. Q2 clicked his fingers and he transported crewmembers who were in shuttles into other parts of the ship.

"Crew of Voyager, how do you like my friends?" Q2 laughed. The robots destroyed another shuttle. "The boys are back in town!" Q2 yelled.

"Long live, the king of Q!" Goldar yelled. He and Q2 hifived each other.

Q appeared in a flash of light.

"Q's robots have been repaired, they are being sustained by the holo emitters in the shuttle bay," he said. The whole Engineering crew gathered around him.

"Can't you do something?" Kathryn asked.

"I told you, Kathy, my powers don't have any effect. I don't know why," Q said.

"Captain, the away team have somehow diverted power to the transporters only. They are in the transporter buffer," Seven said.

"Q, I thought you said they could divert the great power straight to Voyager using their comm badges," Chakotay said.

"Q found out. He managed to destroy the system I gave you. I managed to fix the transporter part so that they could get back," Q said.

"We have no choice now, they have the great power, they might be able to stop those creatures," Kathryn said.

"Only the power of the Game Creatures can stop them, phaser fire would just be reflected," Q said.

"How can Game Creatures stop them?" Craig asked.

"Not just any Game Creatures, only the Game Creatures of the Y'Jeti can stop those creatures," Q said.

"Didn't you give the away team access to those things in their first away mission?" Kathryn asked.

"They were holographic versions, they were destroyed when Q attacked Engineering," Q said.

"Er, the away team is still in the transporter buffer," Craig muttered.

"Beam them to the Shuttle Bay, Seven I want them to have access to those things just like before," Kathryn said.

"Yes, Captain," Seven and Craig said.

"Er, Kathy, they are only the holographic versions, they will be nothing compared to the creatures," Q said. She glared at him.

"Have you got a better idea?" Kathryn asked.

"Well actually..." Q said.

"Captain, I can't get those holo creatures operating, I'm afraid the away team's on their own, there isn't enough power to beam them here," Craig said.

"They will be okay, that power will protect them," Seven said. Q patted her on the back.

"That's the spirit Seven Of Twelve," Q said.

"It's Seven Of NINE!" Seven exclaimed.

The Shuttle Bay:
"I love the smell of destruction in the evening," Q2 said.

"Me too," Goldar said.

"Wait, what's that smell? I think some more Humans are attempting to get back into the shuttle bay," Q2 said.

"It's not possible," Goldar muttered.

The away team dematerialised next to a severely damaged shuttle.

"Looks like Q's been busy," Tom muttered.

"What's that noise?" Triah asked.

"Er, I think it's that," James replied as he pointed behind them. Everyone turned around and they say the spider type robot. Suddenly they heard large footsteps behind them. They all turned around and they saw the taller robot.

"There's another one," B'Elanna said.

"Eew, it's even uglier," Triah moaned. It fired on the shuttle and it blew up.

"We've got to stop these things," Harry said.

"We've got the real Game Creatures, lets use them," Tom said. Everyone nodded. Everyone threw their Pokéballs.







All Game Creatures appeared. B'Elanna climbed onto Charizard's back and they flew away. Triah got onto Togeta's back as well and they flew into the air.

"All right guys, lets rock 'n' roll!" Tom exclaimed.

Charizard flew up to the spider robot. "Okay, Charizard, use your flamethrower," B'Elanna ordered. Charizard opened it's mouth and a ball of fire emerged from it's mouth. It hit the creature but it fired it's weapon's at Charizard. It's wing was hit, and it flew back to the ground.

Harry watched what happened. "Don't worry B'Elanna, we'll take care of it," he said. Phrog jumped in front of him. "Phrog, use your tongue as a wrap attack!" Harry ordered.

Phrog's long tongue emerged from it's mouth and it grabbed a hold of the robot's leg. It fired at Phrog but it missed.

"Bad move, if you play with fire you're going to get burned. Phrog, use your thunder bolt!" Harry ordered. A bolt of electricity passed through it's tongue and it was immediately passed onto the robot. It continued to fire at Phrog.

