The Bridge:
Chakotay marched across the bridge looking extremely stressed. Everyone else were in the same places as before, worrying about Chakotay's behaviour.

"I've got a lock on her," James said.

Chakotay swung around to face him, "well energise."

"I am," James muttered, briefly giving him his non literal evil eye. "They're adapting their shields."

"Crap, where are those hacking skills I originally hired you for?" Chakotay grunted.

"I'm working on it," James said. His station beeped at him, "we're being hailed."

"On screen," Chakotay commanded, turning halfway toward the screen.

Kathryn appeared on it, harshly pouting her lips, her eyes glazed over with no feeling at all in them. "Commander cut the transporters."

"What?" Chakotay said in disbelief.

"Do it," Kathryn hissed.

Chakotay waved his hand behind him to gesture the order.

James rolled his eyes, "I'm not deaf."

"I've reached an agreement with the collective. We're going to help them design the weapon in exchange for safe passage through their space."

"I still think my escort via transwarp is quicker and better for everyone," Jessie commented. "Well except 8472."

Chakotay shook his head, "how do you suppose we do this?"

"I'm going to work here on the cube. I want to take advantage of the superior technology," Kathryn replied.

Jessie frowned, "great plan, do they even have food replicators?"

Kathryn twitched slightly, "it's part of the deal. Commander send one or two capable Security personnel to join me. We're going to make this work. Janeway out." The viewscreen changed back to show the Borg ship towing them, then back again. "One should bring some coffee, now!" It turned back again.

Chakotay raised an eyebrow, "did she just put capable and Security together?" He turned to Tuvok, "Tuvok you'll be able to keep calm over there so you go. Take James with you."

"Crap," James muttered. Jessie just growled.

Chakotay ignored them both, "Borg drones are strong so we should send our strongest."

"Hey hey, emergencies only," Jessie squeaked.

"What is an emergency to you Jessie?" Chakotay asked.

"But surely I'm more useful here," James mumbled.

"You could be more useful over there minus the muscle, ok hack whatever. No time to complain."

"Really cos it seems like there's lots of time," James muttered, he turned to go into the turbolift, Tuvok left his station to follow.

"James!" Jessie suddenly yelled out, freezing everyone on the spot. James eventually moved across the bridge, and leaned over the banister. "Don't get Borgified, I like your hair, and you're pale enough. And I like you not being mindless and stuff."

"Jessie," Chakotay warned.

Jessie gave him a quick glare then looked back up at James. "Those needles freak me out, and Borg aren't famous for their parenting skills. Our baby's not getting locked in a drawer, sicko's. Oh and..."

"Jess," James said, reaching to hold her hand. "If they try their arm will probably get broken, I'll come back individual and with my hair, ok?"

Jessie smiled a little, "good, don't die either."

Tuvok raised an eyebrow, "now Mr Taylor."

James pulled a face, "actually about that, I was thinking about using the Stuart part." He followed him into the turbolift.

"Heeeey, you didn't say that you wouldn't die!" Jessie moaned. "Get back here!" she growled after they'd gone. "Damn it."

"Note to self, don't get B'Elanna pregnant," Tom said to himself, looking a little freaked out. Jessie overhead and was glaring full force, he seemed to sense it. "Another note to self, run like the wind. One more, hire somebody to neuter James so she doesn't get pregnant again."

"Tom!" Chakotay snapped.

"Note to self, stop making notes to self outloud and tell Chakotay to calm down," Tom muttered.

The Borg Ship:
Two drones stood next to each other in front of a damaged drone lying on the floor, having seizures while sparking a lot. They looked at each other when it went limp. "Ohno, she got to another one."

"Before long she'll find a way to kill us all. Damn those other drones for having that Unimatrix Zero dump," drone two muttered.

The two noticed a large group of drones heading their way. They both looked scared which is unusual for a mindless drone. "We could easily just rat them out to save our asses."

The Borg voice echoed around the entire room as the drones were completely surrounded and outnumbered. "You are Borg, you are not individuals. We will restore order to your chaos you fools."

"You really should stop acting like that when we have guests, ma'am," drone one said.

"Exactly we need perfection, we need to show them that," the voice boomed. "For your disobedience you will work on the project."

"Oh god, the project," the two drones whimpered. Two of the drones surrounded them brought boxes out of nowhere, and shoved them into their hands.

"Reconnect them and get back to work all of you. Two from Voyager will arrive soon."

The drones all cleared off, the two with the boxes turned into normal drones and walked off too.

The Bridge:
Chakotay marched out of the turbolift near tactical, passing Jessie sitting down on the chair there looking a little too uncomfortable. "Status?" he ordered, glancing briefly at B'Elanna at opps. He stopped in the centre of the bridge.

"Borg shields are regenerating, they're now blocking the transporters," she replied.

"But we've got people over there," Jessie said.

B'Elanna sighed, "I know."

"Try matching their shield frequencies," Chakotay ordered.

"I don't think so, the Borg have just matched each frequency I've tried," B'Elanna muttered.

Chakotay swung around to glare at her, "I don't want to hear it B'Elanna. Just make sure we can get our people out of there if we have to." Everyone else on the bridge grew just as uncomfortable as Jessie, even B'Elanna looked a tad nervous.

"Aye sir," she said.

The bridge shook lightly as Chakotay walked over to stand beside Tom. "They've released the tractor," he said, sounding surprised.

"Match their course and speed," Chakotay quickly commanded.

"I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but it looks like the Borg are cooperating," Tom muttered, glancing briefly back at everyone.

Chakotay looked down at him sternly, "looks like."

"Ok that's not good," Jessie mumbled, she grabbed a tight hold of the station.

B'Elanna turned her head to the left to watch her fidget in her chair, "are you ok?"

"No," she replied, closing her eyes and cringing. Her hand tightened it's grip on the station. At this time everyone had turned their heads toward her.

"Must have been that little ship movement," Tom commented.

Jessie sighed as she loosened her grip on the station, "no, at least I don't think so." She used the station to help her stand back up, slowly she stepped out from behind it. Tom jumped a little at the sight of her.

B'Elanna shook her head, "are you not used to seeing pregnant women Tom?"

Tom shuddered, "no, well yes, just not Jessie. That baby bump is huge and..."

"Then you're in luck," Jessie muttered.

Tom frowned, "I am?" A minute or so later it dawned on him, "oh."

"Great timing Jess," Chakotay sighed.

Tom turned his chair back around, "oh come on, now's not the time to be pushing babies out into the world. Why, why now?"

Jessie narrowed her eyes, "oh I don't know, maybe it wants to get on the escape pods before we get Borg-ed or killed!"

An unknown crewmember nearby her nodded in agreement, "that's what I have in mind, smart baby."

Jessie pulled a face at him, "oh my god! I don't decide it you freaks."

Chakotay groaned, "stop making such a hissy fit about it Jessie, go to Sickbay."

"Oh good idea, I'd better go before I get swarmed by all the concern in the room," Jessie muttered sarcastically. She headed into the turbolift.

Tom turned his chair back around a little, "we'll have to tell everyone on board not to get hurt for a few hours. Nobody will want to share a Sickbay with Jessie in labour, unless they're Sid."

B'Elanna shook her head, "no wonder she hid her pregnancy from us until last minute, you're a pig and Chakotay's just an ass."

"I was one of the first to know eight months ago," Chakotay muttered.

"No doubt it wasn't intentional," B'Elanna said.

"It wasn't," Chakotay said.

Tom turned back to his station, "so what do you guys think? Boy or girl, more like James or Jessie? Twins or..."

"She's only having one," Chakotay said.

Tom's eyes widened, "really? It looked like at least twins, she's damned huge." He quickly shook it off, "questions still apply, except for last one. To replace it, which do you think, long or short labour?"

"Oh come on Tom, nobody's going to want to take part in this," B'Elanna groaned.

All the unknowns in the room rushed over to helm. "I'm guessing long," one said, jumping up and down to be noticed.

"Now now," Tom said, turning toward them. "There's plenty of time to get everyone's, one at a time."

Chakotay glanced at B'Elanna, "can I make sure he never has any kids or just kill him now?"

She raised an eyebrow, "neither."

"You can't be serious," Chakotay mumbled.

Tom grinned, "I'm going to put mine down first. Let's see, girl but more like James, and a long labour."

"Um aren't those two very similar anyway?" one unknown asked.

