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Tough Love

Episode Synopsis
The Voyager crew's old memories start to resurface when a telepathic alien is coerced into causing drama aboard ship. Who is behind it all and why?

3rd, 9th - 13th July 2004

Episode Based In
May 2380


May 2363
Tanfield Comprehensive:
Jessie, James, Danny and Angela were all sitting on some large steps in the middle of the school grounds. Danny was busy checking out some of the guys that kept passing, while James was just staring into space.

"I don't see the point Dan," Jessie muttered.

"The SATs after party is in several months, I'm not going with a guy I've just randomly asked to go with me," Danny said.

"The girl has a point. Better to find the guy now," Angela said.

Danny grinned, "thanks Angy, have you got anyone in mind?"

Jessie rolled her eyes, "hmm let me guess."

"You're forgetting, I had my after party last year," Angela replied after passing Jessie a cold glance.

"No I'm not, asking Jessie that question is a waste of time. I was just curious," Danny said.

"I dunno, there's no one decent in my year group. Don't make too big a deal over it, those parties are overrated," Angela said.

James came back to life, so to speak, "didn't you go to two of those parties though?"

Angela looked uncomfortable, "yeah I did."

"I wouldn't miss this party for any reason, what's so bad about them anyway?" Danny questioned.

Angela shrugged, "they're not, just overrated. I only went to two because a guy in an older group asked me to go to his." The electric school bell rang around the grounds.

"End of break already?" Jessie groaned, she got up. The others did the same.

"Crap, I needed to talk to you," James muttered in Angela's direction.

"You still can, there's time," Angela said.

"Well it's either now or dinner time," James said.

Jessie glanced over at Danny then back at him, "Henderson won't be happy if you're later than him."

"I won't be," James said.

"Ok I'll meet you outside," Jessie muttered, she walked away. Danny followed her looking confused.

Angela watched them walk away, "we'd better find a better place to talk. The teachers will catch us here."

"Ok, where is a good place then?" James asked.

Angela headed towards the modern building, "I know, just follow me."

Meanwhile Jessie and Danny walked inside the oldest building. "What was that all about anyway?" Danny asked.

"Nothing, I just told him about Angela snapping at me, he didn't believe me," Jessie replied.

Danny groaned, "Angela's ok Jess, you should just give her a chance. She probably snapped at you because you mutter things about her."

"Well muttering behind her back is better than telling it to her face," Jessie muttered.

Danny shook her head, "I don't get why you don't like her."

"I dunno, I just have a bad feeling about her," Jessie said.

Danny smiled, "you're just jealous that James has found another friend." Jessie glared in her direction, she giggled as she walked ahead of her.

Present Day
Shield Row:
Duncan and Sasha were kneeling on the bed next to the crib, looking over their new sister.

"She doesn't do much," Sasha muttered.

"Well it's more than what you do," Duncan said.

Sasha glanced at him, pouting, "I do, do stuff." She looked back at the crib, Sarah-Amy started nibbling on her blanket. "I don't do that."

Duncan put his hand in, he tried to take the blanket away, she started crying loudly. "Oh great, she's just as stupid as you are."

"No you're the stupider one, you made the baby cry," Sasha said.

Duncan rolled his eyes, "right I'm the stupider one. The teachers say I'm smarter than the average three year old, so there."

Sasha giggled, "Duncan's a teachers pet."

Duncan glared at her, "no I'm not!"

James stepped into the room, he headed straight over to the crib. "Why are you two always arguing?" He leaned over the crib to pick up Sarah-Amy.

"She called me a teachers pet, and she made the baby cry," Duncan blurted out.

"You did that," Sasha said.

"No you did, your squeaky voice started her off," Duncan said.

"I don't have a squeaky voice," Sasha pouted.

"Stop it you two, it doesn't matter who made her cry," James muttered.

"But daddy, he started it and he was the one who made her cry," Sasha stuttered.

James groaned, "it doesn't matter, I told you."

"Oh, it was still him," Sasha said quietly. Duncan pulled a face at her.

"I'll be going downstairs in a mo to get you two dinner, why don't you go now," James said.

Duncan's eyes lit up, "ooh I want pie and chips." He jumped off the bed and ran out.

Sasha looked down at the ground pouting again. James used his available arm to pick her up. He put her back down on the ground once they reached the landing, he went into the opposite room.

Jessie glanced over from a large crib, "what happened?" She tried to reach for something in the crib, she cringed before giving up. "Ugh, I can't wait until Sasha can sleep in a normal bed instead of this."

James smiled, walking over, "if she's like me you'll be waiting a few years."

"Great," Jessie groaned. "Can you get that toy for me?"

James leaned into the crib to pick up a toy bear, "I thought I was doing the kids packing."

Jessie took the bear off him, "yeah well I'm a better packer than you are."

"But the last time you did it you let them bring most of their stuff," James said.

"That's why I told them to watch Sarah-Amy," Jessie said.

"Well it's dinner time, that'll distract them for a while," James said.

Jessie picked up a small pile of clothes that was lying on the chest of drawers. "I still don't think this is a good idea you know."

"Why not? If we're on the Enterprise there's less chance of a vampire attack," James said. "Well now anyway, they only let certain people onboard."

