Episode 1.12: Holo Q Part 1



Part One

Episode Synopsis
Q returns to warn the crew about a ruthless ex-Q who's bent on revenge.

Guest Stars
Marill as herself
Raichu as herself
John De Lancie as Q
Desmond Harrington as Damien
Togepi as herself

Written By
Marill & Raichu

24th February 2001

30th November 2003

Episode Based In
April 2375 (early season 6)


B'Elanna stepped out of the lift and headed towards the console by the warp drive. Triah came up to her with her hands behind her back.

"Er, Lieutenant, Tom has left you something. He was called to the Bridge before he got to give it to you," Triah said. She brought out a small envelope. Triah walked away with a big grin on her face.

B'Elanna slid her finger through the envelope to open it. Inside, was a small piece of paper. She read through it, tears were building up in her eyes as she read it. The last line was, "B'Elanna, will you marry me?"

Inside of the envelope was a beautiful ring with a small diamond on it, it was the same colour as the warp core. Little did B'Elanna know, the whole Engineering crew were watching her. She heard someone walk up behind her and place a hand on her shoulder. She turned to face him.

"Well, what's your answer?" Tom asked with a smile.

"Of course I will," B'Elanna answered. Tom took the ring out of the envelope and he gently placed it on B'Elanna's finger. The whole of Engineering cheered as the two hugged one another.

Captain's Log Stardate 53194.6: The news of Tom and B'Elanna's engagement has spread quickly among the crew so a most of the senior staff are planning a celebration in Tom's new holoprogram.

Holodeck Two: [21st Century, Newcastle]
Tom, B'Elanna, Chakotay, Kathryn, Kiara, Harry, Neelix, Craig, the Doctor, Jessie and James were standing outside one of the many bars watching the moonlight and the bridge lights shine on the River Tyne. Harry held his glass up in the air.

"To Tom and B'Elanna," he said loudly, everyone also raised their glasses into the air.

"Lets just hope that B'Elanna doesn't kill Tom on the Honeymoon," Chakotay said. Everyone laughed except Tom who was putting a mock worried expression on his face.

Craig, James, Jessie and Kiara went over to a seat. Harry, Neelix and the Doctor went to the bar to get more drinks.

"Kiara, do you want to try some?" Craig asked as he held out his glass of Bacardi and Cherry Coke to her.

"Ooh, it's got Cherry Coke in it," she replied and she took the glass of him. She sipped the drink. "Hey, this is nice!"

"Don't drink that," Kathryn said.

"Oh c'mon Captain, it's a special occasion," James said. Chakotay turned to him.

"Don't encourage her," Chakotay said.

"Yes, sir," James muttered like he didn't mean it. Chakotay turned around again, Jessie pulled a face at him. Kiara giggled.

"So, what should we do to this program?" Jessie asked.

"Nothing, this one is nice," James replied.

"What are you talking about?" Craig asked.

"Nothing," James, Jessie and Kiara said in unison.

Chakotay walked to the bar as Neelix, Harry and the Doctor came out carrying a lot of drinks. He took some off them. They all headed back to the river side.

"Hey, cool, that Bridge looks so cool," Kiara said.

"That's the Millennium Bridge, it turns so boats can get past it, unfortunately one large ship didn't fit underneath it," Tom said.

"It's still cool, why isn't it turning?" Kiara asked.

"It doesn't turn all the time. It only turns when a boat wants to get passed," Tom replied.

"Cool, was anyone actually on the Bridge when it was turning?" Jessie asked.

"There was a few incidents when a few stupid drunk teenagers climbed onto it when a boat was passing through," Tom said.

"When did that happen?" James asked.

"I think it was between 2003 and 2005," Tom replied.

"Did they fall off and then drown?" Kiara asked. Neelix gave her a glass of Cherry Coke.

"Kiara, you shouldn't think of things like that," Neelix said.

"Actually, they fell off, one drowned, one got hit by the boat, the other two hung on for twenty minutes," Tom said.

"Cool," Kiara said. The whole holodeck shook violently.

"Tuvok to Janeway."

"What is it Tuvok?" Kathryn replied.

"You better come to the Bridge and see for yourself."