"Ok when I say more like James I mean sarcastic, probably freakishly strong too and..." Tom replied.

"Tom this is stupid. How are you going to tell if he or she has a sarcastic sense of humour, or is strong when they've just been born?" B'Elanna asked.

Tom pouted, "good point. Ok take your bets on gender, labour length and anything else you can think of. That thing is obviously going to be fat or something judging by the size of Jess right now, so no bets on weight."

"Tom that's probably a healthy size for a nine month pregnant girl," B'Elanna said, shaking her head. "Now pack it in."

Tom chose to ignore her, "my bets is a girl born with hair, chubby face like Jess."

"Oh I wish I had a tape recorder right now," Chakotay muttered to himself.

"I bet she'll probably be strong, and you can tell by getting her to grab a finger or something," Tom said. He turned a little pale, "ok a female Slayer that will have James and Jessie's aggressive nature, I'd better invest in those cups football players wear."

"Maybe you'd be better off if the baby is a boy then, any girl they have will kick you, strong or not," B'Elanna smiled. "Oh who am I kidding, a boy will probably just hit you a lot like James already does."

Tom groaned, "ok now I'm worried. We can't do anything about this one, but we have to stop those two from ever sharing a room on their own again. I knew James hated me, but getting Jessie pregnant is just cruel."

"Can I kill him now?" Chakotay grumbled. He turned to Tom, "I really doubt they were thinking about you while conceiving that baby, so shut up. Now I really do hope that baby hates you like they do. It'll be funny to see it's tiny fist punch you and knock you unconscious when it's only a few hours old."

B'Elanna started to smirk while Tom glanced around at everyone with a pout on his face. "We don't know that the baby will be strong like James is," he muttered.

"I don't think he or she will need to be," Chakotay said.

Jessie dragged herself through the doors, cradling the baby bump protectively. The Doctor spotted her and rushed to her side, "what's wrong?"

"Gee I wonder," Jessie muttered. She looked disgusted with herself. "Is the water thing supposed to happen, it's gross."

"Oh labour, you're early," the Doctor said. "Bad timing."

"Well I'm sorry!" Jessie snapped at him. She slowly headed for one of the spare biobeds. She tried to lift herself onto it but she couldn't. "Ugh, do you have to have these bloody things so high up!"

"Jessie calm down," the Doctor sighed. He went over to her side, and helped her up. "We're just swamped with Harry's treatment." He quickly scanned her, "you've only had one, good. You just rest, and I'll get right back to you." He went over to the station to continue working.

Meanwhile in the lab Kes stood working on the wall station. She stopped a while to pull parts of her new catsuit like outfit from her skin. "When I find out who gave me this as a Xmas present, ugh." She went back to work. Her head turned a little to look behind her, as she saw nothing out of the ordinary she turned back. Just then she got a glimpse of an 8472 face in the station.

"Holy cra..." she jumped out of her skin and jumped around. With every step she took forward Kes grew more and more uneasy. Her eyes shifted to the left of her as she heard a light screech nearby.

The Doctor was just about to go back to Jessie when he heard Kes screaming in the lab, he ran to her aid. He found her kneeling on the ground, protecting her head with her arms. "Kes, what is it?" The Doctor put his arm around her shoulders and shook her a little. "Kes? What's wrong?"

She shakily looked up at him, "they're here, they're watching us."

Tuvok and James turned a corner and entered a corridor, with it's walls filled with regeneration units, most of which were empty. Tuvok only appeared to be armed with a small phaser on his belt, and the tricorder in his hands, while James again had a rifle by his side. Two drones stood nearby as if to greet them, they immediately began to escort them down the corridor.

"Strange, why is this cube quieter than the last?" James muttered, eyeing the empty units on the walls. "Something's different."

"I highly doubt that this cube is any different to the damaged one, they will be all the same," Tuvok said.

The drones passed by a large junction type room. A large group of drones stood in formation in front of what looked like a counter in a shop. Behind all this stood the two drone's from before who seemed to be working with a coffee machine while the other worked a till. Like this was completely normal, the drones continued straight ahead into another corridor. Tuvok and James followed them, without really noticing what was happening they went down the corridor too.

Moments later, James stepped backwards out of the corridor just to stare blankly at the line of drones. Tuvok walked up to him, facing the opposite way with his eyebrow raised higher than normal.

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this? Ok a badder feeling," James said.

"You mean worse," Tuvok corrected blandly.

"It sounds better after what I said," James muttered.

The drones returned to continue escorting them. The Borg voice boomed around the room, "proceed to Grid 92 of Subjunction 12."

They reluctantly followed.

"Where is Janeway then?" James questioned.

"They should be leading us to her," Tuvok responded.

"Or to the assimilation chamber," James muttered.

They finally reached their destination; a circular chamber of empty regeneration units, and two closed doorways.

The multiple voices of the Borg spoke again, "Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Ensign James Taylor-Stuart, you will assist with the weapon against Species 8472 here in this lab."

"Huh, straight to the point I suppose," James commented. "How do they know who we are?"

"Perhaps the Captain knew who Commander Chakotay would choose to come here," Tuvok replied. "Where is Captain Janeway?"

"It was necessary for this alliance to choose a human representative, however our choices were limited."

"There's that badder feeling again," James said, cringing slightly.

"Worse feeling," Tuvok corrected, sounding a tiny bit impatient for once.

One of the doors opened vertically. A cloud of smoke burst out from underneath it. James and Tuvok glanced toward it. As the smoke cleared James' eyes widened in panic. "Oh my god." He raised the rifle and fired it at a huge chesty female drone that stood in the unit that was behind the door. She collapsed to the ground, sparks coming from her.

"Oops," he meekly said while Tuvok raised an eyebrow. "In my defence you shouldn't have assimilated the playboy mansion. What exactly was that, seriously?"

The Borg voices seemed to sigh in relief all at once, "a liability. She was the only human in range, would you use her as your representative?"

"Maybe if I ran a brothel," James muttered in disgust.

"So where is our Captain?" Tuvok questioned.

"Wait, human representative," James mumbled nervously.

"Indeed," Tuvok agreed. "We want to see her."

"As you removed our liability," the voices said. Meanwhile the two drones dragged the chesty one away by her feet. Another doorway opened like the other one did, another female drone stepped out of an alcove through the second cloud of smoke.

"I speak for the Borg," a familiar raspy voice said, void of any emotion.

James and Tuvok stared in her direction, both with their eyes widened. "Oh, they've done a Locutus on us."

"Indeed," Tuvok agreed.

James turned to him, "would you stop doing that."

"What?" Tuvok frowned in confusion.

The Kathryn looking drone stepped closer to the pair. Unlike the other drones they'd seen, she only had a few of the implants and was not as pale skinned.

"Captain?" Tuvok said.

"We should get started," Kathryn coldly said, pushing passed them.

"Yeah, we should get a coffee first though," James said, turning around. Tuvok raised an eyebrow while Kathryn turned back around, staring blankly. "Ok, we've lost her."

Tuvok nodded, "indee..." James turned his head to glare at him. "Yes I agree."

"So how long has there been a coffee shop in this place?" James asked.

"We should work on more relevant matters," Kathryn responded.

"Ok, can I call you Janeway or Janecutos?" James questioned.

Kathryn cocked her head to her left side, "my designation is Four of Six."

James meekly looked Tuvok's way, "Locuway is better."

"Ensign," Tuvok warned. "Why did you do this? This was not our agreement."

"Captain Janeway requested a single minded representative," Kathryn said.

"It didn't have to be a human," James said. "Does that mean when we get through your space you'll give her back?"

Kathryn turned on her heel, then marched off towards the stations nearby.

"That's a no," James said.

"I'll start working with her. You leave to contact Voyager. We have a serious problem, she knows the command codes," Tuvok said.

"But the Borg will be eavesdropping on whatever I say, wherever I go," James said.

Tuvok sighed, "just do it. Make sure you're subtle, perhaps the Borg won't..."

James' eyes looked around nervously, "too late, but fine." He walked back the way they came.


Chakotay rushed into Sickbay. The Doctor stood by Kes, she sat on the biobed still looking very shaken up.

"We have disturbing news," the Doctor said.

"At this point I'm getting used to it," Chakotay sighed.

"Her telepathic visions are increasing," the Doctor said, scanning her again. "Both in frequency and intensity."

