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Episode Synopsis
Voyager comes to the aid of a mysterious woman who claims she has encountered them before.

6th - 9th, 12th & 20th November 2013

Originally Written
21st January 2001

Episode Based In
August 2373


"This time you won't get away. This time I'll get what I desire. Such is the beauty of..."

"Um, why are the lights always off when I come in here?"

There was a large thud and an angry grunt. "Dear god, knock before you come in here! Can't a villain do their mysterious threats in peace?"

An awkward silence followed for a minute.

"There's nobody here."

More silence followed.

The sound of a hand slamming against something hard rang around the room. "Never mind, turn the lights on. It's ruined anyway."


On the USS Voyager's Bridge the atmosphere was normal. Kathryn had abandoned the Bridge for the Ready Room for a coffee top up. As a result Chakotay had their daughter dumped on him. Jessie sat at the Engineering station but she wasn't working, she was too busy arguing with James standing nearby. Craig stood waiting for him but he didn't mind, he had his eye on a pretty brunette at the back stations. Tom and Harry were discussing their usual things at Harry's station. Tuvok was weighing the pros and cons of replicating some ear plugs for future shifts.

"So to escape the reality of us being on a starship, forced to endure crazy situations, you want us to go to a program where we'd fly around in a rocket, fighting crazy evil people?" Harry said.

Tom stared at his friend for a moment, then nodded with a chirpy grin. "In a nut shell."

Chakotay glanced up, and then looked around at nothing in particular. "Wasn't I supposed to say that?" He shook his head and returned to his daughter.

Harry read the PADD in his hands again. "Why am I always the sidekick?"

"You're not. We'll have a blonde bombshell as the sidekick," Tom said with a devilish glint in his eye.

Harry stared at him blankly, he didn't look impressed. Tom matched it with the same cheeky smile he had on before. Harry developed a smirk, "sounds like fun."

"Once the Holodeck's fixed, I'll be right there booking some time in. How does Season Five sound?" Tom grinned.

Harry frowned in confusion. "Our Season Five, or what this series calls the middle of Season One?"

Tom also looked confused, he pointed at the PADD. "I mean the fifth season of Captain Proton. That's where it really gets good."

"Gee, I wonder which one will be playing Captain Proton," Chakotay said to himself sarcastically. He rolled his eyes towards his daughter, she smiled at him.

"Oh," Harry's cheeks changed to a bright red. "Well how was I supposed to know that?"

Craig meanwhile looked around before fishing the PADD out of his pocket. He made a little note and put it back.

"I don't understand what the problem is," James said with a sigh at the end.

Jessie rolled her eyes. "Of course you don't, you're a guy."

James couldn't help but smirk for half a second, he raised his eyebrow instead. "Was that sarcasm?"

"Surely you'd recognise that of all people," Jessie groaned.

"So yeah," James said. "I never said it was a guy's thing, I said it was a bachelor thing."

Jessie scoffed, "do you even know what bachelor means?"

"Single person?" James said with uncertainty.

"No," Jessie shook her head. She gestured her head towards Craig, James turned to look just as he was getting slapped by the cute brunette.

"Daft kid who's desperate for a date?" James said. He smiled and nodded, "okay fine, I get it. I was using that wrong. Still, you knew what I meant."

"No, for all I knew you were luring poor girls to that death trap and thought that's what..." Jessie countered.

James interrupted, "I don't do that kind of thing and you know that. Besides my room is not that bad."

"You keep clothes you've worn once and leave them in a pile on the floor. At least it used to be a pile, now it's a heap," Jessie argued.

"How could you possibly know that if you weren't in my room?" James asked.

"Cos it's been there for years," Jessie sighed.

James smiled like he'd won the argument, "again, how would you know that it's still there?"

Jessie groaned, then covered her face with her right hand. "As if you would change."

"They're not dirty, we're trying to save power and I don't have a year's worth of clothes," James blurted out defensively. Jessie narrowed her eyes and scowled at him. Anyone that knew Jessie and had heard were wincing a little. "If you don't like my room, don't go in."

"Ugh," Jessie scoffed. "I didn't. I can see the Mess everytime you leave your room. It will probably follow you out one day."

"Yeesh it's like listening to an old married couple," Tom muttered. That sentence was his undoing, a tricorder flew into his face.

"He'll never learn," Craig commented, ironically now sporting a red hand shaped mark on his cheek.

"Of course not. Each hit probably kicks out the memory of it," Harry muttered.

James tried not to laugh. "I'm not that bad, come on. You're being silly."

"I nearly broke my neck, so yeah, it's that bad!" Jessie snapped. James raised his eyebrow again, she then realised what she said. "Fine, I did go in there once. I couldn't stand the thought of it anymore, and I thought I'd..."

The Bridge shook violently, everyone clung on to the closest thing until it settled down. "Commander, I'm detecting weapon signatures nearby," Tuvok reported.

"You don't say," Tom tried to snark. He slowly walked back to his console with a tricorder mark in his face.

"Where from?" Chakotay asked.

"I don't know, there's no ships in the area," Harry said.

Kathryn stepped onto the Bridge from the Ready Room. The ship shook again, throwing her off her path for a second.

"Commander, what's going on?" Kathryn asked.

"I think we're in the middle of two cloaked ship's battle," Chakotay said.

"That appears to be accurate, Commander, there is indeed two cloaked ships only two thousand kilometers off our starboard bow," Tuvok said.

"One cloaked ship, don't you mean," Tom said. Everyone turned to the viewscreen as one ship de-cloaked.

"There are none now, the cloaked ship has been destroyed," Tuvok said.

"How?" Craig asked.

"It appears that it sustained too much damage to its hull," Tuvok replied.

"The other ship is hailing us," Harry said.

"Open a channel," Kathryn ordered.

"Voyager, is that you? I need help... they're after me..."

"We've lost the link," Harry said.

"How do they know who we are?" James asked.

"We may as well find out, Chakotay lead an awayteam to that ship," Kathryn ordered.

"Yes ma'am. Tom, you're with me," Chakotay said. He glanced briefly at Craig and then James. "You two bring the rest of your team, just in case."

"Is it dangerous on that ship?" James asked.

"Wimp," Tom muttered.

"Do you want a teddy bear, James?" Jessie giggled.

"That's not what I..." James said.

"Maybe she can be his teddy bear," Tom muttered. This time a stack of padds were thrown at him. He didn't have time to duck.

"What a big mouth," Craig said while walking to the turbolift.

"Yeah, but his brain's tiny," Harry sniggered.

"C'mon," Chakotay said as he walked into the turbolift. James did so too, Jessie followed him. They continued their bickering on route.