"We're on our way, computer end program," Chakotay said. The Quayside disappeared and was replaced with the hologrid. Craig picked up Kiara and they all left the holodeck. As soon as the doors closed the program reactivated.

The Bridge:
Everyone emerged from the Turbolift and they immediately saw why they were summoned to the Bridge.

"Nice to see you all again, how about a nice big group hug?"

"Q, what the hell are you doing here?" Tom asked.

"Don't be so rude, Tommy, I was just hoping to visit you lovely people. You know I prefer you better than the Enterprise D crew," Q said.

"Why don't you visit them now?" James said.

"Well Mr Blondey, the new 'as long as Voyager warpdrives' Enterprise, freaks me out, I prefer Intrepid Voyager," Q replied. Jessie laughed as James started sulking.

"How flattering, now go away," Chakotay said.

"As long as Voyager warpdrives, Enterprise?" Harry asked.

"Trust me, you'll see it for yourselves in a few years," Q said.

"How many years exactly?" Craig asked.

"Don't get excited blondey, you won't be home for long when you see that ship," Q said.

"What does that mean?" B'Elanna asked.

"Sorry, that's Season Three material," Q said.

"Q, what do you really want?" Kathryn asked.

"Now dear Kathy, an inspection of your holodecks seems in order, bye bye." With that he disappeared.

"Q, come back here!" Kathryn yelled. Q reappeared in a flash of light.

"Miss me already, Kathy?" Q said.

"Tell us why you're here," Kathryn said.

"Oh, all right," Q groaned and he clicked his fingers. Everyone appeared in the Conference Room. "This isn't going to be easy to explain, but it's your own fault."

"Just get on with it, Q," Chakotay said.

"Okay, Eight, you're Borg aren't you, so you should..."

"Seven," she said.

"Ooops, okay Nine, you should know about the Voyager Three probe, year 2262," Q said.

"Yes, the Borg assimilated that probe two years after it's launch, all of the crew were dead," Seven replied.

"What's this got to do with anything?" Tom asked. Everyone stared at him. He decided to keep quiet.

"Well, three Q's were exiled from the Continuum in 2262. They tried to take over the Continuum in their own destructive ways. One Q ran into the Voyager Three probe, even with half of his powers that Q terrorized the crew but they defeated him. Somehow they managed to restrain him and his two machines of destruction into a holographic capsule. As soon as that capsule enters an area with holographic emitters it will reappear and Q will be free," Q explained.

"And you think that Q is on one of our holodecks," Harry said.

"Bravo, Harry. Ten minutes ago Q entered one of your holodecks, I'm not sure which one," Q said.

"Holodeck Two, it shook a few seconds before Tuvok contacted us," Craig said.

"Big Ears contacted you just when I appeared on your beloved Bridge," Q said.

"But how did you know that Q was here?" Kathryn asked.

"I was passing by," Q replied.

"So what happened to the other Q's?" Neelix asked.

"The Continuum hasn't heard from them since but that doesn't matter anymore. The point is that the Q I mentioned will be set free and it'll want revenge on anything that bears the name, Voyager," Q said.

Kathryn got out of her seat and went over to Q. "Okay, you're saying that a half powerful Q is inside one of our holodecks, very angry, intent on destroying anything that is called Voyager, right?"

"Yes, dear," Q replied.

"Stop calling me that. The reason you're here is, what?" Kathryn asked.

"To try and save you from destruction because you and the Enterprise crew are my only friends," Q replied.

"So then what's your plan?" Chakotay asked sarcastically.

"I haven't exactly got a plan yet. Somehow my powers don't work that well inside that program of yours. Q must of done something," Q said.

"Fine then, Chakotay, Tuvok, Seven, go to the holodeck and find out what's going on in there..."

"That's not a good idea, Kathy, I tell you what, I'll organize a different away team," Q said. Q clicked his fingers and he and 6 others disappeared.

Holodeck Two - Newcastle, a building site:
Two holograms stood near an egg shaped capsule. One sat down and went to sleep, the other turned away from the egg.

Four figures appeared in a flash of light.

"What do I care about some stupid egg?" the woman yelled.