Jessie headed over to the nearby bed, which had a suitcase on it. "What about the anti-vamp shield I managed to put up a month ago? It wasn't easy you know."

"I know Jess but there's risk of a goon attack too, they could easily attack Duncan at school," James replied.

"I guess so, but Starfleet only allowed you to swap your Game Cube site job for Security for two weeks. What are we going to do when we have to come back?" Jessie questioned.

"I don't know, but during those two weeks we'll have time to think of something. Besides you managed to do the shield spell despite still feeling weak, in two weeks you may be able to do more," James replied.

"I can't do big spells while I'm at my best, James, haven't you forgotten my little problem?" Jessie muttered.

"No I haven't, but you said the shield wasn't at it's best as you didn't have much power then. I meant that you could make it more powerful when we get back, that's not enough to make you evil," James said.

"Why bother, the shield already keeps out anything dead. You tested it on that vamp didn't you, it's fine," Jessie said.

"Maybe so but we can't take any chances. Frenit and his friends somehow managed to get out of Manchester, despite there being a shield," James said.

Jessie shrugged, "maybe they came from another part of the country."

"I doubt Starfleet would just put a shield around one place and leave out other places," James said.

"Then I don't know how they did it," Jessie sighed. She put the bear into the case and shut it. "Well that's Sasha's done, now I need to do Duncan's." She headed back over to the crib.

"Let me do it, here," James said as he handed Sarah-Amy to her.

"Ok but it isn't a quick job and..." Jessie muttered.

"The Enterprise is sending a shuttle tomorrow, there's plenty of time," James said.

"Oh good," Jessie sighed.

"I'll pack Duncan's stuff after dinner," James said, heading back to the door.

"Well it didn't take long for you to give up, did it?" Jessie said, with a raised eyebrow. She followed him.

Voyager, the Ready Room:
"Well I'm looking forward to it. Why shouldn't I be?" Kathryn said from the replicator. She turned to it, "coffee black."

Chakotay sighed as he sat down on the sofa, "somebody's already been spreading rumours about the newest member of your family."

Kathryn turned to him holding a coffee cup, "what kind of rumours?"

"I'm not sure, but in my eyes it's always bad," Chakotay replied.

Kathryn sat down next to him, he put his arm around her. "It couldn't really be worse than what's actually happened. Nobody knew it was twins before so nobody can say that they both died, that's worse."

"True but the rumour could be that they're twins," Chakotay said.

Kathryn groaned, "when will our crew learn not to spread unofficial news?"

Chakotay smiled, he kissed her on the side of her head. "I don't know, but I think we should send them a warning just in case."

"It's too late in England, they'll be leaving first thing in our morning anyway," Kathryn sighed.

"Let's just hope the rumours don't spread to them at all, people may find out the true story before it comes anywhere near them," Chakotay said.

"I hope you're right," Kathryn said, resting her head on his shoulder.

Chakotay smiled, "so what can you tell me about this new baby then?"

"Well she's tiny, a little smaller than James was when he was born which is scary because he was tiny. She's also very cute, and I already know that she's just like her siblings," Kathryn replied.

"In what way?" Chakotay asked.

"You remember what Duncan was like when he was only a few weeks old?" Kathryn questioned.

Chakotay sighed, "yes, he cried a lot, was very curious about everything going on around him, and he liked to grab fingers or whatever was around."

"He was already acting like a baby of a few months, Sasha was the same," Kathryn said.

"The newbie is the same too?" Chakotay questioned. "Tell me, was James like that?"

"No, apart from swearing a lot he was a very normal baby," Kathryn replied.

"Then you know where his children's got that trait from then," Chakotay said.

Kathryn nodded, "Jessie."

"She was put in an orphanage at a very young age, she probably had to grow up faster than some kids," Chakotay said.

"Yeah, I really can't wait until I see the whole family again. It's nice now that James and I get along, I get to see them more often," Kathryn said.

"Does Duncan like you now, or is he still a little off?" Chakotay questioned.

"No I still need to get him to like me. I'll have to babysit him sometime," Kathryn replied.

"Well like you said, it'll be easier to do that since you and James are getting along, for now," Chakotay said.

Kathryn moved her head away from him so she could glare at his face, "what's that supposed to mean?"

"You know what he's like," Chakotay replied, looking nervous.

Kathryn narrowed her eyes, "you mean I know what I'm like, don't you?"

"Um, Kathryn, you two are both alike in some ways," Chakotay replied.

Kathryn sighed, "I know, it's only a matter of time before we fall out again. We did work things out two months ago, there's nothing to argue about now though."

"I hope you're right," Chakotay said.

Meanwhile, Shield Row:
Sarah opened up the front door, she stepped outside and walked closer to where James was standing.

"I thought you stopped your little patrols," she said.

"I hardly call standing outside the house patrolling," James said, glancing at her.

Sarah shrugged, "I could have just caught you about to leave."

"No, I was just checking if we were safe, just in case," James said.

"Great, who'll do that once you're gone?" Sarah smiled.

"They won't go after you, besides the shield is up," James replied. He moved his hand closer to the fence, it seemed to go through a shield.