"It feels different this time, almost like they're right here in the room," Kes calmly said, despite the way she felt. Her head raised, eyes glazed over. "I'm trying to block them out but I can't."

"There's another one," the Doctor anxiously muttered while his tricorder beeped madly at him. "Every time she has a vision, specific regions of her cerebral cortex go into hyperstimulation. Memory engrams, perceptual centers. .I can't be sure, but I think there's more going on here than just a simple 'hello'."

Chakotay stared into space, he shook his head in disgust moments later. "When do aliens ever just say hello, good god." He turned away, continuing to shake his head. "They always want to kill us, or they want something, or both."

"Uh Commander," the Doctor warily said, staring at him.

"Simple hello, yeah sure," Chakotay rambled.

The Doctor sighed, glancing between him and Kes. "Voyage of the damned, why didn't I believe myself."


Kathryn walked down a corridor. As she was staring straight ahead of her she failed to notice the figures in a queue for the coffee shop. Two drones were now putting up a sign that read 'StarBorgs Coffee' on it, above the counter.

The third in the queue looked a little impatient, he reached out to pull a wire from the drone in front's neck. She raised a hand to stop him, the male drone attempted to avoid, she moved her hand again. This went on for a few minutes.

"Medium Latté," the first drone ordered.

The counter drone stared blankly, "we know."

"Latté," the first drone repeated.

"We only serve black coffee," the counter drone said. He handed a plastic cup to him. The drone walked away, sipping on the cup. Kathryn had then turned around, staring blankly at them all.

As the second in line was too busy defending herself against the third in line, they didn't notice the line had moved down. It didn't matter too much as moments later they were pushed aside by the fourth person in the queue. "Large Latté," he ordered.

"We only serve black coffee," the counter drone repeated, putting down another plastic cup of coffee.

James slammed his hands on the counter, the drone still managed to jump in shock. "Put some milk in it you bitch." He quickly brought a few tiny cartons of milk out from underneath the counter. "Where did you get those from?" James asked with a worried look on his face.

"We are Borg," all of the drones but the feuding ones said in unison.

James pulled a face as he walked away with the coffee and handful of milk cartons. Kathryn stared after him then followed.

"It would not be prudent to intimidate..." she began to say, James immediately butted in.

"Yeah whatever." He sipped at the coffee, immediately pulling a face at it. "Ugh, they didn't assimilate you that well did they."

"A part of the agreement was that we wouldn't share all of her knowledge," Kathryn said.

"So she did agree to this?" James muttered. Kathryn answered by staring at him. "And you're abiding by it."

"It's in our best interest to comply with the deal," she said.

"What do you know thanks to her then?" James asked while going to take another sip of coffee.

She continued to stare at him, he grew a little uncomfortable and picked up speed to avoid it. She kept on walking toward where Tuvok worked, her head cocked to the side. "Your vessel is hailing." After reaching a wall station she pressed a button then moved out of sight of the screen. Chakotay appeared on it with Sickbay in the background, James and Tuvok stood in front of it.

"How's it going?"

"We are working on the weapon, however," Tuvok said uneasily.

"Now what?" Chakotay frowned.

"The Borg aren't what we expected," Tuvok said.

"So they aren't what like Picard told people," Chakotay said, not sounding at all interested. "Where's the Captain?"

"I'll go check on her," James said, he rushed out of sight.

"I see you're in Sickbay, is Mr Kim recovering?" Tuvok questioned.

"It's Kes," Chakotay sighed. "The Captain will want to know that she thinks 8472 are watching us."

"I will tell her," Tuvok said.

Chakotay sighed, "let me know if anything happens." The screen switched off.

"It can't get anymore unusual," Tuvok commented. He sighed as two drones walked passed behind him carrying the chesty drone from before. He turned around to go down the corridor, passing by a room. He failed to notice five drones sitting around the table playing cards.

"Got any two's?" drone one asked.

Drone two glared at him suspiciously, "you're still connected aren't you, and you connected me, that's cheating."

"I take that as a yes," drone one said. He held out his only hand, gesturing for the cards.

Drone two looked at his hand which was three two's, a six and a five, "I'll tell you what, I have a nice six I can give you."

The usual Borg voice boomed over the comm startling the life out of them, and the cards out of their hands. "Get back to work bitch slaves!"

Drone one and two quickly dove for the three two's on the floor, they tried playing tug of war with one. It of course ripped in half.

Suddenly all of them turned back to mindless drones, then went back to work.

The Doctor stood next to Kes at the station. Chakotay waited nearby.

"I've got the first injection ready," the Doctor said.

"I'm guessing Jessie distracted you," Chakotay said, beckoning his head at the biobed Jessie was lying on.

"Luckily for us she hasn't had another contraction. She'll be here a while," the Doctor said.

"Oh come on doc, can't I have something to eat. I need the loo too!" Jessie moaned, fiddling with the sheet she had. "Can't I?"

Chakotay frowned, "can't she even go? It's not like she's going to have the baby after one contraction."

The Doctor rolled his eyes, "Kes."

Kes groaned, she went over to Jessie.

"She'll probably be here for a few days," he said.

"What!" Jessie screeched. Kes helped her sit up.

"It's not a good idea to eat, just in case, you can't expect her to have no food until then though," Kes sighed.

The Doctor glanced briefly at her as he prepared a hypospray, "Kes I never said, just follow what you learned. No matter what the length of the labour is, it still applies." He walked over to Harry, he injected him with it. His face immediately started to clear up, and was able to open his eyes a little. "Ah, welcome back Ensign. Let's get another injection ready."

The Borg Ship:
James worked at a station on the wall next to another drone. He looked at him, "hey." James frowned at him. "What some gum?" he asked, holding a half empty chewing gum packet.

James stared blankly, "uh no thanks."

The drone nodded, looking around suspiciously. "They're going to get you later, they want you."

"Me or the ship?" James muttered.

A woman's voice startled them both, "what are you boys talking about?" The pair turned and looked to the right of them. The drone James shot earlier stood there in all her, um glory.

"You were killed," the drone stuttered.

"We are Borg sweety," the female drone cooed. She pushed him on his way, smiling down a little at James who she towered over with her nine inch heels, ok three but it's still a bit much. He just looked at her in disgust, he was unfortunate enough to be more or less face level with a certain fake part of her body.

"Isn't it inefficient to wear heels like that?"

"I am Borg," the woman said. "And you're a cute little Slayer boy aren't you?"

James violently shuddered, turning just as pale as the Borg. "You don't have anywhere I can throw up, do you?"

Kathryn appeared, she stood in between them. "Get back to work."

The woman giggled, "you're so funny." She skipped off, somehow despite the heels.

"What the hell was that?" James asked.

"We do not know. Seven of Nine should have been disassembled," Kathryn replied in disgust. She titled her head to the side, then back again. "You should supply us with a torpedo and the nanoprobes."

"Hang on, we're not really anywhere near the end of your space," James said.

Kathryn stared blankly, "by the time we reach your destination the war will be over. We would in all probability have lost this vessel and yours as well."

"You should know better than me that Janeway's plan didn't end with us joining the pale and bald group," James said.

Tuvok appeared on the scene, eyebrow raised. "How illogical, it's so illogical I cant even explain it."

"What now?" James groaned.

"You wouldn't believe me it's so illogical," Tuvok said.

Inside the maturation chamber room there was dance music blaring over the Borg like speakers, faintly in the background you could hear the baby drones crying about it. About ten drones were dancing like drunken crazies, they were all drunk on coffee though, some were even dancing with a cup in hand. One of them got hot coffee all over them, she slapped the culprit.

"Heeey, this is my favourite body suit!"

"Well that's my favourite coffee so you'd better take that off, nice and slow," the male drone drunkenly said, in a really bad seductive voice. "Or I could just lick it off with it still on you."

"Not in front of the kids," another drone commented. He continued dancing, while downing a cup of coffee.

Another song came on, this time a remixed song to make it sound like a club dance track. "Oh I love this one," one male drone grinned, he began to take some of the wires out of him for some reason. "Ooh gotta heat it up."

Seven ran in to join them, yelling at the top of her voice. "Heeey, who said you could have a party while the children are sleeping!?" All the drones but the one removing his wires stared blankly at her. "I sure didn't, but I still should have got invited. Turn this one up, I love it."

The party continued after the volume got turned up.