"This is no ordinary egg," the taller man said. The hologram turned and stared at them.

"I say we hard boil that thing," the woman said.

"I'm with her, I'm hungry," the Bolian said.

"That's because you're a pig," the Cardassian said as he pushed the Bolian off his feet. The hologram nudged the other hologram.

"Kird, Kird, take a look at this," he said.

"No need to wake him, infact why don't you take a little nap yourself," the man said, he clicked his fingers and the two holograms disappeared.

"I can do that, I just choose not too," the Bolian said.

"Shut your blue gob," the Cardassian said. The man walked over to the egg.

"After a hundred years of searching, you are finally within my grasp and now lets crack this egg," the man said. He put his hand on the egg.

Suddenly it cracked. There was lots of purple goo inside.

"What, you spent a hundred years looking for a tub of snot!" the woman exclaimed.

There was a flash of light, a tall ugly man appeared. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Q is back!"

"He's so handsome," the woman said sarcastically.

"Why thank you," Q2 said.

"I'm Lord Q, it is a supreme honour to see you again," the man said.

"How can I ever repay you?" Q2 asked.

"Do you recall the name, Voyager?" Lord Q said. Q2's face turned red with anger. He threw his arms into the air and he screamed loudly.

"I think he remembers it," the Bolian said. Q2 stopped yelling with rage.

"I want you to destroy Voyager so I can finally get revenge on Humans," Lord Q said.

"I will not only destroy it, I will make it as if Voyager never existed!" Q2 yelled.

"Finally a real Q," Miss Q said. Lord Q growled at her. Q2 grinned.

"We'll leave you to do whatever you need to do, lets go," Lord Q said. With that the 2 Q's, the Bolian and the Cardassian disappeared in a flash of light.

Q2 started to sniff the air. "What is that disgusting smell? Smells like...humans," Q said.

Outside the construction site:
Tom, B'Elanna, Jessie, James, Harry and Triah dematerialized.

"Anybody see anything?" Jessie asked.

"Look up there," Tom said as he pointed towards the higher ground. They all walked up to where the egg was. Triah was the first to see the egg.

"Eew, it stinks!" Triah moaned. Somebodies hand touched B'Elanna's shoulder. They all turned around to face a man.

"Hey? What are you people doing here?" the man said.

"Erm, have you by any chance seen any omnipotent beings lurking around here?" Triah asked.

"An omnipotent being? What the hell is that? Wait a second did it look something like this?" the hologram said, there was a flash of light and the hologram turned into Q2.

"Eew, gross!" Triah moaned.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am the most despised, feared by all mortals, they call me Q," Q2 said.

"Well pack your bags, because you're going straight back where you came from," James said.

"Hmm, a lad with a big mouth, not much has changed in a hundred years," Q2 said.

"You obviously don't know who you are dealing with, Mr Erasor Head," Triah said.

"Really?" Q2 asked.

"Yeah, we're from Voyager," Harry said.

"Oooh! Where's my autograph book, ha! Voyager eh?" He walked away from the six. "So Voyager is still letting a bunch of kids to it's dirty work," Q2 said. He suddenly turned to face them. "Well meet my kids!"

There was a huge flash of light as twenty disgusting purple monsters appeared. Q2 disappeared yelling, "bye bye!"

"What do we do?" Triah asked.

"There's plenty room down there," James said as he looked down at lowland.

"Go now!" B'Elanna yelled. Harry, Jessie, James and Triah jumped down. The creatures attacked the remaining two. They also jumped down to the others.

"Lets take these creeps," Jessie said.

"Spread out!" B'Elanna yelled. Everyone ran in different directions. Everyone picked up something to use as a weapon.

"Welcome to your nightmare," Jessie said, she picked up a sharp piece of wood. She whacked a few of the creatures with it.

Harry ducked as a creature tried to hit him. Harry tripped the creature up as it tried to get him again.

Triah smacked one in the face. Purple goo was on her hand. "Yuk!" she exclaimed. Another creature ran up to her, she kicked it hard in the leg and it fell over. Three more ran after her. "See ya!" she yelled and she ran for cover.