"Just a thought but what if your Tolg friend wanted to visit, Nikki isn't it?" Sarah questioned.

"Normally I would be worried if she wanted to, but if it was really urgent we'd meet elsewhere," James replied.

"You don't like her or something? I preferred the good old days when you just knew a few people. It was much easier to keep up then," Sarah said.

James shook his head, "ok, good night Sarah." He walked towards the house.

Sarah tried to look innocent, "what?"

The next day
Enterprise, the Mess Hall:
Naomi walked over to Triah and Craig's table holding a tray, with two drinks on them. She put the two glasses onto the table then walked away.

"It's an absolute nightmare. I do love the little guy but taking care of him really isn't a one person job," Triah said.

"I get the hint, but isn't he a little young to be babysitted?" Craig questioned.

"Not really, he sometimes takes a milk bottle," Triah replied.

Craig shrugged, "I could look after him for a day or so."

Triah sighed, "it's not as easy as it looks. He's messy for one thing, and he cries all the time."

"All right I have an idea. Why don't I move in, on the sofa of course, and I can help look after him," Craig said.

Triah pulled a face, "I don't know if I like the idea of you living on my sofa."

"Why not?" Craig asked.

"No offense but I counted the days until I was old enough to move out of our house," Triah replied.

"Fine but I still say you should find out who the father is. You could lumber Scott with him," Craig said.

"No, no. I just need time to think. I barely have time for anything because of Scott, Triah said.

"You know what, you'd probably feel better if you talked to someone who's been through this," Craig said.

Triah sighed, "I guess so, I don't like Tom so I could talk to B'Elanna."

Craig shrugged, "even Janeway would be a good idea. She had to take care of James and Kiara."

"Ok but she dumped both onto somebody else at the first opportunity, well tried to with Kiara," Triah muttered.

"Just do it Triah, the more the better. I also hear that James and Jessie are coming back to the ship today, you could talk to them," Craig said.

Triah nodded, "right so that's three people." Craig rolled his eyes. "All right I'll talk to Tom and Janeway too."

Craig smiled, "you could always go to Newcastle and see Danny."

"No thanks, she probably doesn't even know I have a baby so let's just leave it at that," Triah muttered.

Craig looked uncomfortable, "she probably does cos Ian does."

Triah rolled her eyes, "great, I'm surprised that I didn't get a congratulations message from her."

Craig smirked, "it probably got lost somewhere."

Later, Deck Seven:
Tom stepped out of the turbolift whistling a silly tune, he headed down the corridor. Triah turned the corner nearby with Scott in a pram. She picked up speed to walk beside him.

"Hey Triah, what's up?" Tom said cheerfully.

"Well, you looked after three newborn boys didn't you?" Triah questioned.

"Yeah I did, you need some advice or something?" Tom replied.

"Not exactly, I just wondered if it was difficult, even with two parents," Triah replied.

Tom smiled, "I see, don't you have Craig to help you?"

"He's offered, I just don't feel comfortable about letting him look after Scott yet," Triah replied.

"I don't blame you," Tom said. "Listen it's always hard. You could have about five parents or guardians around and it would still be a hard job to look after one. I tell ya, I'm not envying James and Jessie right now."

Triah frowned, "um, why? Jess has a month to go right?"

"She's supposed to yeah, but there's been lots of rumours," Tom replied. Triah just rolled her eyes. "No no, they're realistic. Some people say there was a problem and she had to have them two months early."

"Them? Oh boy, I thought I had it bad," Triah muttered.

"Yep, that's why I don't envy them, it's supposed to be two girls," Tom said.

"Well it's better than two boys," Triah said.

Tom frowned, "hey, oh who am I kidding, boys are harder to handle when they're babies."

"Just when they're babies, ookay Tom, whatever you say," Triah said sarcastically.

"Give me a break, Bryan's technically a kid not a teenager. Besides I've only looked after boys, I don't know if girls are any easier really," Tom said.

"Well if James and Jessie's kids are any indication, girls are easier to handle," Triah said.

Tom smirked, "yeah true, but Duncan's worse than some boys his age. Believe me."

Triah sighed, "ok what's the other rumours?"

"Ohno there's just one, that's why it's more realistic than usual," Tom replied.

"Oh dear, four kids," Triah sighed. She shuddered, "I need a lie down now." She turned around and headed back the way she came. Tom smiled, shaking his head, he continued on.

The Main Shuttlebay:
Tom walked into the bay, he headed towards the closest shuttle. Duncan and Sasha were nearby the open door, with two bags. "Hey you two."

Duncan glanced at him, "ugh, this is our welcoming commi... comm... thing?"

Sasha giggled, "and you said you were smart."

Tom shook his head, "Duncan don't be rude."

"Why not?" Duncan asked. He turned to Sasha, "and I'd like to hear you say that word."

"I don't know what you were trying to say," Sasha said.

James came out of the shuttle carrying a bag and a large suitcase. He put them down nearby the other bags. "Do you think she remembered to pack her other dead body?"

"No I don't think she did," Tom replied. He eyed the suitcase, "hmm, women ey?"

Sasha pouted, "hey."

Tom glanced down at her, "you're not a woman yet, you're only a girl."