"Maybe Tuvok should go in Tom's place, he'll be a lot safer," Kathryn said, nodding at Tuvok. He did so back and then followed everyone into the turbolift. Tom slowly went back to his station.

The alien ship:
Chakotay, Tuvok, Craig, James, Jessie and two Security officers dematerialised in a small room that was in shambles. A few support beams had collapsed and there were broken consoles everywhere.

"There are no lifesigns here, Commander," Tuvok said. There was a loud thud near the left side of the room. Jessie jumped.

"You're not scared are you, Jess?" James asked.

"No of course not," Jessie huffed.

Chakotay and Tuvok began scanning around the room. A support beam collapsed outside the room but it still made a large bang. She jumped again and she hid behind James.

"What is it?" James asked.

"I think this place is haunted," Jessie said in a shaky voice.

"Did you say haunted?" Foster squeaked.

"Don't be stupid, if this place was haunted, we would hear voices even though there's no one here," Chakotay said.

"Help!" a voice said.

"That sounds like a ghost to me," Jessie said, she grabbed onto James' arm. Chakotay rolled his eyes.

"Who's there?" Tuvok asked.

"Tuvok, is that you?" a muffled voice said.

"It knows us?" Foster trembled.

"Be quiet," Chakotay said.

"Where are you?" Tuvok asked.

"I'm stuck under a support beam," the voice said.

"A ghost stuck under a support beam, that's a funny thought," James said. He and Jessie finally stepped away from each other.

"James? That's you isn't it?" the voice asked.

"She knows me?" James said.

"Of course I know you, James, please help me!" the voice said loudly.

Chakotay and James walked over to a fallen support beam, they could see a young woman stuck under it. Jessie walked over with a tricorder and she started to scan her.

"She may not be a ghost but I can't detect her lifesigns," she said.

"Chakotay to Voyager, prepare to beam one directly to Sickbay," Chakotay ordered.

The woman was lying on the bio bed. The Doctor was trying to scan her. James and Jessie, as well as Foster and Thompson were standing nearby.

"Report Doctor," Kathryn said.

"I've tried everything, Captain, I can't scan her, it's like she's not lying on the bio bed," the Doctor replied.

"Wake her," Kathryn said. The Doctor placed a hypospray into the woman's neck. She woke up.

"Captain Janeway?" she asked.

"That's right. Could you explain how you know members of my crew," Kathryn asked.

"It's a long story," the woman replied.

"What's your name?" Kathryn asked.

"Kellin," the woman replied.

"Tell me, is there any reason why you're not easy to scan?" the Doctor asked.

"Our species is advanced, our genes don't show up on primitive alien scanners," Kellin replied.

The Doctor tried not to look offended. "Is there anyway that you know of?"

"Just re-modulate your scanning frequency to 2.67," Kellin replied. The Doctor fiddled with his tricorder and he began scanning Kellin again.

Kathryn walked over to the others, she passed a frown over to Jessie. "Are you a member of this team now?"

"No I just..." Jessie started to reply, she looked over to James as she didn't really know why she was there.

He shrugged, "we were arguing."

"Yeah but now I'm just curious about her, that's all," Jessie said with a shrug of her own.

Kathryn shook her head. "Fine, make sure you're back on the Bridge sometime today. Those Engineering reports that you don't do may get done by somebody else, it'll throw everyone off."

Jessie pouted, "I do them."

Kathryn's attention turned to the Security team. "One or two of you should keep an eye on our guest, but try to make her feel welcomed and not like a prisoner. I'd like to know more about what's going on."

"So avoid taking her to the Mess Hall at lunch time?" James commented.

"If it comes to torturing her then no," Kathryn said. Her eyes rolled at the memory of Neelix's latest recipe; ration and leola broth. "Why do we never run out of leola root?"

Jessie shrugged, "I dunno, the Borg assimilated the Cargo Bay with the Hydroponics Bay in."

Kathryn shuddered quite violently at the thought of the Borg knowing about that awful stuff. "We'll tow her shuttle into the shuttle bay. Report to me when you get some information." She quickly walked out of the room.

Thompson elbowed Foster in the arm, he had spotted Kellin looking over at the group. Foster pouted and stared at him angrily. "Crazy woman digs you."

"No she doesn't," he complained. He gestured his head towards James instead. Thompson looked towards Kellin and then him, he shook his head. "Nah, I'm not touching that one."

"Coward," Foster muttered.

James passed them both a narrowed eyes but confused stare, it was enough to hush them for a moment. He left them and Craig behind to approach the biobeds, Jessie followed half way.

"How is she, Doc?" Jessie asked.

"She'll recover thanks to my primitive medical expertise," the Doctor boasted in a bitter tone. He kept that proud smile all the way back to his office.

"Hi James," Kellin said. Meanwhile Thompson elbowed Foster again, he did the same back but twice as hard. The resulting ow made everyone stare at Thompson briefly.

"We're all a little confused, how do you know us?" James asked.

"Our species rarely interact with other races. Every person we run into loses memories of us a day after we leave them," Kellin said.

"Ah so you've been here before and you were pals with our resident psycho, ey?" Thompson sniggered.

James rolled his eyes, while Foster looked on with his own very wide. Craig didn't seem to have a clue what was happening, he shrugged it all off.

"Putting it mildly," Kellin giggled softly.

"What does that mean?" James asked. Jessie backed away from the bed with a frown on her face.

"I was here for a few weeks. I don't want to rush you but since you asked I'll tell you, we were involved," Kellin said.

Jessie suddenly collapsed. James went over to her and he knelt down. Craig rushed over as well, looking towards the glass wall around the Doctor's office. He tried to get his attention. The other two Security team members backed away like their lives depended on it.

Kellin meanwhile sat up to get a better look at what happened.

"Jess, what's wrong?" James asked. Jessie was still awake but groggy so she didn't answer. Her eyes closed slowly, and her head fell back into his hand. The Doctor ran into the room from his office.

"What happened?" he asked.

"She just collapsed," James replied.

The Doctor picked up a tricorder and he scanned her. "Her temperature is rising, I don't understand it, help me get her on the bio bed." Despite saying that, the Doctor didn't help as James lifted her up himself, and carried her to the nearest bio bed. The Doctor injected a hypospray into her neck. "Her temperature is returning to normal," the Doctor sighed.

"What was wrong?" James asked.

"I'm not sure exactly, I'll need to run further scans. if I didn't know better I believe she might have fainted, but I need to be sure before I release her from Sickbay," the Doctor replied.

"She collapsed when she found out that Kellin chick was sleeping with her..." Thompson replied. He forced a cough, "best friend."

Foster elbowed him again, glaring at him. "This is why we stepped back, what's the matter with you?"

"Oh well, when Jessie wakes up I'll release her," the Doctor smirked. James didn't look amused as he looked at him. "She must have fainted over the shock of you having a girlfriend."