James stood in front on a creature running towards him as one started to run up behind him, last second he moved out of the way. The creatures ran into each other. "Nice make up boys," he muttered as the two fell over, faces looking worse than ever.

Tom pretended to run away from a creature. Suddenly he stopped but the creature was too stupid and it ran into a wall face first. One other creature charged at him. It pushed him, back first, into the wall.

A finger tapped the creature shoulder. The creature turned but a fist in the face caused it to fall to the ground. B'Elanna looked at her fist which was covered in purple goo. "Hmm, that's going to leave a mark," she said.

Triah screamed, Tom and B'Elanna turned around quickly. The others were being cornered. Six creatures went over to Tom and B'Elanna. Restraining them, the creatures managed to drag the two over to the others.

"Er guys, is this a good time to call upon those holographic creatures that Q gave us?" James asked.

"All right, lets do it," B'Elanna said. They all brought a small ball from their pockets, when it was in their palms the balls grew larger. They all threw the balls to the ground.

Tom's hit the ground first. There was a brief flash of light and a small cute creature appeared. It was green and it had a large leaf on it's head. The ball went back into Tom's hand. "Chika!" he squeaked.

The second ball to hit the ground was Harry's. A small but cute frog like creature appeared. It was blue with several lighter blue steaks on it's skin. The ball went back into Harry's hand. "Phro, phro!" is squeaked.

"It's a frog!" Harry moaned.

The third ball to hit the ground was B'Elanna's. A large orange dragon appeared. It had a flame on the edge of it's tail. It was about six foot tall. The ball went back to B'Elanna's hand. "Chaarr!" it roared as a ball of fire emerged from it's mouth.

Triah's ball hit the ground next. A unusually cute insect appeared. It had a cute little face, it had pale yellow skin and medium sized wings on it's back. It was big enough to have someone on it's back. The ball went back to Triah's hand. "Toge, toge, ta!" it squeaked.

Jessie's ball hit the ground next. A very large cute mouse appeared. It had red skin with orange fire marks on it. It also had a flame on it's tail. The ball went back to Jessie's hand. "Fi, firera!" it squeaked.

Another ball hit the ground last. A very large snake appeared. It had purple skin and it's body was two point five metres long. The ball went back to James's hand. "Chaar-boka!" it hissed.

"It's a frog," Harry repeated.

"Shut up, Harry!" Tom yelled.

"Er, guys, where did the gross purple things go?" Triah asked. Everyone looked around, there was no sign of the creatures.

"Come on, we have to find them," B'Elanna said.

"Careful, it could be a trap," Tom said. Everyone nodded and they followed Tom and B'Elanna. The Holo-Pokémon followed their new masters.

Kathryn, Chakotay, Tuvok, the Doctor, Neelix and Seven stood waiting for Q to arrive.

"What's taking him so long?" Neelix asked.

"Be patient, Mr Neelix," Tuvok said.

"Neelix is right, he should have sorted the away team out by now," Chakotay said. Right on cue, Q appeared. Kathryn walked over to him.

"What took you so long?" Tuvok asked.

"Bad news, Kathy, the away team was too late, Q will be heading for Engineering now," Q said seriously for a change.

"Computer, seal off Engineering with a level twelve force field," Seven said.


"Why Engineering?" Neelix asked. Craig walked into Engineering.

"Stupid question, Neelix, if he wants to destroy us, this is the perfect place to do it," Craig said.

"Quite right Blondey, anyway Eight Of Nine a forcefield will not help," Q said. Seven rolled her eyes at Q's skit of her name.

"Er...Captain," the Doctor stuttered as Q2 made his flash of light entrance. He sniggered.

"Hmm, quite a posh little ship, I guess the Federation has invested it's money well over the past century, they can build something pretty nice," Q2 said as he walked further towards the group.

Neelix tried to stop him from going any further but Q2 only laughed. "What a pest," he said as he pointed his finger at Neelix, suddenly he was hit by an energy blast. The Doctor, Seven and Chakotay went over to him.

"You haven't changed, Q, you're still picking on little rodents," Q said.

"Oh shut up, Q, ten minutes out of the egg and I'm already putting up with your big mouth. Voyager locked and threw me away like yesterdays trash. Do you know what it's like to be locked in a egg for a century, it's boring," Q2 said.