"Still, it's mean," Sasha muttered.

Tom tried not to laugh, "I'm sorry." He glanced back up. "Do you need any help getting this stuff to your quarters?"

James looked down to eye the larger suitcase, "are transporters working?"

"Is it that heavy?" Tom questioned, raising his eyebrow.

"Well yeah but my problem is that it's too big, I'm not carrying it around the ship," James replied.

Tom nodded, "I'll get them transported."

"There's still one more case," James said, he headed back into the shuttle.

"Still, it's mean," Duncan imitated Sasha, pulling faces as he did. "You're a big wuss Sasha."

"You are more than me," Sasha said.

"Ha, yeah right," Duncan sniggered.

"Well why did you wait for dad to leave before skitting me?" Sasha asked smugly, she stuck a tongue out at him.

"The girl's got a point," Tom said, smirking a little.

Duncan glanced at him, "screw you Tom."

Tom rolled his eyes, "you don't even know what screw you means."

"I can find out, I just know it's insulting," Duncan muttered.

James stepped back out of the shuttle holding a normal sized case, he put it down. Tom sighed, "Duncan wants to know what screw you means."

"Um, it's a tamer version of f*** you," James said, looking nervous. He stared at Tom, "did you say that to him?"

"No, he said it to me, and I said you don't even know what it means," Tom muttered.

Duncan looked confused, "what does f*** mean anyway?"

"It doesn't really have a meaning, really. Tom why don't you help me get this transported," James quickly replied.

"Sure thing," Tom said nervously. "Just keep them all together, I'll do the rest." He walked over to a station not very far away. All the bags and cases transported away seconds later.

"Where is our quarters anyway?" Duncan asked.

Tom walked back over to the group, "same as before."

"So why were we chucked out of there when we got back to Earth?" James questioned.

Tom shook his head, "those poor ensigns, they didn't see that falling bulkhead coming."

"Falling bulkhead? Was that in the quarters or elsewhere?" James asked.

"Elsewhere, but it's still rather sad don't you think?" Tom replied.

Duncan sniggered, "it's kinda funny actually."

"Not for them it wasn't," Tom muttered. "Where's Jess anyway?"

"Oh something came up once we got into orbit, she won't be long," James replied.

Duncan pulled a face, "I forgot how much babies smell." He stared at Sasha, she rolled her eyes.

"Babies huh, the rumours were true then?" Tom said.

"Depends, what were they this time?" James asked.

"That Jess had to give birth two months early, and that it was twins," Tom replied.

Jessie chose that moment to come out of the shuttle, holding Sarah-Amy. "Um James, we forgot to take the pram... oh hi Tom."

Tom looked uncomfortable, "um, there's one, well rumours are hardly ever true."

"Actually they were spot on for once," James muttered. He turned to Jessie, "we'll have to replicate one."

"Well knowing Triah she probably abandoned a pram cos of dust, we could borrow one," Jessie said. She glanced at Tom, "so what rumours are around this time?"

"They weren't really rumours apparently," Tom said looking uncomfortable. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything."

"It's ok, you didn't know," James said. "Right, let's go. I have to report in to get duty times and stuff in an hour."

Jessie frowned, "report in to who?"

"The Captain of the ship obviously," James muttered in response, he headed out of the room.

Jessie sighed, "this is why we should have chose the Leda."

The Pegasus
"Mwahahahahahaha, take that," Damien laughed maniacally.

Riker walked up to him, "sir, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing maggot," Damien snapped. He quickly turned back to his Game Boy Advance, not the crap one though, the SP one.

Riker shrugged his shoulders, he walked back over to the first officers chair. On it was a large BLT buttie, he picked it up. "Mmm, my precious." A few seconds later the buttie was mostly gone, all that was left was the mayonnaise around Riker's face and the crumbs nearby.

Damien rolled his eyes, "it was only a matter of time." He growled at the Game Boy, a few seconds later it was in a few pieces next to the wall.

The smart alacky ensign sighed, heading over to it, "sir you have to be careful, you'll never beat the game back if you break it." He knelt down and picked up an old Game Boy cartridge, which had the label Kirby's Dream Land on it. "Um, you didn't win at Kirby's Dream Land?"

Damien glanced around at him, "it's impossible, how can it expect you to restart the level everytime you get killed?"

"Sir, one of the consoles is beeping," Riker said.

Damien stared at him, "no I think that's your communicator."

Riker giggled, he tapped his commbadge. "Oh pizza hut, it's time for another delivery already? Good good, now I want a meat feast this time."

The smart alacky ensign walked over to Damien, "sir, I..."

"What is it smart alac... oh screw it, I'm calling you Bob," Damien grumbled.

"As you wish sir but our future visitor is hailing us," smart alacky ensign said.

Damien smiled evily, "excellent, put him on screen."

"Er sir... his species doesn't like to be seen by outsiders remember," Bob said.

"Oh, on speakers then," Damien said.

In: "Pegasus, now's a good a time as any to begin. We should be heading to Earth now."

"Interesting, why is it a good time?" Damien asked.

In: "There hasn't been this many crewmembers on the fleet in a while. As promised I will allow you to use our spying technology to watch my progress."