"Jumping on ma tutu!" Seven sang badly, slapping her bum. "Or is it toot? Oh whatever. Something kinda oooooh!" She tapped the wire pulling drone on the shoulder, "you make my heart go boom boom. Mmm."

"God damn it, she and that flirty guy is going to disturb the children," one female drone commented.

"Nah, the music's so loud they can't hear," a male drone said.

The female drone pointed, "the older ones can see them though!" The male drone followed her finger to the bigger chambers, where several Borg children stared in horror at the party.


Meanwhile again:
"Huh," James said. "Right."

The wire pulling drone ran passed them without his body suit thing on, his non vital wires were hanging loose as they were attached to it. "Ooooh ooooh!" he screamed. "I've got to three clock, I've gotta rock the cube baby!" He ran around the corner.

"That's not the lyrics," James muttered.

Kathryn raised an eyebrow, "we appear to be having connection difficulties."

"It's 'gotta rock' something, but it's nothing like that," James continued to mutter.

"Why do I think that'll it'll get worse if I say what I'm thinking?" Tuvok questioned.

"Cos it's probably the infamous 'it cant' line," James replied. "The Borg want the nano's by the way."

"We must construct a prototype now," Kathryn said.

"Janeway would disagree and you know it," James said.

"He's right, you would assimilate us," Tuvok said.

"Do you wish to avoid a direct confrontation with us?" Kathryn asked.

A drone walked behind her, pretending to smoke a cigar. He pulled a face at her, while imitating the Psycho stab scene without an actual knife. Then he walked off. "If we sent over five hundred drones to your vessel, would you offer sufficient resistance?"

James and Tuvok looked at each other briefly, even Tuvok was struggling to hold a straight face.

Voyager's Bridge:
Harry strolled onto the bridge all back to normal with a chirpy grin on his face. "Hi guys. Look who's all better."

B'Elanna and Tom looked at him with a smile. Harry moved back towards opps, "the doc's caught me up." B'Elanna moved out of his way, smirking at him.

"While he was doing that did he forget to remove the tendril from your nose?" she asked. He quickly touched his face to check and found nothing. B'Elanna smiled as she replaced an unknown at tactical.

"So, how's Jessie doing?" Tom asked.

Opps began beeping, "Commander there's a quantum singularity forming. Ten thousands kilometres ahead."

"I'd say red alert but," Chakotay sighed.

"We should get a black alert," Tom said.

"A ship's approaching," Harry stuttered.

The Borg Ship:
Seven paced around a few disoriented drones, judging each of them with her cold blue eyes. "One of you will be picked to be a part of something special. If we take all three it will be suspicious. Now which of you?" Her eyes focused on the tallest one. "You're the cutest, get rid of the other two."

The other two drones were dragged away.

"I wish we could have took them all," Seven cooed over the chosen one. "You're free now, do what you want. They'll never notice."

"Running around like drunk frat boys would stir up attention," he said in a dull voice.

Seven stared blankly, "whatever." A lot more drones appeared on the scene as she clapped her hands. "Boys and girls, are we all present?"

She got a few 'yes' and yep''s.

"The Borg's demise will, er, create a new generation of Borg. And I will be your new Queen."

"Your highness," all of the drones but the new guy bowed in front of her.

Alarms began going off, all of them started to panic. "8472 are here, we're all going to die!" one drone screamed, he ran into the wall, he got half way through it and got stuck. "Aaaw damn it."


Meanwhile in the next room Kathryn, James and Tuvok heard the alarms as well. James was more interested in the Borg shaped dent in the wall though.

"We are under attack," Kathryn said. A screen activated in front of them to show a lone 8472 flying toward them and Voyager. It fired a shot at the small ship. The Borg and Voyager both fired back, the alien ship showed no sign of damage at all. "We cannot let Voyager be destroyed."

"Harry can you get the awayteam out of there?" Chakotay asked.

Tom pulled a face as the ship shook madly, consoles exploded and as usual one hapless unknown got the brunt of one. "I don't think either ship is safe at the moment here Chak."

Danny's eyes widened as she looked up from her station, "ok the Borg ship's on the move, it's... woah."

Chakotay swung around, "what?"

"It's moving into 8472's weapons range," Danny replied.

B'Elanna glanced at Harry, "8472 are firing again, the Borg's shields are already down."

"I can't, transporters were damaged," Harry muttered.

The Borg Ship:
"What are they doing?" James asked.

Tuvok held on to a nearby alcove that had a drone occupying it. "It seems like we're going into the line of fire."

"Oh, good," James muttered.

A panicky drone appeared out of nowhere and grabbed him by the shoulders, "good? We're all going to die! I'm going to die, I'm too pretty to die! Well I used to be when I had hair!" She ran away screaming hysterically.

Tuvok raised an eyebrow, "I agree with you, your death and mine is a small price to pay."

Kathryn turned around with her eyes closed, she reopened them again. On the screen 8472 fired directly at them, the screen changed to static then the ship rocked. At first it didn't seem too bad, it was eerily quiet and calm. Everyone then felt the ship vibrate, and heard rumbling getting louder.

"8472's ship is approaching," Kathryn said.

"We're not dead, how come we're not dead?" one drone asked, sighing in relief.

James frowned as he turned around and spotted a screen with the words 'auto destruct in ten seconds' written on it. "Oh, was that necessary?"

"We needed to time it," Kathryn bluntly muttered.

The rumbling sound became unbearable, the shaking became more volatile. Consoles and alcoves began to explode, the one Tuvok held onto was one of them. He was flown across the room, he hit the ground hard. James was about to go to him, but he took one last look at the countdown.

"Three, two..."

Everyone stared at the viewscreen in horror as the Borg ship exploded, taking the 8472 ship which was about to land on it's hull with it.

"Did you get them?" Chakotay stuttered.

"No sir," Harry replied, looking pale.

"Oh god, James," Danny said.

"Kathryn," Chakotay sighed.

B'Elanna shrugged casually, "Tuvok."

"Catsuited babes," Tom and Harry both said in unison. They frowned in unison as well as everyone looked at one of them.

"Ok why did I say that?" Tom squeaked, fearing what B'Elanna might do to him.

In: "Stuart to Bridge."

"Huh, he sounds familiar," Tom frowned in confusion, but happy for the distraction.

Chakotay tapped his commbadge, "James, where are you?"

In: "Cargo Bay Two, Tuvok and Janeway are here too. Borg as well."

Everyone widened their eyes. "Borg are on the ship?" Harry squeaked.

"How many are there?" Chakotay asked. He got no answer. "B'Elanna you have the bridge. Security to Cargo Bay Two." He rushed to the turbolift.

Cargo Bay 2:
The doors opened up revealing to Chakotay and a Security team a completely transformed bay. All of them slowly stepped into the dark, green eery lack of light, each holding a rifle. Borg drones walked about, doing their business like they were at home. All of the consoles were Borg like, extra technology and alcoves covered the wall.

"They're very efficient," Thompson squeaked.

"Spread out, they'll ignore you," Chakotay said. He gestured Foster to go with him. Thompson and two others wandered off. Foster and Chakotay went in the opposite direction. They walked around a spherical centre piece.

"Commander," Foster nervously said, looking straight ahead. Chakotay averted his glance to match his. A few metres ahead of them lay Tuvok and James, both unconscious. Tuvok still lay on his back, he was badly bruised on the skin that they could see anyway, and now had a large cut across his face. James lay on his front nearby but didn't look injured for once.

Chakotay knelt down to check each pulse, he looked around then stood back up. "Get them to Sickbay."

"Yeah," Foster nodded, looking relieved.

Chakotay kept on walking ahead. A drone seemed to step out of nowhere in front of him.

"Since when do you point weapons at your allies? I thought you were at peace," Kathryn questioned coldly.

Chakotay froze on the spot, his eyes widened. "Kathryn?"

"No," she candidly replied, stepping closer to meet his stare. "We are Borg and you should lower your weapon." All Chakotay did was stare like he was catatonic.

The rest of Security rushed passed looking panicky. Moments later Seven did the same, except she looked cheery. She stopped, double backed to join Kathryn. "There's cute boys on this ship." Kathryn stared blankly at her. "They'll make excellent drones."

James stood next to Jessie's biobed while Kes scanned him. The Doctor was busy treating Tuvok, while Chakotay stood in the middle of the room.