"Your actions are illogical, why harm this Voyager and crew when it was the Voyager probe that did this to you," Tuvok said.

"I've got to get revenge on somebody, Dumbo, I can't get revenge on skeletons," Q2 said.

"You won't get away with this, Q," Q said.

"Voyager robbed me of my pride, I was the most powerful rogue in the universe and now it's time to gain vengeance," Q2 said. He raised his arms in the air and every console exploded around him sending crewmen flying. Tuvok got hit in the face by one of the consoles exploding. The last thing he heard before he fell unconscious was Q2's evil laughter.

Holodeck Two:
The away team and their Holo-creatures made their way through a dark multi storey car park, which was currently empty.

"This place gives me the creeps," James muttered.

"Coward," B'Elanna muttered. A pipe cracked loudly which echoed through the area, Jessie and James jumped.

"I've got a bad feeling about this place," Jessie said.

"We need some light," Triah muttered.

"No chance of that," Tom said. Harry pulled out a tricorder.

"Anything, Harry?" B'Elanna asked.

"The readings are all over the place, I don't know what these purple things are made of but I can't track them down," Harry replied.

"All right, stay alert," Tom said. They all heard foot movement but they saw nothing.

"Anybody see anything?" Triah asked.

"Wait, over there!" Harry yelled as he pointed towards a shadow behind one of the pillars. Suddenly the creatures emerged from their hiding places.

"Here they come," Jessie said.

"Well lets see what these things can do," Tom said.

"Everyone, I hope you remembered the attacks that Q told you about!" B'Elanna yelled.

"All right, Phrog, Lick attack!" Harry yelled. The frog creature jumped up into the air and it's long tongue licked the creature. The creature fainted. Phrog wasn't to happy after that attack.

A creature ran up to Triah. She kicked it several times. "You bugs make me sick, sick, sick!" she exclaimed. The creature fell over eventually.

Over six creatures attacked Tom. "Chikorita, Razor Leaf attack!" he yelled. The creature's leaf span and a few little leafs flew out and they hit the creatures. They weren't hurt. "Damn, they must be full of poison, Q said grass moves are no good against them," Tom muttered.

The creatures got closer to him. "Chikorita, use your Vine Whip to grab that pipe," Tom ordered. Chikorita obeyed and two vines came out of it and grabbed a large pipe above their heads. Tom grabbed Chikorita and it pulled them both up to safety.

The creatures ran straight off the side of the multi storey. A car drove past it and they all got run over. There was lots of purple goo on the road.

Jessie was attacked by a creature. "Firera use your Fire Spin to slow it down!" she yelled. The cute red mouse obeyed. A ball of fire emerged from it's mouth and the creature got surrounded by a lot of fire.

The fire died down and Jessie kicked it a couple of times. It fell off the side of the multi storey. Another car came past. "This is going to be one messy night," she said.

James and Harry got knocked over by a group of creatures. They fell down the slope to the lower level. They stood back up. "Arbok! Use your Wrap attack!" James yelled.

The snake coiled itself around a pillar and it leaped off it. It grabbed a few of the creatures with it's body and it squashed them until they went splat. Goo landed on James and Harry's faces.

"Eew, gross," James muttered.

Harry's Phrog leaped down to Harry's side as more creatures came after him. Phrog's large tongue came back out and it grabbed the two creatures just like Arbok did.

"Eew, gross again!" James said as he wiped the goo off his face. Harry just laughed since more goo landed on James. More creatures came after them.

"Geez, they don't know when to quit," Harry muttered.

"Double Wrap?" James asked, he grinned. Harry nodded with a grin.

"Double Wrap Attack!" Harry and James ordered. Arbok and Phrog attacked the creatures. Arbok's body and Phrog's tongue was too much for the creatures and they blew up.

"Eew, gross again, again!" James said. He wiped more goo off his face. Harry wiped the goo off his own face.

One creature attacked B'Elanna. She tried to punch it but it grabbed her by the arms and then threw her down the slope to the lower level. She dragged herself backup.