"Excellent," Damien sneered.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," Riker drooled as he stared towards the turbolift. A guy holding a large pizza box was standing there.

"Um, another routine delivery for Mr Riker?" the guy said.

Riker rushed over, "yes yes, gimme."

The Enterprise, Deck Eight:
Inside the original Sickbay were a few kids including Duncan and Sasha, and also one crewmember keeping an eye on them. Inside the office another crewmember was sitting behind the desk, James and Jessie were sitting on the opposite side.

"Yes well, this Sickbay wasn't being used anymore so we figured we'd move. Both the nurseries on this ship and Voyager were not big enough," the crewmember said.

"Wasn't a family living here?" Jessie asked.

The crewmember shrugged, "no not for a while. The family moved out a few months ago, it was converted back to a Sickbay afterwards."

"It's not really about space though, there's only two of you," James said.

The crewmember frowned, "Jenna is handling the group on her own at the moment, she is perfectly capable and so am I. I teach the older children, while she looks after the ones too young to be schooled."

"Yeah well Duncan is a little um... difficult sometimes," Jessie said carefully.

"We take care of a little lad called Johnathan, I doubt anyone's as 'difficult' as him," the crewmember said.

The sound of a kid crying from next door caught their attention. "So um... we're going to go," James muttered as he got off the chair.

Jessie got up too, "yeah, right now." They both quickly left the office.

The crewmember sighed into her hand. The other crewmember, Jenna, walked into the office. "Diane, the new lad hit..."

"Yeah I got that," the crewmember groaned.

Meanwhile, the Ready Room:
Angela glanced at a PADD as she picked up a cup, "so what job are you looking for?"

Lena shrugged, she sat down on the chair opposite. "I dunno, Security maybe?"

Angela lowered the PADD, "that's actually a good idea. Today the Enterprise is getting a new Chief of Security who will train a bunch of new recruits, you may as well train with them."

"But, I'm a Slayer... I don't need to be trained," Lena muttered.

"There's more to Security than hitting people. You need to be trained how to use rifles and other weapons, handle hostage situations, also follow all the rules," Angela said.

"I get the picture," Lena said.

"No offense intended Lena, everyone needs to be trained," Angela said. She looked at the PADD while she sipped at her coffee. "Though you could train with one group for half a day, and join a team for the other half."

"I could?" Lena questioned.

"It's not up to me, it's up to the Chief," Angela replied.

"Oh, who is it anyway?" Lena asked.

"Well we're kinda low on people right now, the last Chief couldn't handle it and Lieutenant Anderson couldn't manage the whole fleet..." Angela said.

Lena stared at her, "why do I get the feeling I already know him?"

"Probably cos you do," Angela nodded her head. "It's your brother, he was a Chief of Security on this ship before."

Lena groaned, "great, I'm so used to giving him orders not him giving orders to me."

"Well at least he'll probably let you join a team for the rest of the day," Angela said. She handed her a different PADD.

"I guess. What would I have to do if he didn't?" Lena asked.

"Do what the others who need full training do, join the second training team in the afternoon," Angela replied.

"A whole day with James? Oh god, I need to think up a bribe or maybe blackmail him," Lena groaned.

Angela tried not to laugh, "I have a few things you know."

"I thought you only knew him for a few weeks," Lena said.

Angela nodded, "I did but Danny talked too much."

Lena pulled a face, "actually I'll think of something myself." She stood up, "knowing her she probably made up something dirty."

"Actually a few of them are, yes," Angela said.

Lena shook her head, "no it only works if they're true." She walked out of the room.

Angela sighed, "good, suit yourself."

Meanwhile Lena headed for the turbolift, James came out of it and almost bumped into her. "Lena? What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Zare and Emma wanted to do some slaying, so Daniel and I swapped places with them," Lena replied. She frowned, "what are you doing here anyway?"

"It's a little safer up here, and since when does Daniel do any slaying?" James questioned, raising his eyebrow.

"I didn't say he did. See you in training ey," Lena replied. She stepped into the turbolift.

"Training?" James looked confused. He headed for the Ready Room. He stood in front of the door for a while before finally pressing the door chime.

Back in the Ready Room:
"Come in," Angela called while staring at the PADD. James walked into the room, looking rather uncomfortable. Angela looked up, "oh, you're late."

James shrugged, "does it matter?"

Angela sighed, "ok, at ease."

"That's not going to happen," James muttered.

"All right we'd better get down to business," Angela said. She picked up another PADD, "here's your duty roster and other information."

James took the PADD off her, he looked at it, "um... since when do I need the rest of Security's duty information?"

"Since you became the Chief of Security, gee I thought you did this before," Angela muttered.

James stared blankly at her, "right, I managed to swap two weeks of punishment work for a job like this. Is this another sick joke that I don't get?"

"No," Angela rolled her eyes. "Our last chief packed in and Anderson can't handle the Enterprise as well as the Leda and Voyager. You're all that's left."

"Tough, I'm not reporting to you every day for two weeks," James grumbled.

"For crying out loud," Angela muttered. She stood up, "It was seventeen years ago, you should have gotten over it a long time ago."

"So you say, but it was easy for you," James said.