"The Borg aren't what we expected. They're crazy," James said. "They had this coffee shop, but I guess that's normal when you assimilate a Janeway."

"Hmm," Chakotay frowned, narrowing his eyes at him. "Wrong one."

James looked at him, "what?"

"I said go on," Chakotay muttered.

"Ookay, they have parties, chew gum, wear huge heels. One was like..." James said gesturing the size of Seven's, um assets.

Jessie's eyes widened, "please tell me that was their stomach."

"Nope I wish," James muttered. "You weren't eye level with them, I got a crank in my neck while trying to look away."

"Heels girl," Chakotay muttered. "I met her, more or less."

"It's not all the Borg though, only a few seem to be acting crazy. Oh did I mention the streaker, how he did that with all that technology attached to the bodysuit I'll never know," James said.

Jessie shuddered, "eew."

"Sorry," James meekly said.

Chakotay sighed impatiently, "so what about the Captain. Why didn't anybody stop it?"

"It was done before we got there. They needed an individual representative, a human. Their only human was that big girl," James replied. "She agreed to it according to Locuway."

Jessie giggled slightly, "Lock-u-away."

"Yes please," Chakotay muttered.

James looked at him again, "what?"

"Less please. Is she a threat?" Chakotay questioned.

Kes frowned, "I'm thinking yes. Don't you and the Captain have the command codes?"

"Yes. I was going to change them," Chakotay said. He noticed James twisting his face and smirking slightly. "What?"

"I er accidentally hacked into the Borg's transmission systems and accidentally changed the command codes," he replied. Chakotay looked at him disapprovingly. "I accidentally covered my tracks."

"It would have been nice if you told me," Chakotay said.

"I just did, if I did it any sooner it would have undone everything I did," James said.

"I guess so," Chakotay groaned.

"Commander," the Doctor said, walking over to the group. "I'm afraid I'll need to keep Tuvok in here for further treatment. He will be fine, just not anytime soon."

"Great, we need our tactical officer," Chakotay sighed.

"I'm sure you have more than one, unless he works 24/7," James said.

"Somebody hurt him," Chakotay said, looking up at the ceiling. "Killing would only upset Janeway, just hurt him."

The Doctor stared blankly at him, "wouldn't it be easier to contact Deck Four if you used a commbadge, or spoke up."

"Somebody what me?" James questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Chakotay shifted his eyes to the left, "um, burt no, burnt no, dirt no, firt flirt no. Hurt oh, wait no. Alert, no, oh screw it. Alert you."

"About what?" James asked, looking suspicious.

Kes sighed, "this is fun and all, but the episode's going to take the second place in the biggest episode list at this rate. Can't you keep to the original paper scene?"

"It's still sixth," Chakotay muttered.

Tom walked in looking at his watch, "not for long. Though this is American time, ho boy, birthday will be a day late at this rate." He walked back out.

"I thought the birthday was fourth of December?" James muttered.

Chakotay clenched his fists, "this is a series finale, just do it. You won't miss him."

"How much longer until he creates a voodoo doll of me?" James whispered to Kes and Jessie. Kes smirked but Jessie didn't seem amused by Chakotay's attitude.

Kes sighed, "back to the original, not thee original, I mean FV original. James is ok, the blast in the ship probably knocked him out, that's all. Obviously he can't go, but like Chakotay said, you won't miss him."

"If that's the original..." Jessie said.

Kes looked down at the ground with a fake ashamed look on her face, "I know, I added that last line."

"This is how scenes get longer," the Doctor stated the obvious, he walked over to treat Tuvok.

Chakotay rolled his eyes as he stepped closer, "let me get this straight. Tuvok is badly injured but James is ok."

"I know, if he gets hurt one more time he's getting a slap," Jessie commented.

James raised an eyebrow, "that counts as getting hurt too Jess."

"I didn't mean it as a good thing," Chakotay muttered. Jessie narrowed her eyes and growled, she gave him a little kick. "Hey I only commented cos he's a Slayer, he's supposed to get hurt." Jessie kicked him again. Her face grimaced while clutching the bump, Chakotay quickly moved away again to avoid another kick. "Ok James you know the drill." He left Sickbay.

James rolled his eyes, Jessie watched him intently. He shrugged his shoulders, "no I don't." He remained where he was.

Cargo Bay Two:
Chakotay made his way through Borg Central, Kathryn stepped out of nowhere again. Behind her a few drones were rebuilding StarBorg's Coffee. "Circumstances have changed."

"No kidding," Chakotay said.

"You were against this, why am I dealing with you now?" Kathryn questioned.

"You should know that I follow the Captain's orders whether I agree or not," Chakotay replied. "You can stay on this ship until we've left your space, then you get what you want, you give her back and we'll drop you off at the cube that's nearby."

"Insufficient," Kathryn muttered. "The war will be long over by then. It's just not our survival, Species 8472 attacked you first."

"A huge Borg ship is just a big target, we should be harder to..." Chakotay said.

Kathryn narrowed her eye, the other one had been replaced by the eye piece. "You lack the sufficient technology and defences to ensure success, we should rendezvous with another vessel."

"No offense but the Borg don't have good defences against 8472 either, we're in the same boat," Chakotay said. "You are on our ship now, I make the rules."

"Remember, this is our ship now," Kathryn said coldly. "We could take over this ship easily, but we haven't. You should respect the alliance as we have."

"Fine, but if you cause any trouble you'll get transported to Deck Thirteen. You know how fun that deck is," Chakotay muttered. "Where is the nearest cube?"

"Fifty lightyears away," Kathryn said, she turned to a console and showed him a starchart. "Change your course and head to it immediately."

"We're going the opposite way," Chakotay said. "Wouldn't it be efficient to just call your cube here, they have transwarp don't they?"

"There is no alternative," Kathryn said.

"Yes there is, that was it," Chakotay grumbled. "Is this a test?"

"It is an ultimatum. Turn the ship around or face the consequences," Kathryn replied.

Chakotay peeked at the coffee shop, and Seven of Nine trying out the replicator. She pulled out a pink catsuit, her eyes got all sparkly just looking at it. "Oooh scary."

"We only have three disconnected, there's still enough to take over your ship if need be. I won't need it though, we have the command codes," Kathryn said.

"I'll think about it," Chakotay smirked, he turned to leave.

"I'll have to grow my hair back," Seven giggled. To everyone's horror she was starting to unplug the wires to the bodysuit.

"Don't even think about undressing, if one drone sees it everyone sees it!" the Borg voice yelled.

Seven giggled, covering her still covered chest. "Oh silly me."


Most of the main cast were in a meeting, most of which looked nervous sitting at the table. James was the only one standing, he stayed by the door looking impatient.

"If anyone's got a better idea other than abandoning them," Chakotay said. "Feel free."

"Not a good plan, we'll just piss them off. Crazy or not, they're still scary and can kick our butts," Tom said.

"Then again we might not," James muttered. He folded his arms, "we can do it in a way that'll fool them. They'll just think it was an accident."

"How?" Harry asked.

"Let's just say it'll kill two birds with one stone, well cripple one and kill the other," James replied.

"Are you either of those parties?" Chakotay asked, uninterested.

"No," James said.

"Damn, then we're sticking to my plan. Here's how it's going to go," Chakotay said.

James rolled his eyes, "for god's sake, I'll do it myself." He walked out.

Chakotay finished explaining his plan, then looked up to where he was. "James you lead Janeway to the Ready Room. I'm counting on you to be your violent self to knock her out. Kill the other drones after."

"He's gone," Tom said.

Chakotay covered his face with his hand. Everyone could see the smoke coming from him, each of them moved their chair a metre away.


The drones were going about their duty while two Security guys wandered around, each clutching their rifles tightly.

The doors opened for a gang of guys and girls, most had vampire faces. The doors shut behind them.

"Oookay, this doesn't look like a blood bank," one said.

A few turned to leave but the doors refused to open for them. The rest went further inside to look at the drones with interest. One of them grabbed a drone regenerating. "Here guys, must be these guys!"

A vampire poked a drone who was working. "These guys don't even see us. This is a blood bank all right."

"They're a little pale, they look more dead than we are," another said.

The guy at the alcove sunk his teeth into that drone. He pulled a face, then spat the blood back out of his mouth which was turning grey. "Hmm ah my tang feels weird. Ow." He squeaked and his face grimaced, the others watched on. "Ma tang, ma tang. Hep!" His tongue was stuck out, a nanoprobe burst through. Everyone who saw cringed, then the entire lot of the drones came to life and quickly surrounded them.