"Why is that so ridiculous? It's not like I'm one of those sad losers who keeps hitting on every girl, but get only a slap for my trouble," James grumbled.

"Whatever you say, James," the Doctor said. He injected Jessie's neck with a hypospray and she started to wake up.

Craig pouted, he looked a bit offended. "That's just rude."

James glanced briefly at him. "I didn't mean you."

Thompson sniggered, "yes he did."

"What the hell happened?" Jessie asked groggily. She slowly sat up.

"You fainted," the Doctor replied.

"Doc," James complained.

Jessie burst out into awkward laughter. "You have a girlfriend?"

"No I don't, she must be lying," James grumbled.

"I'm not lying, James," Kellin said.

"Don't, if you say anymore I'll faint again," Jessie teased.

"Don't tell anyone about this, it's just as rare as Craig saying he was gay," the Doctor said.

Craig looked around at everyone with his eyes wide. "Hey, stop using me as an example!"

"It doesn't matter Craig. You get laughed at if you don't care about getting a date, so why not continue being desperate?" James grumbled.

"Oh come on, I'm not desperate!" Craig protested.

James shook his head, "I'll tell the Captain... about the memory thing."

The Doctor gave him a hypospray. "Here you'll need this just in case the Captain faints at your news." James knocked the hypospray out of his hands and he stormed out of the room. Jessie followed him out, her smirk was long gone and she looked a little worried.

"I don't understand it Doctor. James is a nice guy, why were you saying those things?" Kellin asked. Thompson snorted, which made Foster elbow him again.

"We're not laughing cos he's a girl leper like Cr..." Craig glared at the Doctor, cutting him off mid sentence. "Tom. We're laughing cos everyone knows that he avoids having girlfriends because he has a thing for Jessie. At least he did," the Doctor replied.

Kellin looked down sadly. "Of course that's what you mean."

The Ready Room:
"Do you believe her?" Kathryn wondered, a frown filled her face. The cup of coffee in her hands was obviously still full.

"No. Surely if I had been involved with her I would still feel something for her but I don't," James said.

"I understand. Jessie, what do you think?" Kathryn asked carefully.

"It seems a bit unbelievable. James doesn't fall that quickly, and even if he did he'd not ask her out for years," Jessie said with a slight smirk.

"That's not even true," James complained much to Jessie's amusement. She stopped smirking when she noticed the serious look on his face. She replaced it with a warm reassuring smile.

"No, you wouldn't ask at all," she said. James sighed to that comment. "Oh come on James, you know I don't mean that in a bad way. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It could be worse, you could have been just like Craig," Jessie said.

Craig stared straight ahead of him with his arms tightly folded. He grew angry at whatever he was looking towards.

"Oh come on, I'm not even in the scene!" he complained. Stamping his feet, he made his way down the corridor, muttering under his breath. "I refuse to be some cut away gag or something."

The Ready Room
Jessie widened her eyes like she had just seen that. "Well I can't say Tom anymore, can I? Somehow he managed to get B'Elanna to like him."

"Yes but he wasn't as bad as Craig. What is up with that PADD anyway?" Kathryn said. She shook her head. "So back to Kellin. You think she's lying?"

"Yeah but why would she lie about us being involved?" James questioned.

"I don't know, maybe she fancied you so she came back and said that you two were involved to make it happen," Jessie said.

"Makes a little sense," Kathryn said.

"Oh great," James muttered.

Kathryn sat back in her seat, cradling the cup against her chest. "I do want to know more about her first visit here. I don't like having a part of my life wiped away like that."

James shook his head as Kathryn looked at him, she then turned to Jessie who winced slightly.

"Think about it. She's only here because we rescued her. Why was she here the last time? Why was she attacked? What is the point of this ridiculous story?" Kathryn continued.

"I don't know, there are much better fourth season episodes to parody than this," Jessie replied.

Kathryn groaned into her spare left hand, she stole a quick sip of her coffee while she did so. "I meant why did she bring up her real or not relationship with James, when she knew he'd forget about her anyway? It tells us nothing else other than that she's a blonde bimbo."

"That seems like enough of a point to me," Jessie commented.

James glanced briefly at her, "um, hey?"

Jessie smirked before turning her head his way. "Not because she likes you, just that she shouldn't have been surprised that you'd forgotten her."

Kathryn frowned suspiciously. "If she cared about you she wouldn't have come straight out with it. Perhaps Jessie is correct, she told you right away so she could make you two happen."

"You rejected her or didn't notice her advances. That sounds more like you," Jessie smiled.

James sighed, "so what now?"

"We find out why she was here in the first place. It sounds like a good place to start," Kathryn replied with a smile of her own. James didn't like the look of hers though, it was a sneaky and malicious looking one. Jessie looked at her and then at James with a confused expression.

"Ohno, I see where this is going," he said.

"I don't," Jessie said.

"She wants me to play along so Kellin will answer those questions," James explained.

Jessie pulled a disgusted face, she turned to Kathryn with her eyes wide. "You can't be serious? Can't we just beat it out of her, or force feed her Neelix's Ration Flan?"

Both James and Kathryn remembered what she was talking about, they both repressed a gag. Kathryn was the first to shake it off. "I'm not telling him to prostitute himself, jeez. I'd never ask that of anyone. I just thought he should act a little interested..."

"Eew," Jessie complained.

Kathryn cleared her throat, "... in what she has to say."

"Oh," Jessie was a little embarrassed. She still didn't like the idea though, her face was scrunched up in disgust.

"What's the problem? You two aren't..." Kathryn said with narrowed eyes.

Jessie shook her head furiously. "No, no." She turned to walk straight out. Once the doors shut behind her they heard another, "no."

"Surely you can just ask her," James said meekly. "There's no reason to think she's hiding anything, so why use me to deceive it out of her?"

Kathryn smiled after a long sip of her coffee. "I'm sure a big strong boy like you can take care of himself, hmm?"

"I'm sure a crazy Captain like you can stop inhaling the coffee long enough to do her job for once, hmm?" James said, mocking her tone.

Kathryn's face froze in a deadly stare, it even seemed to freeze the air around her and spread across the room. Her daughter on the other side of the room sensed this and burst into tears. Meanwhile in the Mess Hall Neelix's gas stoves were freezing up.

"Get out," she eventually said in a cold, hoarse voice.

James shrugged without a care in the world, and turned around to walk out.

Kathryn growled at the spot he was in before. She looked over to her daughter. "Do not follow his example."

Outside Kellin's Quarters:
Chakotay was busy muttering to himself outside her door. Foster and Craig were standing outside, pulling the same what the hell looks at each other.

"Uh, Commander?" Craig dared to butt in after a few minutes of this.