Tom and Chikorita ran up to Harry. "Chikorita, use your vine whip," Tom ordered. Chikorita's vine whips emerged from it's sides and they grabbed a hold of one of the robot's legs. But it wasn't it's leg, it was it's tail, it started swinging it's tail with Chikorita still attached to it.

Jessie and Firera ran up to the second robot. "Firera, use your Fire Spin," she ordered. A large stream of fire emerged from it's mouth. The robot fired a weapon at Firera, both the fire and the weapon collided and it bounced back to Firera. It collapsed, Jessie ran over to it.

Arbok and James quickly came over too. "Don't worry Jess, Arbok's strong, it'll fix that thing," James said. Jessie recalled Firera. "Arbok, use your Wrap attack." Arbok coiled itself around the robot. The robot tried to throw Arbok off it but it was too strong.

"Hang in there, Arbok," Jessie muttered.

"Oh, it's hanging all right," James said.

Meanwhile Triah and Togeta were flying towards Q2. "Okay, time to boogie with the Q," she said.

"Oh there's that cute little Japanese girl to the rescue," Q2 said.

"Oh, you think she's cute too, huh?" Goldar asked. Q2 growled at him. Togeta continued to fly towards them.

"So you want to play, huh?" Q2 asked. He pointed his fingers at Triah and Togeta. Suddenly they were stuck in a ball of energy.

"Triah, use your Agility!" Jessie yelled.

"Okay, Togeta use your Agility," Triah ordered. Togeta suddenly sped off.

"Oh, I'll finish you later," Q2 muttered.

The first robot threw Chikorita off it's tail. It went flying into Tom's arms. Unfortunately Chikorita wasn't the only thing that flew off the creatures tail. The end had fell off and this sticky substance came splashing out. (No it isn't what you think it is you perverts!)

The stuff hit Tom. "Eeew, oozed," he muttered. Phrog started struggling to keep a hold of the robot's leg.

"Tom, Phrog can't keep this up," Harry yelled.

"Disengage, Charizard's back in the game!" B'Elanna yelled as she and Charizard came flying towards them.

"Phrog, stop your attack," Harry ordered. Phrog did as it was told and it jumped into Harry's arms.

"Charizard, use your Rage attack!" B'Elanna ordered. Charizard's eyes glowed and a huge ball of fire emerged from it's mouth. It hit, full blast, and the robot blew up.

Meanwhile, the other robot overpowered Arbok and it threw it to the ground.

"They've destroyed my beautiful creation. Now I'm beginning to get very angry!" Q2 exclaimed. Goldar cowered behind the balcony. Q2 disappeared. The robot started changing shape.

"Eew, I'm going to be sick," Triah moaned. The robot changed into a bigger version of Q2.

"Wow, someone called the Plastic Surgeon," Jessie muttered.

"Woo! Go get em boogie man!" Goldar cheered.

"I feel big again!" Q2 exclaimed.

"Quick take cover in the Delta Flyer!" Tom yelled. Everyone called back their Game Creatures and they ran to the Delta Flyer which wasn't damaged since Marill is writing this scene.

"I'll take over now. Now it's time for some Delta Flyer bashing!" Raichu's voice said.

"Nooooooooooooo!" Marill's voice screamed.

The Delta Flyer started to fly towards the door. It wouldn't open. Q2 grabbed the shuttle. He flung it across the bay.

"We've got to get the doors open, we cant battle in here!" Harry yelled.

"Jessie, fire torpedoes at the doors, we'll worry about repairs later," Tom ordered.

"Fine," Jessie muttered and she ran to what was left of the Tactical control. The Delta Flyer rose again and it fired torpedoes into the door. It exploded, the shuttle flew through the wreckage.

"You can run but you can't hide," Q2 said. Somehow the robot he had merged into had wings and he followed the shuttle into space.

Meanwhile on Phados Two, the Q Snowcone was inside a space station orbiting the planet. Miss Q and Lord Q saw the Delta Flyer being chased by a robot version of Q2.

"So it's that double timing nobody!" Miss Q squeaked.