"Uhoh Frenit was right," a girl said. "They're Borg, we were tricked."

"Oh come on, we can't hurt them, they can't hurt us," one vampire said. A drone grabbed him and stuck the needles into his neck. Like expected just that part of his neck went grey, a nanoprobe burst through. "Ow, that wasn't very nice."

The rest of the vampires still panicked, they all fought back. A futile fight began.

"Species 216," Kathryn said as she stepped out from the lack of light. "Vampiria, many weaknesses." A vampire ran up to her, she pulled a bit of the metal off the nearby alcove and staked him with it. She sighed as he dusted, "animals." She pressed a button on the panel, "bridge we need your vampire killer here."

In: "Surely your drones can handle it."

One vampire easily killed one drone by grabbing it's neck, another one got it's wires pulled out of their heads.

"Drones have no advantage, just send him here, it's not like he'll have anything better to do," she said.

Jessie rested, half asleep on the biobed. James sat next to her on a chair, holding her hand in both of his in front of his face. The Doctor walked over to them both.

"She's six cm's, the next contraction should be in fifteen minutes," he said.

"But if it's taking this long, she's exhausted already, can she do this?" James asked.

The Doctor sighed, "there's nothing else we can do. She's doing the right thing, getting some sleep in between. She won't be able to later."

In: "Chakotay to Tay... Stuart. You're supposed to be in the Cargo Bay. They've got a vampire problem."

"Yeah I know," James said.

In: "That was your plan, brilliant."

"They're sealed in, they can kill each other all they want," James muttered.

In: "What about Janeway? How did you?"

"I figured she'd defend herself easily," James said.

In: "Ugh so you opened the doors for all the vamps just so you didn't have to slay them yourself. Chakotay out."

"I didn't, I just cleared the path to the cargo bay," James muttered. The Doctor stared at him looking bemused. "I know, my bad."

The Bridge:
Chakotay paced backwards and forwards with a very angry look on his face. "Slayer be damned, I'm going to kill him. All I need is a phaser and him not looking."

"So much for our plan," B'Elanna smirked.

Tom smirked with her, "so much for his limbs."

"Plan B," Chakotay commented.

"Which is?" Danny questioned.

"Well if James won't co-operate and if he's let vampires loose in the bay we'll have to," Chakotay sighed. "We'll have to ask them to leave, then chuck em. The vampires can be dumped with them, all we need to do is a mass lock on them all."

"What about Janeway?" B'Elanna questioned.

"We can still lure her out before then," Chakotay replied.

Harry shook his head, "the doors are sealed. Huh, those two Security were beamed out five minutes ago. He wasn't completely careless."

Chakotay rolled his eyes, "you're on his side now? You're not sleeping with him as well are you?"

Tom pulled a face, "eew, I don't want that image. Does that mean Janeway..."

Chakotay shuddered, "god no."

Danny smiled, "but that means me too." Everyone turned to look at her, she blushed a little. "What, you've never seem him naked so..."

"I suppose B'Elanna's thinking 'thank god' but she's already seen worse," Harry smirked.

Tom nodded, then he got it and pouted angrily. "Hey, I'm a hunk."

B'Elanna sniggered under her hand, "oh god Tom, don't." She tried not to laugh any further.

"Funny, this isn't curing my need to kill a certain Slayer," Chakotay grumbled. "Or should I say layer at this rate."

"Lame, everyone's made that joke with Buffy," Tom said. Danny giggled. "But it'll amuse the easily amused though."

"Are we talking about the entire episode or..." Chakotay questioned.

Seven stood with two drones. In the background a few vampires and drones were still at it. "There's only three of us left, we've got to start from scratch."

"What about the plan two?" drone one asked.

"There is no plan two," Seven sighed. "We're stuck on this puny ship, only two of you survived and there's only eight more drones left after those vampires." Another drone dropped. "Seven, ooh lucky. Oh and we have one hundred and fifty crew." A sneaky smile appeared on her face.

"Ok this episode is tying second place now, not amused," Kathryn muttered as she walked over, giving them all a dirty look.

"You're never amused," Seven groaned. "Lighten up, it's a finale it's allowed to be big."

"I don't want to be around when the Season Five one happens," Kathryn rolled her eyes. "Ugh why am I talking to you, you're not allowed breaks that's for sure. Get back to working on the project."

"Ugh fine," Seven muttered. The three continued on the coffee shop.

"Not that one!" Kathryn snapped.

"Oh, then what?" Seven asked.

Kathryn walked away. The Borg voices echoed around the room. "Species 8472 has entered Matrix 010 grid 19. Eight planets destroyed. Three hundred and twelve vessels disabled. Four million six hundred twenty-one Borg eliminated." The voice ceased as all the drones seemed to be skiving, even the ones who were fighting vampires a while ago.

A drone and a vampire stood opposite each other, both had one arm behind their backs. "One, two," both of them said together, then they showed their arms. The vampire had a flat hand, the other showed a mechanical Borg arm. "Uh what's that?"

"Scissors," the drone said smugly.

"Crap," the vampire grunted. He looked at him suspiciously, "hey it was a rock before you cheating tard!" The two continued fighting.

"God damn it. We're not individuals!" the Borg voice yelled. "Minions back to work, dust those blood eaters! NOW!"

All the drones quick went back to the way they were, the vampire punched the drone who cheated him but immediately regretted it. He cradled his broken hand, "aaah, I hit the metal eye."

Kathryn sighed, "there's only three left, they're no threat."

"Anyway we must seize control of the Alpha Quadrant vessel and take it into the alien realm."

"Understood," Kathryn said. She headed toward a Jeffries tube, two drones opened the door for her. She coughed, "ahem." They quickly put down a velvety red carpet down for her. "Good boys." With that she went to climb in. Seven shoved her out of the way.

"Let a minion do it."

Kathryn's eye widened, only briefly as she was blinded by the bright pink catsuit she now had on. "How did you change into it so quickly?"

"Borg are efficient," Seven replied. She climbed into the Jeffries tube, she had to breath in to allow her chest to get through.

Kathryn cringed and looked away, "ugh that thing's skin tight."

"So was her Borg suit," a drone commented.

The Bridge:
"Uhoh," Harry muttered.

Everyone turned to him. "Uhoh?"

"Somebody's tapped into our deflector controls, it's the Borg," Harry stuttered.

"Lock them out then," Chakotay ordered.

Harry shook his head, "I'm locked out, the deflector's activated."

"A quantum singularity is forming," B'Elanna reported. "From the deflector pulse."

"Chakotay to the Cargo Bay. Stop what you're doing, or we'll open the airlock doors," Chakotay said. Everyone stared at him bewilderedly.

"Did James go down there or something?" Tom asked.

Chakotay rolled his eyes, "shut up Tom. They'll get us all killed if we don't do something."

"Can't we get our hacker?" Tom asked.

Harry pouted, "if I can't do it."

Chakotay ignored him, "we haven't got time, plus he's against the Borg. Are there any other options?" Everyone looked around at each other, hoping somebody did have one. Chakotay sighed, he didn't want to do it but everyone was at risk. "B'Elanna."

"Aye sir," B'Elanna muttered.

The drones and the remaining three vampires were in the middle of standing in line for another coffee, well except Kathryn and Seven of course. They all turned their heads as they heard doors opening up. "Uhoh," all but Kathryn said before they all went flying toward the large open door.

Kathryn quickly grabbed onto an alcove, and hung on for a dear life.

Meanwhile in the Jeffries tube Seven was being pulled out. She screamed hysterically. She only got as far as the hatch door, her chest was too big to fit through.

All Kathryn could see was her kicking pink legs sticking out of the Jeffries tube. Despite her situation she rolled her eyes and shook her head.

The Bridge:
"It's too late, we're being pulled in," Harry said. The ship shook a while, moments later all was calm again.

"Report," Chakotay ordered.

"Uh, there's no space outside," Harry muttered. "It's like a biological fluid. Weird."

"So killing Janeway didn't hel..." Tom commented. Chakotay passed him a cold look.

In: "Commander Chakotay."

"Kathryn?" he said.

In: "We have entered the realm of Species 8472, report to the Cargo Bay immediately."