Chakotay turned his head towards him. "What?"

"Who are you talking to?" Craig asked.

"The Captain," Chakotay huffed. He shook his head, ignoring the confused glances from the other two men, and then pressed the door chime.

The door soon opened. As soon as she recognised who was at the door, Kellin smiled warmly. "Hello Commander," she purred. Both Craig and Foster widened their eyes, Foster tugged at his tight collar. Chakotay shook his head again.

"I'm afraid I have to ask you a few questions about what happened. Our ship could be at risk," he said.

Kellin nodded. "Of course, but I'm surprised the Captain sent you."

"Why?" Chakotay frowned.

Kellin frowned briefly, that was soon replaced by an embarrassed laugh. "Oh of course, I keep forgetting that you won't recall." She stepped backwards, gesturing her hand inside the quarters. "Please come in."

Chakotay didn't look any more confident about that vague comment, and he wasn't even sure before. He reluctantly walked inside.

"Damn. Do you think she dated me too?" Foster asked once the door closed.

Craig repressed a smirk, barely. "Sure, why not?"

Chakotay stayed where he stood as Kellin sat down on the sofa and patted the seat beside her. "Hmm, a little shy this time I see."

"Who attacked you?" Chakotay asked.

Kellin laughed playfully, "right to business are we? I know what you're really thinking."

"If you did you would cut this out," Chakotay said without thinking. He shook his head even though Kellin didn't seem insulted by what he said. "My first duty is to my ship. We can talk all you want after that."

Kellin leaned forward to rest her arms on top of her legs, staring at him intently. "Do you think James is the jealous type?"

"Probably, now Miss Kellin, why did that ship attack you?" Chakotay muttered uncomfortably.

"I agree," Kellin smiled as she relaxed back into the sofa. "But he's not the only one." Chakotay sighed impatiently. "All right. My people are isolated xenophobes. I'm what you might call a refugee. Our people don't take kindly to that."

"Your own people attacked you? That means they'll attack us," Chakotay said. "Is this why you left the ship the first time you were here? If you were here at all."

"My people would not risk an encounter with you. That would be beside the point," Kellin replied. "However they would send a sole agent to hunt down the refugee, which is exactly what I did the last time I was here."

Chakotay stared at her blankly, not believing what he was hearing. "We let you on our ship to hunt down a refugee? Not only that but you decided to flee yourself. Why?"

"I fell in love," Kellin replied.

"Eugh," Chakotay tried not to gag. "With James?"

Kellin smiled like she had just achieved something. "Ah jealousy rearing its ugly head again?"

"What!?" Chakotay snapped. "I don't like him." Kellin laughed at the thought of it. He shook his head. "You and me, as well? I thought you were only here two weeks. Besides I'm..."

"A new father and belong to someone, I know. That is why when two men showed their interest in me, I picked the one who was free," Kellin smiled.

Chakotay's anger fizzled away into a laugh. "You're telling me that James made the first move? Try pulling the other one."

"Hmm, you didn't take it well the last time either," Kellin said. "Both you and him were assigned to help me flush out the refugee. It made for a tense working environment."

Chakotay shook his head, "never mind that. I want to know about what happened with the refugee and why you're here now."

"I was doing just that," Kellin said.

"Can we skip the parts with your fake love story? I can't afford to throw up on my last clean uniform," Chakotay said.

Kellin chuckled, her eyes sparkled at him. "I know the thought of the woman you like being with a younger man makes you mad, and that's not fair. I'll do my best."

The usual people were on the Bridge watching Kellin on the viewscreen. "I'm afraid you have an intruder USS Voyager. He's disowned our way of life and fled. I've come to retrieve him."

"I see, so he's a refugee?" Kathryn said.

Chakotay shook his head. "Wait a minute. How did the first refugee even get on Voyager?"

Kellin smiled. "Your shields don't protect you from our transporters."

"Sometimes it doesn't stop us from using ours," Chakotay mumbled. "Never mind, continue."

"I don't allow people on my ship for the sole purpose of kidnapping someone, even if they did sneak onto my ship," Kathryn hissed. She sipped at a ridiculously oversized coffee cup.

Chakotay smiled at the viewscreen, his dimples were out in full force. "They could have asked for asylum. Instead they forced their way here. Who knows what someone like that is capable of. He's a criminal."

Kellin nodded. "Exactly Commander. Besides I hear he drinks a substance called coffee by the shipload. He left because we have a shortage."

Kathryn's eyes widened so large everyone who saw it thought her eyeballs would fall out. When she recovered she put her diplomatic face on. "Prepare for transport. Mr Tuvok..."

"Captain please, I'll meet our guest," Chakotay smiled.

Kathryn threw him a disgusted look. "What is it with you and blonde bimbos, Commander? Should I tell Seven of Nine to watch her back."

Tom snickered, "it's not her back I'd be watching."

"Oh good, Tom is overcompensating again," Kathryn commented. She turned towards Harry. "Why don't you two just admit what we already know, then maybe we can have some peace and quiet for once." Harry and Tom both pouted.

The turbolift doors opened, James stepped out of them. Chakotay was just passing by him on his way to the turbolift himself.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Damsel in distress, excuse me," Chakotay said. James side stepped out of his way while looking at the viewscreen. He shrugged, and turned to follow him. "Ohno no no you don't, this one's mine."

"Get back to your day job Chuckles, and that's changing dirty nappies," James said.

Chakotay growled as the doors closed.

Both Jessie and Kathryn turned their heads at the door from where they were. They had the same identical upset looks on their faces. Kathryn recovered by sipping her coffee, but grew angry immediately.

"It's empty!" she screeched.

"Wow, and I thought this series had the title for out of character storytelling," Chakotay muttered.

Kellin frowned, "what?"

"I suppose Kathryn and Tom were pretty close. Go on," Chakotay groaned.

The Mess Hall:
"Soooo Jess, I hear you've been dumped. That's gotta sting," Tom teased as he sat down opposite Jessie. She just gave him a cold stare. "Did he cheat on you first? If he did, say so and I'll..." He pretended to zip his lips up.

"Yeah right," Jessie muttered.

Tom sighed in relief. "Oh good. It's only funny if he didn't, I'm not mean."

"How many times must I say it before you get it into your thick head? James and I are friends," Jessie rolled her eyes. She returned her attention to her lunch.

Tom waited until she started to sip on her drink. "Friends with benefits?"

Jessie tried to stop herself from spitting the water in his face, she swallowed it quickly. "Only you would go there... but you never could."

"Ouch," Tom winced. He leaned across the desk, "so you're mad cos she got there first?"

"I'm mad cos some thirty year old man talks to me like he's still twelve and barely touching puberty," Jessie retorted. She didn't give him the benefit of looking at him while she spoke. "Grow up."