"It wasn't easy, I went through hell and back, and then back to hell again. Everyone I met seemed to know, they all judged me for it. Do you know how hard it is to live with yourself after doing something like that, and also get a lot grief from everyone you know? I'm telling you, you got it easy," Angela snapped.

"Oh so what, you deserved everything you got," James muttered.

"No I didn't!" Angela snapped again. "I was a screwed up young girl back then, and that was all because of those two guys that took me to that after party."

James rolled his eyes, "oh spare me."

"You have no right to judge me still. I did what I did because I was screwed up because of what happened to me, you did the same," Angela muttered.

James' eyes widened, "what?"

Angela smirked, "yeah I know. It took you longer but you did the same as me, and here you are thinking you're a lot better than I am when we're just the same. Well actually I am better, because I admit it."

"I don't know what you're talking about," James muttered.

"I was at that trial James, you can't lie about it," Angela said. "How far did you get with her then?"

"That was different," James said.

"Is that what you tell yourself every time you think about it, or when someone reminds you?" Angela questioned. "I still can't believe that you continued dating her and ended up marrying her with that on your conscience."

"You just don't get it," James said.

Angela shook her head, "no, I don't want to either."

"Oh, now you're the one doing the judging. What you did to me was sick and..." James said.

Angela interrupted him, "and what you did to her wasn't? My god, she was even pregnant at the time."

"I didn't say that," James snapped. "I'll never forgive myself for what I did to her, but somehow you managed to forgive yourself."

"Right, what I did wasn't half as bad," Angela muttered.

"It was just as bad, I wasn't even fourteen when you did that to me," James said.

Angela shrugged, "well I got it when I was only fourteen. Are you happy now?"

"You see, I'm not doing this every day. You can stuff your chief job," James muttered.

"You haven't got a choice in the matter. Taking that job will be the only job that'll allow you to still look after your newborn and your sick forgiving wife," Angela said. "Now who's more important, them or you?"

James groaned while rolling his eyes, "fine, I'll do it."

"Wow, you are capable of caring about people that aren't you. It's a start," Angela smiled.

Later, the Security Office:
Jessie sat down on the sofa, cradling Sarah-Amy in her right arm while she fiddled with a bottle with her left. "You didn't have to take this job you know."

"I did, I'm not leaving you with the baby during these two weeks," James said from the desk, which had a lot of PADDs sitting on it.

"Yeah but I can't be around when you're training the new recruits, can I?" Jessie pointed out.

"I know, we'll have to think of a different system," James said.

"I have one," Jessie said. "I know you don't want to leave me alone with her, but we can alternate days. Like today I could look after her, the next day you do... she'll be ok in the pram while you train the newbies."

"Brilliant," James sarcastically said. He picked up one of the PADDs, "here's one of the newbies. Name, Jack Thomas. Age, eighteen/twenty two. Previous jobs, glass collector but got promoted to bouncer, but I wouldn't ask my ex-boss about that as he has amnesia. Skills, I once opened a door using only my elbow, oh and I'd be good at breaking into things as I broke a lot of bottles."

Jessie tried not to laugh, "oh you mock him now, he could go far you know."

"Right, I got fired from a bar job because I broke too many things, and they said my job didn't include being a bouncer whenever I felt like it," James muttered.

"Oh, I didn't know you worked at a bar," Jessie said.

James shrugged, "Ian thought I had to get out more, he didn't know I probably got out more than he did anyway."

"I don't get what the problem is. It doesn't say that he's an axe murderer or something like that," Jessie said.

"I picked up a good one," James said. He picked up a different PADD. "This one just got released from a nut house recently."

"What was wrong with him?" Jessie asked.

"Well I don't know, he just put that he was framed," James replied.

"Don't worry about it, it's the best system we've got. Besides you'll protect her right?" Jessie said.

"I can only do so much at once you know," James said.

Jessie shook her head, "there is such a thing called a forcefield, it's quite useful."

The doors opened, Angela strolled in. James rolled his eyes, "one would be quite useful about now."

"No it wouldn't," Angela said calmly. "Look I just came here to apologise."

"It's a bit late for that isn't it?" Jessie commented.

"No, I can't actually apologise for that... it's just a slap on the face to the person you're apologising to," Angela said.

"Speaking of a slap in the face, why the hell did you let these guys onboard the ship, let alone put them in a training course?" James questioned.

"We're low on people, Security is the best job for them," Angela replied.

"That's comforting," Jessie muttered.

Angela sighed, "yeah well, this whole situation isn't very." She turned to James, "I am sorry for losing my temper though. While you're working here for two weeks we're going to have to get along."

"Not really, I was planning on sending the daily reports via the computer," James said.

"Well that's a good back up idea. I've spent a lot of years in Starfleet and I know how to act professional around people who don't like me, etc... I had to learn obviously," Angela said.

"All right, but I'm warning you... I may have spent ten years on a Starfleet ship but I didn't learn anything like that. You can ask my mum, Chakotay, Tom, Craig, you get the idea," James said.

"Well at least you warned me," Angela smiled. "I forgot to put the report time on the PADD, I prefer evenings unlike some Captains. I'll see you tonight at six." She turned around and walked out of the room.