"That's good," Chakotay sighed in relief. "Somebody get James to join me there, with Tuvok out of action, ugh I don't want to say it." He headed for the turbolift.

"I doubt he's going to jump to your command, Jess is in labour," Tom said.

"So I'm his superior, he's not the boss. Quite frankly I'm sick of his attitude," Chakotay grumbled. The doors closed on him.

Tom groaned, "no, I wanted to hear the rest."

"Why, everyone's saying the same stuff?" B'Elanna muttered.

"Jessie should kick Everyone's butts," Danny commented.

"I'm not the only one hoping that James and Jessie tame it down to set a good example on their new kid," Tom said. Everyone laughed at him. "What, I can dream."

The Cargo Bay:
Chakotay and James entered through the main door. "Just so you know I'm only here as you messed up, and whatnot."

Chakotay glared at him, "I did, did I?"

"Tuvok and I were doing fine until..." James said.

"Until he got knocked unconscious, don't think it was you," Chakotay narrowed his eyes.

"I still did better than you. We got rid of the vampires too, what more do you want?" James muttered.

"Gee let me think," Chakotay rolled his eyes. "I can't think of anything as I'm so spoilt... for choice."

"Hey I didn't try to get my girlfriend sucked out into space just cos I didn't like her plan," James said.

Chakotay sneakily reached out for a Borg tool, going very red in the cheeks.

"Try it and it'll hit your head and not mine," James said.

Chakotay growled, "you know if you weren't a Slayer I could just poke you and you'd fall unconscious. Remember that you little pain in my backside."

"Oh right, you're just fatter than me, oh and an inch or two taller. Don't make me laugh," James muttered. He walked away, snatching the tool out of Chakotay's hands. He didn't realise.

Seven appeared in front of James looking flatter than before, this freaked him out enough to make him back into Chakotay. He didn't look very pleased about it. "Why hello, you two boys really dig me don't you."

"Dig a grave for you maybe," James shuddered. He pointed at Chakotay, "he loves you though, he loves taller girls in pink and heels." Smoke rose from Chakotay again, he looked ready to explode any second.

"Oh but I like you better," Seven cooed.

"You do?" James pulled a face, clutching the tool so tightly it was starting to bend. He whimpered slightly as she moved closer. "Why?"

"You're closer," Seven giggled. She was about to grab him with her assimilating hand. James quickly hit her over the head with the tool. He shuddered, pulling a face as he stepped over her.

"Eugh, eew, she didn't touch me but I still need a shower to get her off."

Kathryn walked over to join him, "is she dead?"

"I dunno," James shrugged.

Chakotay walked over to join him, "I'd be surprised if she wasn't. He likes killing."

"I don't think anybody would mind if I had killed her," James commented. "Killing her would be my ticket back into heaven."

"I need to commit a sin," Chakotay muttered to himself.

Kathryn raised an eyebrow, "I don't think Janeway would be pleased about you two arguing. Now we've entered Species 8472's space, they've already sent ships to confront us. We need the weapons before they arrive in three hours."

"No we don't, send us back," Chakotay said. "You've been here before, how else could you know how to get here in the first place."

"We must prepare this vessel for battle," Kathryn said.

"He's right, you knew how to get here. You weren't the victims were you?" James said. Kathryn and Chakotay looked at him.

"You started the war. What's the matter, the galaxy not big enough for you? You had to conquer new territory? This race fought back, good for them," Chakotay snarled.

"Did you practise that?" James raised an eyebrow. More smoke rose from the irritated Commander.

"Species 8472 was more resistant than we realised," Kathryn said.

"Yeah yeah, you picked a fight, they got mad, you left the door open. We get it," James said.

"You have to simplify everything," Chakotay commented.

"Last time I help you," James said.

Chakotay growled again, raising both of his hands and strangled thin air. Two very pale bony hands slid across his shoulders.

"Oooh somebody's tense," Seven purred into his shoulder. He shuddered then jumped forward.

"That's what I get for not hitting her that hard," James muttered.

"My link is weakened by our location, we cannot signal for help, we are alone," Kathryn said. "We should complete those weapons."

"I've got a better idea," Chakotay said. "Open that rift back up and send us back."

"If I do that you will no longer cooperate," Kathryn hissed.

In: "Sickbay to Chakotay. Commander Tuvok is feeling a little better now, he wants to see you. Oh and Jessie's woke up cursing."

Chakotay and James looked at each other, they groaned as they had to leave together.

James and Chakotay entered through the main door, the Doctor immediately greeted them cheerfully. "Mr Tuvok is back on his feet all thanks to me of course." Tuvok stood at his side the same time as James moved to go back to Jessie's side.

"Commander," Tuvok nodded.

"That's good news. When will you be ready to return to work?" Chakotay asked.

"I am now," Tuvok replied. He walked passed him to leave.

"So, are you still Janeway's bitch?" James questioned. Jessie slapped him on the arm.

"No swearing in front of the baby!" she hissed.

"No, I never was, unlike you and Jessie," Chakotay said.

Jessie growled, "did you call me a bitch?"

"No but you said it," Chakotay said.

"At least I admit that Jess is in charge of me," James muttered.

"Oh, I get it," Jessie sighed. "Damn right."

"I'm er, just wondering who's going to kill us, 8472 or the Nutcase Collective?" James questioned.

"There's only two left. One's a nutball who seems to be in charge of herself, and Janeway. We can deal with them."

"How are you going to convince these two to send us back?" James asked.

"If I don't co-operate, they're hardly a threat."

"Are you stupid?" James muttered.

Chakotay frowned at him, "look just cos you can make holes in the walls, bend metal, what have you, doesn't mean you're superior to me. You don't know better and you don't talk to me like that."

"You always complain that Janeway never listens to your opinions, yet you're not listening to me," James said.

"You're only an ensign," Chakotay said.

"An ensign yeah, but at least I'm not so stubborn that I'd risk everyone's lives," James said.

Chakotay coughed, "mess hall incident."

James coughed mockingly, "not the same thing."

"Oh come on, we may as well just leave the Borg and 8472 to it. I don't want this on my conscience," Chakotay said.

Jessie rolled her eyes. "We all know who the winner will be, the strongest. You haven't seen 8472, I'd rather deal with the Borg than seven foot tall demon like things," James said.

"Oh yeah, if the Borg are so kitteny to you, why don't I beam your freak ass to a Borg Armada. Go nuts," Chakotay said.

"I never said they were kitteny," James pulled a face. "God Chuckles, you only care about being right over Janeway. You have to resort to talking crap to get your own way. Look at it this way, cos you know I'm right. 8472's home reality full of their ships, two Borg drones one of which is a nut job," James said.

"Exactly," Chakotay smiled smugly. "I'd rather take my chances with those two, make them get us out of here."

James groaned, "I'm just saying we help the Borg defeat the strong foe so we don't get killed, then the Borg will still owe us one."

"The 8472 were never interested in us," Chakotay said.

"They could kill us in what two hits, that makes us weaker. 'The weak will perish'," James said.

Chakotay sighed, "oh come on, you call me stubborn."

Jessie cringed, she grabbed James' arm tightly. "Oh my god will you shut the hell up Chuckles! Will you hurry up and grow a pair before we all get blown to pieces!"

James took a hold of one of her hands as she relaxed a little. "Take deep breaths Jess, he's not worth it."

Chakotay sighed, he shook his head. "They're never going to follow through with their agreement now. We help them, they have no reason to escort us."

"We don't help them we die," James said. "We'll have Janeway. Enterprise got Picard back, we can get her back. The Borg won't be so attack happy if they know we've got her and her knowledge of them in command."

"What about the other one?" Jessie asked.

"She can go out the airlock later," Chakotay muttered. "Getting Janeway back is possible, but..."

"No buts about it. There's more important things than you being right," James said.

Chakotay sighed. Somebody else sighed nearby, everyone turned to see who it was.

"Oh come on, keep arguing," Damien muttered with a mouthful of popcorn. Chakotay smiled at him, this made him nervous. "What?"

The Bridge:
A Security team escorted Kathryn out of the turbolift.

"The ships are almost on us," Chakotay said. "Are they ready?"

Kathryn nodded, "yes your ex stalker was helpful, but irritating."

Damien stumbled out of the turbolift with a bruise on his head. "That was uncalled for."