"Shame, I was rooting for you, always remember that," Tom teased. He watched to see if her expression changed, it didn't. "If it helps, you are so much hotter than she is." He smirked as he spotted her eyes flash up briefly in anger.

The Security team with Craig and James in entered the room. Neelix looked up just then to grin at them and gesture towards the kitchen. Each one of them quickly pretended they didn't notice and went their mostly separate ways.

"I'm surprised James waited as long as he did, he's not known for his patience," Tom commented, not noticing the new arrivals. Jessie directed a confused frown down at the table. "But I guess even a weird guy needs a little loving when his girl friend's always cold and frigid."

Everyone swung their heads in their direction, a lot of them gasped at what they were seeing and a few of them wished they could replicate popcorn.

Craig winced every few seconds, his hand flew to his commbadge. "Sickbay er..." Another hand got in the way, soon the commbadge was airborne. That was when he realised he was standing a little too close to the danger. He quickly backed away.

James, who had been walking with him, looked at him as he backed away so quickly he thought he had a pair of skates on instead of his boots. He turned back, debating whether he should stop this or not.

Jessie decided it for him as Tom falling off his chair wasn't stopping her. She rushed over and kicked Tom many times in the head. Even though he was unconscious, she continued with countless kicks to the legs and stomach. James lurched forward to hold her back but she chose that moment to run over to Neelix's kitchen and steal a knife. When she ran over to Tom again, James grabbed her right arm with his left hand but that didn't stop her either. Her left arm snatched the knife.

"Security to the Mess Hall," Harry stuttered. He then spotted Craig, Foster and Thompson watching from afar. He groaned into his hand.

James tried to pull her away from Tom but he tried too hard and she stumbled over to the floor. She dropped the knife and it fell right next to Tom's head. Another Security team arrived at the last minute, only Tuvok stepped further in.

"What happened?" he asked anyone who'd know.

"Tom told me he wanted to cheer Jessie up, that never ends well," Harry mumbled. He shook his head, "like that last time when he commented on a loose strand of hair, and said it could be worse, you could have grey."

Craig pulled a face in his direction. "Really? I'm surprised she didn't do that to him then," he said, pointing towards Tom.

Tuvok looked over at Jessie who was lying unconscious on the floor next to James, he was kneeling next to her. With a guilty look on his face he reached to check her pulse. Tuvok walked over.

"She's fainted again, we have to get her to Sickbay," James stuttered.

"What about me?" Tom's pain filled voice said from the floor.

"Tuvok to Transporter Room, beam Tom Paris and Jessie Rex to Sickbay," Tuvok said. Tom and Jessie beamed away.


Anger spread across his face, he clenched his fists tightly. "Really, him!?"

"Put those away Chak, you don't want to get hurt," James said.

Kellin glanced back at him with a dismayed look on her face, she turned back to Chakotay and rushed over to him. "I told you, I cannot break up a family. He's single, so am I."

"Really? How does Jessie fit into this?" Chakotay said with a sneaky look in his eyes. James matched it with a deadly stare back.

"They're just friends," Kellin answered for him.

"Is that what we're calling it now?" Chakotay retorted.

James stepped forward, Kellin stopped him by putting her hand out. "What exactly do you call you and Janeway, a freak show?" Chakotay lunged forward too.

"Okay that's enough," Chakotay butted in. Kellin looked at him with a disappointed expression. "I told you I didn't care about your tales, I wanted to know what happened to the spy and your reason for defecting as well."

"I told you and I was explaining it," Kellin sighed.

Chakotay shook his head, "I don't believe you."

"Why because of the Jessie girl?" Kellin questioned with a half smile.

Chakotay looked at her suspiciously. "No, because in your story you are this sweet, gentle woman who's caught innocently in a love triangle, when you don't come across like that at all in real life." He shook his head. "It sounds like you're romanticising the whole thing. What I don't understand is why."

Kellin smiled. That wasn't the only thing she did that surprised him though. She leaned forward, grabbing his face with both hands and forced a kiss from him. Before he could really react to it, good or bad, the room span. As he fell to the ground he felt a sharp tinge in his arm. It all went black.

The Doctor finished treating Tom, clicking his tongue in disapproval.

"Next time Mr Paris, think about what you're saying. Next time there might not be anyone to stop her from killing you," the Doctor said.

"Thanks Doc," Tom said.

Meanwhile B'Elanna was arguing with James. "Why does your witchy little girlfriend keep attacking Tom, she could have killed him!" B'Elanna yelled.

"Three things. One, she's not my girlfriend. Two, Jessie's not a witch. Three, you're idiot boyfriend does nothing but say offensive things. I'm surprised Jessie has lasted this long!" James yelled back.

"Will you two stop it, I don't want two extra patients," the Doctor said loudly. He walked over to Jessie's biobed and he scanned her. B'Elanna stormed out of Sickbay.

"Why did she fall unconscious?" James asked.

The Doctor closed his tricorder. "There's an alien substance in her blood. I estimate it'll kill her within a day."

"What!" James snapped.

Kellin walked over to him while Kathryn entered Sickbay.

"Report," Kathryn said.

"Tom finally said something that made Jessie want to do more than punch him in the face. Harry called another Security team, but James managed to stop her. However she lost consciousness immediately," the Doctor said. Tom tried to look innocent as Kathryn's gaze went over to him. James meanwhile looked a little awkward, he kept glancing over to Jessie with remorse on his face. "I do not believe it was anything you did," the Doctor tried to reassure him.

"I knew this would happen. I hope you've learned your lesson Tom," Kathryn said.

"Yes ma'am," Tom muttered. "But surely that was a bit of an overreaction."

James slowly made his way over to him. "What did you even say to her?"

Tom's eyes widened for a second, he quickly returned them to normal to hide it. "Nothing worth trying to kill me over."

"On another note, someone has intentionally injected Jessie with an alien virus. It'll kill her in twenty three hours," the Doctor said. "It would account for the extra aggression she displayed. High fever and..."

"Tom?" James finished for him. The Doctor shrugged, he wasn't going to deny it.

"How the hell did someone infect her intentionally without her knowledge?" Kathryn questioned.

James shook his head, "it's not how I care about, it's the who." Kellin glanced his way with concern on her face.

"I don't know anything yet. I need more time to analyse the virus before I can point a finger at anyone," the Doctor said.

"Keep me informed Doctor," Kathryn said and she walked out of the room. The Doctor put a hypospray to Jessie's neck.

"How do we even know it was intentional? Have I missed something?" Tom asked, his eyes drifting over to Kellin. She stared blankly at him while James followed his glance by turning his head.

Kellin nodded, "substance doesn't necessarily mean artificial. It could be a natural virus."