"That does it!" she exclaimed. The dragon saw what happened and it's eyes glowed in anger. It flew down and it grabbed the creature. "Good work, Charizard, now use your Seismic Toss!" she yelled. Charizard smiled and it flew high into the air, it dropped the creature when it was about fifty foot in the air.

The creature splatted against a lamppost. Purple goo splatted on an old man's face.

"Oh god, it's the Old Man," James groaned. Jessie & Firera ran up to him.

"In my day, there was no purple creatures splatting against lampposts, which in my day were called light posts..." the Old Man blabbered on.

"Arbok grab one of the creatures," James ordered. Arbok grabbed a creature that was running up behind it. "Drop it on that old man," James ordered. Arbok threw the creature on top of the Old Man.

"Oh dear, you can't kill the Old Man..." he said before he fell unconscious. Marill and Raichu appeared. Marill grabbed the notepad off Raichu and scribbled out a few lines about James getting badly hurt.

"Thanks, Jimmy. Raichu how the hell did the Old Man get into the story? I put in extra security things," Marill asked. Raichu shrugged.

"I don't know," Raichu replied. Damien appeared next to them, stroking a toy rabbit.

"Hello everybody!" Damien yelled.

"Hey haven't you got some rabbits to feed," Marill said angrily.

"The rabbits, bwahahaha! Note to self, the girl knows too much," Damien muttered.

Raichu grabbed the Pad back off Marill and she quickly wrote down the next few lines that would get rid of this rabbit lover. Togepi appeared with a dagger in her hands. Damien screamed and he ran into a dimensional rift. Togepi moaned.

"Oh, I wanted to kill him!" Togepi moaned.

"Don't worry, you'll get your chance," Raichu said as she gave the pad back to Marill.

"Thanks Togepi, I think later I'll put you in the main cast list for Fifth Voyager, maybe Harry's love interest," Marill said.

"Cool!" Togepi said. The girls disappeared.

A creature ran up to Triah. "Togeta, use your Metronome!" Triah ordered. The insect did as it was told. It waved it's little arms side to side and they started to glow. Suddenly Togeta glowed and a lightning bolt emerged from it and it shocked the creature. It dropped to the ground. "Cool!"

A couple of creatures attacked Tom again. "Chikorita, Vine Whip em!" Tom ordered. The Vines came out again. "Have a nice trip," Tom said as a vine tripped a creature up. The Vine Whip knocked a couple more creatures over. One fell of the side of the multi storey, yes you guessed it, another car came past.

Jessie was attacked by two more creatures while Firera was busy fighting other creatures. She hadn't seen them so she was taken by surprise. She crashed into a pillar.

"Arbok use your Glare attack!" James yelled. Arbok's eyes glowed and it's glare scared the living daylights out of the creatures.

James ran over to Jessie who had hurt her back. He helped her up. The creatures were paralyzed from the glare. One creature ran up to James and Jessie. "Oh get lost!" he yelled, he pushed it off the side. No a car didn't come, a lorry did instead.

Triah and Harry ran over to Jessie and James. Togeta and Phrog quickly caught up with them.

"I'm getting very sick of these purple freaks," Jessie grumbled.

"Yeah, lets kick some purple a**," James said.

Tom, B'Elanna and Chikorita flew over on Charizard's back. They all jumped off and joined the rest of the gang.

"Why fight these things the normal way? When we can just cheat," Tom asked.

"Exactly, computer transport us out of the multi storey and then take away all of the pillars," B'Elanna said.


They beamed away, then a second later the pillars disappeared. "Uhoh!" the creatures exclaimed. The multi storey collapsed. Purple goo went everywhere.

The away team cheered loudly. Tom and Harry hi fived each other. Triah jumped up and down like a little kid.

The holodeck shook and the whole program flickered violently. Suddenly it stopped. The holo-creatures disappeared.

"What happened?" Harry asked.

"Something's wrong," B'Elanna said. James and Jessie looked puzzled.

"We'd better get to Engineering," Tom said. Everyone ran across the rubble towards the holodeck exit.

Deck Eleven:
The corridors were pitch black. The away team finally reached Engineering's entrance. The door wouldn't open.

"What the hell is going on?" Triah asked.