"That was creepy," James muttered.

Jessie sighed, "really? She was always like that around you and Danny back at school."

"Yeah, that's why it's creepy," James said.

"I'd be on my guard if I were you," Jessie said.

"It's ok, I always am around her now," James said.

Later, the Mess Hall:
Triah sat down at one of the small tables, she pulled Scott's pram closer to her. Neelix walked over to table, "the usual?"

"Yeah please," Triah replied. He smiled, and walked away humming a tune.

Duncan and Sasha rushed into the room, James and Jessie were right behind them, Jessie had a pram in front of her. "I'll get it, you sit down," James said.

"Ok but I'm telling you, that kid deserved it," Duncan said.

"Yeah yeah," Sasha muttered.

Duncan rolled his eyes as he sat down on the table next to Triah's. Sasha climbed onto the chair nearby him. Neelix walked over to the table, "why hello you two, I haven't seen you..."

Sasha glanced at him, she screamed. "What's that!?"

Jessie sat down next to her, "it's ok sweety, it's just Neelix and he seems sober."

"Oh Neelix, ok..." Sasha said, still with wide eyes.

Duncan sniggered, "and you said that I was the wuss."

Neelix sighed, "I should have expected that, I'm sorry. Now would any of you like today's special?"

"No, we're getting replicated food, you know, decent food," Duncan replied.

"I see you're just as charming as ever," Neelix muttered as he walked away.

Jessie rolled her eyes, "like he's any better."

Triah turned around in her chair, "Jessie, can I talk to you?"

Jessie glanced over at her, "um yeah, what's up?"

"Well um..." Triah muttered, glancing back at Scott. "I had a kid, like you..."

Jessie glanced over at the pram, "so I see..."

"I was wondering if, you know, had any pearls of wisdom," Triah said.

"You're asking me? Am I the last person you asked or something?" Jessie questioned.

"No, I still have to talk to Janeway, Chakotay, and James," Triah replied. She looked around the room, "maybe people I don't know if I still feel a bit overwhelmed."

"Well I'm so glad I'm before Janeway on that list," Jessie muttered. "You don't want to talk to her. She had other people looking after Kiara most of the time, and well you know James' story."

"No offense but Tom and B'Elanna looked after Duncan for a while," Triah said.

Duncan shuddered, "ugh, no one remind me ever again."

"Yeah well, nothing like that happened with Sasha," Jessie said.

Sasha giggled, "see, they like me better."

Duncan glared at her, "I don't get why."

"Will you two stop fighting," Jessie groaned. She turned back to Triah. "I don't know what to tell you really. Get as much help as you can, don't abandon him or her at the age or two, don't let them age quicker."

"Hey," Duncan pouted.

Jessie glanced back at him, "that wasn't an insult or anything like that."

"Oh ok," Duncan muttered.

Jessie turned back to Triah, "oh and don't go too nuts when they make a mess, cos they do that a lot."

"I noticed," Triah sighed.

"Sorry, I'm no good at giving advice," Jessie said. She looked over at Triah's pram again, "so, boy or girl?"

"Oh boy," Triah replied. "What about you?"

"Girl," Jessie replied as James came over with two trays. "Oh you know what, I have another bit of advice."

"Oh good," Triah said.

Jessie took a hold of one of James' hands, "get yourself one of these."

"Why would she want to do that?" he asked.

"It's not really clear is it?" Triah said.

"It's obvious, get any really nice guy to help you out. I wouldn't try it on your own," Jessie replied. She shrugged, "even Craig would do."

"Well if you're mentioning my brother then why does it have it to be a guy?" Triah questioned.

"All right fine, don't listen to me," Jessie muttered.

"Ok Jess, I told you not to finish off that coffee," James said.

Jessie looked up at him trying to look innocent, "well what if Janeway came, she probably would have killed you for leaving it."

Duncan sniggered, "cool, Evil Janeway."

"Thanks for the advice Jess, um... some of it may be useful," Triah muttered as she turned back around.

"I'm partly serious you know Triah, you can't do this on your own. I didn't mean to offend you or anything," Jessie said.

Triah glanced back briefly, "I know."

The Pegasus:
Damien sat down in the captains chair holding a small bucket of popcorn. "Yes I see, will all the crewmembers be affected?"

A tall alien stood in the middle of the room wearing a dark cloak groaned, "not all no, not all of them have interesting enough memories."

"Why is that important?" Riker asked.

"Why do you have such a dumb crew Damien?" the alien muttered.

"I can only enslave dumb ones at the moment," Damien replied.

Bob glanced back at him, "but I'm not dumb."

"Just because you're smart alacky doesn't mean that you're not dumb," Damien snapped.

Bob looked confused, "huh?"

"See," Damien smiled evily.

"At the moment I have found seven senior crewmembers to, what's the phrase you humans use? Oh yes, mess with. Also there are several less important crewmembers that I can mess with too," the alien said.

"Only seven, out of twenty four available main characters!?" Damien snapped.

"One of seven isn't a main character," the alien said. "Besides four main cast members are on Earth."

"This is absurd, I hired you to cause some damage, six main characters won't do that," Damien grumbled.