The Doctor raised his eyebrow and gave her an annoyed sigh. "If there was a chance that it was naturally occurring, would I have said it was intentional?" He shook his head while he walked off to his office.

James frowned before turning to Kellin. "Kellin, is it possible that this happened during your last visit?"

"That's a leap, what makes you believe that?" Kellin answered.

"It's not a leap. Jessie would notice somebody injecting her with something, and do something about it," James said.

Tom nodded furiously, "I'll say." He quickly left, rubbing his head.

Kellin sighed. "You're right. Now that you mention it, I think it is possible. When we captured the refugee we found an unknown device on him. I kept it just in case. We should take a look." She always turned to leave, James reluctantly followed.

Kellin's Quarters:
Kellin sat back down on her sofa. James stood at the doorway.

"Well, where is it?" James asked.

Kellin waited until the doors behind him closed. "I did it."

"What! Why?" James snapped.

"It was never my intention to kill her. Your primitive Doctor is overreacting, she'll be fine," Kellin said softly. "I have the cure, but I need you to hear me out first." She gestured to the seat beside her, he didn't budge. "You know when I said we were involved, well it's not true. I loved you but you didn't even care."

"What does Jessie have to do with this?" James asked.

Kellin sighed as she looked down. "That's the problem. I believed that the only reason why you didn't even try to return my feelings was because of your friendship with her. Anybody can see that you're in love with your best friend."

James stared at her blankly, his arms folded. "This is how Tom ends up in Sickbay."

"Why?" Kellin said.

"You're lucky I've got good restraints when it comes to women and that Jessie's not here," James muttered.

"But what I said is true isn't it?" Kellin asked.

"Get on with your story," James said.

"In the Astrometrics Lab, we had an argument. Lets just say, she sent both of us into Sickbay," Kellin said.

Kellin walked into the Astrometrics lab. Jessie and Seven were working.

"I better meet Chakotay, he'll want to know we've finally got a plan," Jessie said.

"No, I'll go. I know the plan better than you do," Seven said.

Jessie turned her head to scowl at her. "Any excuse to stick your nose into the story, huh?"

Seven stared at her in her usual blank way. She walked out without saying another word.

Jessie sighed in annoyance, Kellin approached her so she did it again.

"What do you want?" Jessie asked.

"I'd like to apologise for what I said about you, I didn't mean what I said," Kellin said.

"What did you say about her?" James voice asked.

"Nothing important," Kellin's voice replied.

"Whatever," Jessie said.

"Can I ask you something?" Kellin asked.

"Knock yourself out," Jessie replied.

"What?" Kellin asked.

"It's an expression, it means go ahead, if you dare," Jessie said.

"Er... are you in love with James?" Kellin asked. Everyone but Kellin would have seen the steam rising from Jessie at that moment.

"Wrong! Ask another," Jessie said angrily.

"But I want to know," Kellin said.

"Remember the knock yourself out line, take it literally or I'll do it for you," Jessie said.

"Jessie, there's no need to be hostile. I just want yes or no," Kellin said.

"Well I want you to be burned alive in the plasma coolant tank, no one ever gets what they want, sadly," Jessie said.

"Please, it wouldn't hurt to answer my question, I won't tell anyone," Kellin said.

"I might ask you the same question," Jessie said.

"Yes I am, that's why I'm asking you," Kellin replied.

Jessie turned to face her. "You'd better not have tried anything or I'll put you in the plasma coolant tank myself!" she hissed.

"I'll take that as a yes," Kellin said. Without Kellin noticing Jessie picked up a laser scalpel and she stabbed Kellin in the hand. She screamed in pain as it was yanked out of it.

"Now get out of here or you'll wish you'd never been born!" Jessie yelled.

James shook his head. "I thought this was before the not fatal, aggression virus you gave her."

"You're surprised? She can be a little defensive about you. They say too much protest is telling, and she certainly protests to extremes," Kellin said.

"Right," James rolled his eyes. "So if she was so violent with you, why make her worse?"

"Well if people wouldn't keep interrupting the flashbacks," Kellin sighed.

James frowned, "people? Who else have you told this to?"

Kellin shook her head, she decided not to answer that for now and continue the story.

"No, why should I leave? Besides he's not your boyfriend, so why should you care about who he dates?" Kellin protested.

"Computer, seal the doors. Fine, you want an answer, the answer is yes, but I don't have to worry about you telling anyone because you'll be dead in two minutes," Jessie growled.

"Jessie, you don't have to be hostile, we're civilised people here," Kellin said, she looked around the room. "Anyway you don't have any weapons."

"I don't need them. I learned how to do this in the Marquis, and let me tell you this, this'll be a piece of cake," Jessie said.

"Luckily, Seven came back before she got too far," Kellin explained with a distraught look on her face. James meanwhile was shaking his head. "As soon as Jessie would have been released from Sickbay, she would be after me. So the only way to stop her was to inject her with the virus while she was still unconscious."

"Why was she in Sickbay?" James asked.

"You don't just stand there after a threat like that," Kellin said.

"Did she really threaten you?" James said in an accusing tone.

Kellin's eyes widened, "of course. She's aggressive, rude and obviously territorial. She saw me as a threat."

"She probably saw you for what you are," James said. Kellin's tense face seemed to relax a little. "Full of crap."

"I... I don't understand," Kellin's face fell.

"You were stabbed by a laser scalpel you didn't see, Jessie acts like she did when she was already infected. You're worried that she'll attack you so you give her a virus that'll make her violent. How stupid do you think I am?" James explained to her. "What really happened between you two?"

Kellin shook her head furiously as she climbed to her feet. She stepped forward. "I may have overexaggerated a few details, but this did happen. Do you think I infect random people with this poison?" A muffled groan overlapped from the other room. Kellin tried not to look in that direction but her eyes did anyway, she missed James quickly looking over as well. Like nothing happened they continued. "We argued, she threatened..."

"And Jessie said that she loved me, why would you tell me this?" James stuttered.

"What do you mean James? She'll be dead in twenty three hours," Kellin asked.

James approached her, his eyes flashed with anger. "Because you injected poison into her. Did you really think I was going to date you after this?"

"She wanted to kill me!" Kellin protested.

"She wouldn't. I on the other hand..." James muttered.

Kellin stared at him with dismay, she tried to reach out to grab his arm. He pulled it away in time. "James please understand. I was only trying to defend myself."

"Defend yourself from what?" James questioned. Kellin shook her head nervously. "All right then, if you don't want to tell me I'll just lock you up for trying to kill two people." She pretended to look confused. "Please, the Bridge heard the groan in the next room."

"Wait! If you promise not to tell anyone about this, I'll tell you about the three ships that are heading our way," Kellin stuttered.