"Lets hope Voyager puts that clown out of my misery!" Lord Q squeaked.

"Go Voyager! Go Voyager! Go Voyager!" they both chanted.

"Guys, I think I have an idea," B'Elanna said.

"Really, lets here it," Tom said.

"Two days ago Seven detected a comet, if we get Q into the comet's path then..." B'Elanna said.

"Kaboom," Harry said.

"Great idea," James said.

"Okay, I'm setting a course," Tom said.

The Delta Flyer flew into empty space and it came to a dead stop. Q2 caught up with them and he grabbed the shuttle again.

"Have you hugged your shuttles lately?" Q2 laughed.

"The comet's coming," B'Elanna said.

"I can't break his grip," Tom said.

"Try the landing struts, it'll push him away long enough for us to fly away," James said.

"Good idea, lets do it," Tom said. Harry rushed to another console and he pressed some controls.

The struts came out of the bottom of the shuttle, they pushed Q2. The Delta Flyer broke his grip and they flew away.

"I'm setting a course back to Voyager," Tom said. Q2 saw the comet coming for him.

"Ohno," he muttered. Suddenly there was a huge explosion. The Delta Flyer escaped the shock wave and they headed back to Voyager.

"We did it!" Harry yelled. Everyone was yelling and cheering. Tom and B'Elanna hugged each other. Triah and Harry hi-fived each other. James hi fived Jessie. Tom realised he had to pilot the shuttle so he and B'Elanna separated so that he could pilot.

"I think we should celebrate. Harry, lets get some Champagne," Triah said. Harry nodded and they both went to the other room. B'Elanna chased after them.

Tom laughed as he saw the state of Voyager. The Shuttle Bay doors looked worse for where. "I think we're in trouble," Tom muttered. James and Jessie laughed at him.

"I think we should transfer the power to Voyager. We can do it from the shuttle," Tom said. He pressed some controls. A few minutes later he contacted Engineering. "Paris to Janeway."

"Tom, are you and the rest of the away team okay?"

"Yes Captain, the power has been transferred to Voyager. We're heading back oh and sorry about the shuttle bay doors," Tom said.

"So you should be."

Tom docked the shuttle in what was left of the shuttle bay. He ran into the back room yelling, "hey guys, replicate a few bottles, we're going to Engineering!"

"Thanks, James, you saved me a couple of times on that planet," Jessie muttered when they were alone.

"Hey what are friends for?" James replied. She stood up from her console. She put her hand on his face and she kissed his cheek. Unknown to her Tom had came back into the room.

"Oooh!" Tom said. The pair turned to face him, both were red. James was embarrassed and Jessie was angry.

"TOM!" she screamed.

"Uhoh, I really did it this time," Tom muttered. He ran back into the other room. He was yelling something about sealing the door. Jessie ran to the door anyway but she couldn't get through it.

"Damn you Tom! I'll kill you when you get out of there! You'll wish you had never been born!" Jessie yelled while banging on the door.

She heard B'Elanna, Triah & Harry muttering, "So?" Tom obviously had told the three about what he saw.

"He's a dead man," Jessie muttered, her cheeks were burning red with rage.

"Er, Jess, why did you do that?" James asked, he was still red.

"He saw us!" she yelled a little too loudly.

"That's not what I meant," James said. They both heard Tom laughing behind the door. James went over to a console and he fiddled with the transporter controls.

"What the h..." Tom's voice muttered.

"All right, Tom's gone to get some more party food," Harry's voice said.

"But how can we get to Engineering, Tom sealed all the doors to get away from Jessie," B'Elanna's voice asked.

"Uhoh," Triah's voice muttered.

"Help!" Harry's voice yelled.

"In a minute!" James yelled.

"No, how about now," Jessie said.

"No, I want to know why you..." James said.

"Get us out of here!" the others yelled.

"Oh fine, I don't know why I did it. It seemed right. Now are we going to get those guys out?" Jessie asked.

"Whatever," James muttered. He pressed some controls and all of them beamed out of the shuttle.


****THE END****

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