"You underestimate me, Damien," the alien said.

Damien stood up, "and you underestimate my ship."

"Oh yeah baby," Riker drooled, he pushed an apple pie in his face.

"I mean you underestimate me," Damien muttered. He shook his head, "I need more recruits."

The alien sighed, "you're not going to get vengeance without me. Tell me, in ten years have you done any serious damage to this crew?"

"Well actually Season Three was a good season," Damien replied. Riker burped loudly. "Though I did get him in that season, ugh."

"You're welcome sir," Riker grinned.

"How good a season was it?" the alien asked.

"Well I took over the Enterprise for a brief time, got an annoying witch killed temporarily, turned an annoying Slayer evil, killed one of their kids temporarily, um... brainwashed Softmicron, forced Enterprise and Voyager into their realm, teamed up with a Tolg guy, and a dead warlock guy..." Damien replied.

The alien groaned, "yet they're still alive, well, and you're still seeking vengeance."

Damien pouted, "it's true, I did do all that."

"Sure whatever... your problem is you're trying too hard. Let me handle this side of things, you can destroy the mess I leave them in. Understood?" the alien said.

Damien smiled evily, "oh I understand the word destroy, mwahahahaha."

"Why must you always do that?" the alien groaned.

Really early next morning
James/Jessie's Quarters:
The door to the main living area opened, James stepped through it and headed straight towards one of the other doors. The main door chimed, he just groaned, "yeah come in."

Angela stepped inside, "so I didn't wake anybody then."

"Technically no, you didn't," James said as he turned to face the window.

Angela frowned, "technically?"

"What do you want? You said you wanted reports at six pm, not six am," James questioned.

"Well I need to talk to you, it's urgent," Angela replied, she walked closer to him. "Can I sit down?"

"Sure," James replied with a shrug.

Angela sat down on the sofa nearby, "I've been thinking, you know about what happened."

"Great, me too," James muttered.

"I thought about how people treated me afterwards. I came to realise that they probably didn't treat me like that because of what I did, but because I tried to hide it. The reason why I felt so bad for so long was probably because I hid the whole thing from everyone else," Angela said.

"That's great, good for you," James sarcastically muttered.

Angela rolled her eyes, "do you think any of that's familiar?"

James glanced at her briefly, "no."

"Fine, but it will be soon enough," Angela said.

"Are you getting to the point anytime soon?" James asked.

"Just now actually," Angela replied. She looked up at him, "I think it'll be better for both of us if we just tell everyone, you know the whole story."

James slowly turned to stare blankly at her, "what?"

"You heard me. I can't keep lying to people," Angela said.

"You don't have to, just avoid mentioning it," James said.

"Well I can't even do that anymore. I still feel like I'm betraying Michael by doing just that," Angela said.

"Um, who's Michael?" James asked.

"Duh, my fiance," Angela replied. "Look surely you can't stand the thought of keeping the whole story away from Jessie."

"Actually, quite the opposite. I'm not really lying to her and it would just make things worse, for both of us, if the full story came out," James said.

Angela rolled her eyes, "I could live with that."

"Well funnily enough, it's not just about you," James muttered.

"No but my side's worse, and I'm willing to let people find out about us," Angela said.

"About us? Ok, that's different," James said.

Angela shrugged, "well it's a little more accurate than saying 'the full story', now isn't it?"

"No, not really," James replied. He took a step closer to her, "wait, are you going to tell people what actually happened, or some lie?"

Angela stood up with wide eyes, "no of course not, what I'm suggesting is to stop us both from lying anymore."

"Well get rid of this 'about us' crap, it sounds completely wrong," James said.

"If you insist," Angela sighed.

"So what are you going to tell your fiance then?" James asked.

"The truth. He knows already what I tried to do, he just needs an extension to that story," Angela replied.

"Really? You're just going to, out of the blue, tell him something like that?" James questioned.

"Yes of course, maybe you got married too fast Jamesy," Angela replied.

"Hardly," James said. "So you think he's just going to take this news lightly?"

"No of course not," Angela replied. "Not many people would be happy to hear about it, but he needs to know about the men before him."

"Well considering that I was forced into it, I don't think it's a good idea for him to hear about it," James said.

"Oh please, you weren't forced into it," Angela rolled her eyes.

"Um, I think I was," James muttered.

"Well I don't," Angela said. She stepped closer to him. "Listen, men can't get raped anyway, so get that little innocent streak out of your system."

"I knew it, you're going to tell him a different story. Let me guess, it was me who attacked you. You've tried that once before," James said.

"It's not a different story at all," Angela said.

"Ok, I didn't want you to tell the full story at all, but you are so not going to tell this new crap story of yours," James said.

"Oh for god's sake," Angela groaned. She headed back towards the main door. "I'm going to tell Michael the truth, I owe him that. Then I may tell other people."

"If you do, I'll kill you," James muttered.

Angela smiled, "right, you only just managed to hit me back then."

"I have no problem hurting you," James said.

"Ok but you won't kill me, you don't have the nerve," Angela said.

James rolled his eyes, "remember who you're talking to."

"Oh yeah, Mr Murderous Slayer... fine," Angela muttered, she walked out of the room.



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