"Humour me," James said.

"Promise you won't tell anyone about me poisoning Jessie?" Kellin said.

"Why should I make promises with someone like you?" James said.

"I understand that. Please if you don't hear me out, Voyager will be in danger," Kellin stammered.

"Jessie's already in danger. Does that cure exist or did you lie about that too?" James asked.

"Yes it does, but first we have to be rid of those ships," Kellin said.

"Who are they exactly?" James asked.

Kellin sighed as she looked over her shoulder towards the window. "They'll come for me. I'm not going back."

"Your people. They'd send you after one refugee but a fleet after you?" James said, eyeing her suspiciously. "What did you do?" Kellin was about to answer but he shook his head and continued talking, "forget it, I don't care. Give me the cure for Jessie and I'll think about not throwing you back to them head first."

Kellin's eyes were wide at this point, "you can't do that."

James sighed in annoyance. "Why do people keep getting that wrong?"

"I don't mean literally. You have no jurisdiction here, no proof. A fake Ensign has no real say in this situation," Kellin muttered.

James' eyes drifted over to the other room where another groan originated from, only this time it was a lot clearer. Kellin gasped as she looked as well.

"No he doesn't," Chakotay said in a groggy voice. He clutched the door frame like it was the only thing holding him up on his feet. He dared to stagger forward. "But I definitely do."

"This isn't the way it was supposed to go. It should have worked this time," Kellin stuttered quietly.

Chakotay got as far as where James was standing, he lost his footing. James grabbed his arm to stop him from falling. "I understand why you chose me. You thought if you convinced me that I liked you, I'd grant you asylum against your people. What I don't understand is him," Chakotay said, gesturing his head James' way. He scowled at him.

"Him could just let you drop to the floor if you want," he said.

Chakotay decided to ignore him for now. "Did you just pick some Security officer at random, figuring that in a pinch he'd protect you physically while I would politically? I guess I understand why you didn't pick Craig."

The doors opened for Craig to pop his head in. "Seriously! When did I become the joke around here?"

"I had no choice. Jessie was a threat," Kellin stuttered.

"I don't care what your reasons are. Once you attacked her you killed any chance you had of getting an asylum here," James grumbled.

Chakotay frowned, "you keep saying that. You should have known that we'd find out who infected her. What did she do to make you risk it all?"

Kellin sighed, "well..."

James covered his face with his right hand. "No don't, she'll only start another..."

The turbolift doors opened, Kellin and James stepped through them. Kellin kept glancing towards him with a smile. James didn't notice as he was too busy staring at a tricorder in his hand.

"Shi..." James groaned.

"Shhh!" Chakotay shushed him.

"I don't think that refugee of yours is using the same frequency that you do," James said.

"Hmm," Kellin wasn't really listening.

"In fact none of the frequencies I've tried work. Are you sure he's here?" James questioned. He frowned and looked at her when he got no answer. "What?"

Kellin quickly hid her smile and pretended to look concerned. She stopped walking, stopping him as well. "Oh nothing, I was thinking. Isn't that Borg working on a way to uncloak anything on the ship? Finding the frequency of his cloak shouldn't matter."

"It's no good uncloaking him if no one's there to see it," James said with a raised eyebrow.

Kellin nodded, her eyes gave away her nervousness. "This man is dangerous. You're not armed. What if you do find him and..."

James smirked slightly, "I think I'll manage." He continued walking.

Kellin smiled after him, "I'm sure you will." She followed.

"Wait, I'm confused. Why are you acting suspicious when you claim you were only here to capture someone?" Chakotay narrowed his eyes.

James glanced at him, raising his eyebrow. "That's the question you ask?"

"It'll all become clear if you let me finish," Kellin sighed impatiently.

Kellin stood around the Astrometrics lab, taking in the sight of the huge screen in front of her. Meanwhile Jessie cringed a little as Seven stood closely beside her, she took a step to the left. Seven looked at her with indifference.

"Why do you keep on doing that?"

"All I can see in the corner of my eye is your bloody catsuit," Jessie replied. Seven raised her implanted eyebrow. "Why do you wear that thing anyway, it's hideous."

"It's functional," Seven replied.

Jessie rolled her eyes, "I guess you don't have to use the bathroom yet."

"No," Seven answered.

Jessie shook her head, "shocking."

"I am ready to activate the anti-cloaking field," Seven said, she turned to leave.

"Wait, we should let the Bridge know and get Security on comm standby," Jessie said.

"Why?" Kellin frowned.

"Duh, as soon as the field is activated the extra lifesign will appear on our sensors," Jessie groaned.

Kellin stared at her with a worried expression. "That won't work, the frequency will still scramble it. Yes he'll be visible but that's all it will do."

"Not when the field is active," Seven said with a glance in Jessie's direction. "I will contact the Bridge on the way to Engineering." She continued to head for the exit.

Jessie turned around towards the door, her eyes were a little wide. "Surely someone else should keep an eye on..." The door closed behind Seven as she left. Jessie's eyes drifted over to Kellin. "Astrometrics and... ugh."

Kellin smiled coldly. "You don't like me, do you?"

"The person who works here should be the one to monitor the consoles here," Jessie muttered as she returned to face the console. She didn't bother looking at the other woman as she did.

"Hmm but you don't strike me as someone who fits in with Engineering work," Kellin said.

"I work at the Engineering station on the Bridge," Jessie growled. She shook her head. "It was my idea, god."

Kellin's head twitched to one side, she kept a close eye on her. "This isn't about that. This is about James."

Jessie sighed angrily. She turned her head back at her. "Unlike you, I can function without a man."

"Really? Then why can't you stand being in the same room with me? Why did it bother you when he was with me?" Kellin sneered.

Jessie pulled a face. "With you? He barely noticed you were there, he was too busy looking at his tricorder for this refugee of yours. You just followed him around like a love sick puppy."

Kellin scoffed. "You would know something about that."

"Can we cut ahead, you've seen one cat fight involving Jessie and a blind girl who fancies James, you've seen them all," Chakotay groaned.

James narrowed his eyes as he turned his head in his direction.

"Look I don't like you because you're a typical blonde bimbo with the fake airy voice, who cos of that thinks she's entitled to every guy she wants. Now can we please wait for Seven of Bad Dress Sense to contact us from Engineering in silence?" Jessie snapped.

Kellin shrugged. "It's better than childhood friend entitlement."

Jessie gritted her teeth. She chose not to respond to that and watch the console she was at. It did nothing but show the ship's schematics.

"This isn't going to work you know. You won't find him this way," Kellin said. Jessie shook her head and continued to watch her console. "Saying we should find a way to make him visible, doesn't make it your idea, you know."