"Lets get it open," Tom said. He and Harry pulled the door open. A nearby console exploded spreading sparks. Triah screamed in shock. Engineering was a huge mess. The away team walked inside.

"Oh god!" Triah gasped. She ran towards the warp core. Everyone followed her when they saw what she was running too. Tuvok was lying badly hurt on the floor. The Doctor and Kathryn was trying to treat him but they obviously weren't having much luck.

The group didn't notice Seven, Chakotay & Craig trying to treat Neelix out of sight.

B'Elanna, Harry, Tom and Triah kneeled down. Tuvok turned his head to face them.

"Are you all right?" he asked slowly.

"Why aren't you in Sickbay?" B'Elanna asked.

"Because it's not possible, the power is gone, we can't get him there in time," Kathryn said.

"We're losing him, there's nothing I can do," the Doctor said.

"Lieutenant?" Seven said from behind them. They all turned to face her, Craig & Chakotay. They looked worse for where. Craig had an horrific scar on the side of his face. Chakotay had bruises and cuts spread over his forehead. Seven had bruises all over her face and her hair had fallen out of her usual bun.

"Guys, are you okay?" Tom asked.

"I've been better," Chakotay muttered.

"I'll be fine. I know a way we can gain power for the ship," Seven said.

"How?" Jessie asked.

"We have to go to Phados One, it's nearby but very dangerous," Kathryn said.

"And it's out of our range," Craig said.

"How will we get to Phados One, then?" Harry asked.

"Voyager's life support will not last long, we don't have much time," Craig said as he worked at a station. Seven walked over to the station.

"I might be able to reroute power from life support on decks one to five, those decks are deserted," Seven said.

"Then we'll be able to get transporters on line," Chakotay said.

"I hope this isn't what I think it is," James muttered.

"I'm afraid so, you'll have to transport to Phados One, Seven said there's a great power on the planet's surface. Unfortunately everyone who's tried to get it have died," Kathryn said.

"But you will not fail," Q said as he appeared.

"Why do you think that?" B'Elanna asked.

"I have an old Q friend on that planet, she's the protector of the planet. Just mention me to her and she might help you," Q said.

"There is another problem," Craig said.

"What?" Kathryn asked.

"If we transport you there we won't be able to transport you back," Craig replied.

"So how do we get back?" Tom asked.

"When you have the power, you'll be able to download the power source to Voyager via commbadge," Q said.

"How is that possible?" Jessie asked.

"Because I've just made it so," Q smiled.

"But if you can do that, why can't you give us power?" James asked.

"Well blondey, it's hard to explain but since that other Q is on your holodeck, my powers are limited. I can't explain it myself," Q replied.

"Lets go, guys," Tom said.

"Are you ready?" Seven asked. The group all nodded. Seven glanced at Craig and he just nodded. Seven prepared the transporters.

"We may not have any power but we're still the Power Rangers," Tom said.

"What?" B'Elanna asked.

"I don't know why I said that?" Tom said. Marill and Raichu appeared.

"Damn, I hate parody episodes, this always happens!" Marill exclaimed.

"Well it was your idea," Raichu said.

"We need a different line," Marill said.

"Well if it's new line you want then what about this one. The storyline maybe interesting at first glance but when these two write it, it turns crap," Tom sniggered.

"I can see why Firera hates him so much," Raichu said angrily. Marill wrote some extra lines. The console that Tom's hand was resting on caught fire.

"OW!" he yelled. His hand jumped off the console. Marill and Raichu laughed and they disappeared. The Doctor walked over.

"If I was the writer, I would of killed him for that remark," James said.

"Don't worry, he'll probably get it in the second part," Jessie said. They both laughed evilly.

"What was that?" Harry asked. The pair smiled innocently.

"Are you okay?" the Doctor asked.

"Yeah, it's just a burn, but it bloody hurt!" Tom moaned.

"You'd better be going, energize," Kathryn said.

"Remember we don't have much time," Seven said. She pressed a couple of controls and the 6 beamed away.

Will the away team find the power and save Voyager from destruction? Will Togepi really be on the main cast list? Will nasty Q2 get his butt kicked? And will Tom ever get what he deserves?  Find out next time on Fifth Voyager!!



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