Jessie continued to ignore her. She was thankful when the display changed to show a message underneath the schematic. She tapped her commbadge. "Rex to Security, we're ready, standby."

"Acknowledged Crewman," Tuvok's voice said over the comm.

Kellin approached her slowly as she watched and waited for the display to change again.

The screen finally did something, the ship's schematics flashed white a couple of times. Jessie frowned afterwards. "What, that's it?" Her eyes slid to the right as if she sensed Kellin's presence behind her. It was too late though. Kellin smirked slightly as a sting in her arm made her jump, she swung around. "What..."

Kellin reached out to press Jessie's commbadge. "I told you it wouldn't work."

Jessie stared, her anger was growing. "You, there was no other refugee. It was you all along?"

"I was wrong. You are a bigger threat to me than just a simple love rival," Kellin said.

"Why, why go to all this trouble? All you had to do was request an asylum, there was no need to trick us," Jessie said.

Kellin smiled and shook her head. "Would your Captain have let a wanted criminal stay on her ship? When my people find out I'm here, they wouldn't be shy about telling her."

"Give her a jar of coffee and she'd probably do a dance for you," Jessie groaned. Kellin's smile faded away for a second. "How would tricking us have stopped them from ratting you out?"

"They don't know it's me. They know a spy has left our homeworld. If I convince your crew that it isn't me, then my people will wrongly assume that I am an undercover operative," Kellin explained.

Jessie shook her head. She attempted to walk around her but Kellin blocked her every turn. "So why tell me now?" Her arm was really stinging now, the shoulder felt a lot heavier. Her face felt flush, which she assumed was just the result of her anger towards Kellin.

"You're only going to forget, not that it matters anyway," Kellin smiled smugly. "When I return your crew will take me in again and you, you will not get in my way again."

Jessie tried to wipe away the sweat forming on her brow, but the brisk movement in front of her eyes made her feel dizzy. The heat in her cheeks was unbearable. She could just make out Kellin's smile through the blur in front of her.

"It won't kill you, not yet. I'll be sure to give James your goodbye kiss personally," Kellin sneered.

"Seriously?" Chakotay groaned.

Kellin huffed, "what, it's a good line."

Chakotay shook his head as he glanced towards James, he tried not to laugh as he seemed to be struggling between a confused look and an angry one. "It's silenced him, so maybe you're right."

"It doesn't matter. I'll just do this again until I get it right," Kellin said.

James decided to settle for the angry look for the moment. "You told me your ships are on their way, you're running out of time."

"Well I enjoyed the silence while it lasted," Chakotay sighed. "If he's right then you maybe should have kept your mouth shut this time. No one likes a braggy villain."

Kellin's face turned a little pale. "Fine, it's not like anyone will believe your story. You'll soon start acting aggressive and irrational, just like Jessie did." She looked towards James, "something tells me I don't need to inject you with the poison to get that effect, which suits me just fine. I'll finally get away from this accursed sector, you two knowing won't stop me."

"Hmm, but I imagine this will," James said with a wry smile.

The Doctor inspected the hypospray in his hand, and then looked at the person who gave it to him with a puzzled expression.

"Kellin gave me it, she says that it will cure Jessie," James said. Chakotay groaned from a nearby biobed. "And him."

The Doctor scanned it first. Once he was satisfied he headed over to Jessie's biobed to treat her.

"We've contacted one of her ships. They requested that we avoid further contact with their species. Once she's gone we'll never find out why she was so eager to leave them," Kathryn said.

"That's not a problem," James shrugged.

Kathryn lightly shook her head. "It is to me. There's still gaps to the story. How did she leave Voyager the first time, and..." She frowned. "How did you convince her to give up the antidote anyway?"

"I figured it would be a good incentive if she needed it as well," James replied.

Kathryn stared at him blankly for a few minutes. She eventually smiled proudly and clasped him on the shoulder. The Doctor meanwhile had overheard and was staring at them both with horror on his face.

James groaned, "relax Doc, it shouldn't kill her in the five minutes it'll take for you to get to the brig." Chakotay cleared his throat. "Fine, ten minutes after treating him."

Kathryn chuckled. "Do you think any of her original flashbacks had some truth to them?"

James glanced to the floor, then over to Jessie's biobed. "Probably not."

"Does it matter, we're just going to forget when the aliens leave anyway," Chakotay said. The Doctor began to treat him. "True or not, I'd like the image of me calling a woman a damsel in distress and bickering over her with him, out of my head."

"Yes I'd like that too," Kathryn smirked.

James turned his attention away from Jessie, and then forced a smirk of his own. "It was obviously all made up like Chakotay said, so we'd protect her. The only person that was in character was Chakotay anyway."

"Are you capable of saying anything without insulting me?" Chakotay hissed as he tried to sit up.

The Doctor sighed angrily, he held him down to continue his treatment.

"No," James replied honestly.

"Bridge to Janeway. The aliens are asking when they can arrange transport," Tuvok's voice said over the comm.

"As soon as the Doctor is finished with her," Kathryn replied. She looked across at the Doctor. He nodded.

"We're not going with the Kellin is returned in a shuttle, but it gets blown up ending this time?" James questioned. Everyone shook their heads. "Shame."

The Doctor scowled at him as he hurried for the exit, med kit in hand. Kathryn smiled as he left, "the aliens are more than capable of transporting their own people. Besides, we shouldn't be doing the cop out endings of Season One again."

"Why not, it's not like we'll remember," James said with a shrug. "Episodes like this are just a waste of time anyway. Nobody remembers, nothing really happens to affect future episodes. Nobody likes them, what's the point?"

"I agree, but what can you do?" Kathryn commented.

A man's voice laughed and then groaned. In the dark something scraped against something plastic, then there was a slurping sound. A moan followed. "Oh yeah, that's good."

Light suddenly intruded, blinding whoever was in the dark room.

"Gah, get out, get out!" the man screamed.

The light disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The voice grumbled a bit before the strange sounds continued.

Just outside in a normal corridor, Tom stood there with a smirk on his face. A brunette woman walked up to him, only stopping to inspect the stupid look on his face.

"What now, Paris? Did you figure out what the bathroom is for or something?" she hissed.

The woman then heard the noises that were coming from the room, she pulled a disgusted face. Tom snickered quietly, he leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"No yoghurt can be that good," she said. Tom nodded. "That buffoon will be the death of us." She walked away, shaking her head.

Once she was in the nearby turbolift, Tom tried to lean his ear against the door so he could hear. As he did the door opened automatically, throwing him head first into the room.

"Ooops, uhoh!" he stuttered. An empty yoghurt pot hit his head. A few more hit his head before he got the hint and ran out again.

In the dark the man's voice sighed angrily. The sound of a lid peeling off soon followed. "Mmm, Muller-licious."



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