"I could have assimilated you instead," Kathryn said. "I'm sure you have something the Borg would find useful."

"I like the bruise," Damien nodded. "I was thinking of taking a picture of it so I remember it."

"Bring the new Borg systems online," Chakotay commanded.

Tom grinned, "putting a picture of what we look like now on screen." He did just that, the ship looked the same except for some green lights lighting up Borg coloured hull pieces.

"How do we do that anyway, do we always have a camera to film whatever view we need?" Danny questioned. Everyone ignored her on purpose to avoid the question.

"Torpedo launch tubes active. Hull armor engaged. Shield enhancements stable," Harry reported.

"Bimolecular weapons are ready. Thirteen standard photon torpedoes and one Class Ten armed with a high-yield warhead," Tuvok added.

"Two minutes," Tom said.

Chakotay sighed, "let's hope we're doing the right thing."

Kes stood next to Jessie, she stared at her anxiously. "Nine, nearly there."

"Wasn't it eight like an hour ago?" Jessie moaned.

"No Jess, only ten minutes," James said, dabbing her forehead with a cloth.

"Only ten minutes, of course it would be that quick for you," Jessie muttered, fidgeting under the blanket.

"It'll be over soon," James said while putting an arm around her shoulders.

"That's what she said hours ago," Jessie cried into his shoulder.

Kes smiled nervously, "I was just trying to make you feel better."

"Is that what you're doing?" Jessie asked.

"Yes and no. Yes I am and no cos it's true," James replied. He picked a strand of wet hair out of her face, "how long do you think Kes, really?"

Kes frowned, "I'm not sure, less than ten minutes."

"Thank god," Jessie groaned.

The Doctor rushed out of his office, "we should get to the Cargo Bay."

"What?" Jessie squeaked. "Now but I'm about to have a baby here!"

"Sorry but we can't delay or the baby will probably be born on a Borg ship," the Doctor said.

"Yeah, you wouldn't want that," James meekly said. "The Borg have wild parties in the nursery."

Jessie stared at him with wide eyes, "what? Oh god."

"James you're not helping," Kes said.

"Sorry," James mumbled.

"Come on James, chop chop," the Doctor said.

"Are you sure we should go now, can't we just wait for a signal," James stuttered.

The Doctor stared blankly, "no, the only signal we'll get is when we'll have to do it, we wouldn't have time to leave here and set it up." He rushed out.

"Damn damn," James grumbled.

"It's ok, as long as you succeed it's ok," Jessie said. "Be quick too."

"Ok it should be easy, I'll just think about coffee," James said.

Jessie nodded, "yeah that'll work."

James kissed her on the side of the forehead, "I'll be back as soon as I can." He followed the Doctor. Lee passed him on the way in.

"Assistant nurse reporting in," he cheerfully said.

"What, why is he here? Please say for other patients," Jessie stuttered. She cringed and grabbed the sides of the biobed, "he's not coming near me!" Kes rushed back to her side.

"I'm the ambassador, I'm needed on the bridge."

Jessie widened her eyes, "what, you're just going to leave me?"

"Sorry," Kes said. She headed toward the door.

"You can't leave me alone!" Jessie squealed. Lee walked over to pat her on the arm in a comforting way. "Don't touch me!!" she screamed in his ear.

The Bridge:
"All hands, this is Commander Chakotay," Chakotay said. "Ready your stations, seal all emergency bulkheads, and prepare to engage the enemy. Stand by for my order."

"Four ships, they're in weapons range," Tom stuttered.

"Battlestations," Chakotay said.

"Ok we already are," B'Elanna said.

Chakotay groaned, "whatever I don't care."

"Perhaps I should take over," Damien commented. Chakotay glared back at him. "Ok me." He turned around to work at a station on the back wall.

"Visual range," Harry ordered. He turned the viewscreen on to show four ships on their tail.

Kes closed her eyes. "I can hear them, they want to talk through me. They say we've contaminated their realm."

"Boo hoo," Damien muttered.

"Tell them it's the Borg's fault," Chakotay whispered. Kathryn stared down at him coldly.

"They say our galaxy is impure. Its proximity is a threat to their genetic integrity," Kes muttered.

"Tell them we have a weapon to destroy them and if they don't back down we'll be forced to destroy them," Chakotay said.

"Your galaxy will be purged," Kes stared at him with wide eyes.

"Pfft, all villains say that," Damien scoffed. "They never mean it, trust me they'll do the sob 'we are victims' act soon enough."

"Yeah like anybody would believe that one," Chakotay commented.

The 8472 ships fired at once, Voyager took a heavy beating as they were hit all in different places. Smoke filled the room, but for once no innocent crewmember died on the bridge.

"They're coming around for another attack," Tom stuttered.

"Weapons are fully charged," Tuvok reported.

"Fire," Chakotay commanded.

Each ship got tracked by the torpedoes that were fired from the ship, each hit their target but nothing happened. Almost everyone grew a lump in their throat.

"They're charging weapons again!" Harry yelled in a panicky voice.

On the viewscreen one of the ships flew directly towards them, charging to fire, it suddenly froze, cracked and went to pieces in front of them.

"All four vessels have been destroyed," Tuvok said.

Chakotay sighed in relief, "great. I think it's time we leave."

Kathryn rolled her eyes, she turned to go to another spare back station.

"Great another singularity, we're being pulled in," Tom reported. The ship shook to confirm this, then it stopped. The viewscreen showed normal space.

"Uhoh," Harry stuttered. Everyone looked at him again. "This can't be good. There's ten, no make that..."

"Aaaagggh, not again," Chakotay groaned into his hands.

"Ok an armada, too many to count, is behind us sorry above us," Harry stuttered. "It's cos I'm nervous."

"And it's passed his bed time," Damien commented.

"They're not communicating now," Kes warned Chakotay. "Can I?" He nodded. She quickly left the bridge.

"Arm the high yield," Chakotay ordered.

"It's already loaded," Tuvok said. "Firing."

Everyone turned to watch the viewscreen as a torpedo went towards the Armada of attacking ships. It exploded, sending out a green shockwave, destroying all the ships.

"Oh yes!" one crewmember yelled out. "Pwned, newbs!"

"What the hell does pwned mean?" Chakotay asked, frowning. Nobody knew.

Meanwhile in Sickbay:
Jessie screamed, so did Lee as she grabbed a hold of his right arm. His screams got louder than hers just when he heard a slight crack from his arm.

"Oh god, it hurts, nothing can be as bad as this!" Lee moaned.

Jessie stopped and glared at him. "Well I'm sorry, do you want the biobed?" she growled.

Lee nodded, he sat down on the neighbouring biobed, after picking up a regenerator. Jessie looked on helplessly, cringing in pain as he treated his arm with it.

"Oh come on, I was joking. It's every thirty seconds here," she whimpered.

"In a minute," Lee stuttered, he looked around for a tricorder.

"A minute, or is it thirty seconds, make up your damn tiny mind!" Jessie screamed.

Lee shakily held a tricorder in his hands, scanning Jessie. "We're at ten, is it ten?"

"What?" she snapped. "You don't know!"

Lee's trembling got worse, "no, don't you?"

"For fu... it's ten! I can't," Jessie moaned.

Kes ran into Sickbay, breathing heavily. "I'm here, I'm here."

"I think she's ready," Lee mumbled.

"No, no I'm not. James isn't back yet," Jessie stuttered.

"The battle's over, it shouldn't be much longer," Kes said. "Lee, are we ready?"

"Um," Lee tilted his head a little, cowering a little as he caught Jessie's glare directed at him. "Apart from being trouser less, what else is there?" She pouted, checking the blanket covering half of her from her hips.

Kes groaned while she moved to join them by Lee's side. "What about blankets for the baby, the biobed for him or her?"

Lee nervously looked around, "where is, oh." He brought over a small biobed on wheels toward the foot of Jessie's, bumping into Kes as she moved there. It was pushed to the side, Lee picked up the blankets within the cot.

"Not now," Kes said, taking the tricorder off him. She lay the tricorder open in front of her on the biobed itself. "All right, next contraction is in thirty seconds Jess. Get ready to start pushing."

The Bridge:
"Thirteen alien vessels have been destroyed," Tuvok said. "The others are in retreat."

"Good work everyone," Chakotay sighed in relief. He stood up to look at Kathryn, she was making her way over to him.

"All remaining vessels are returning to their realm. The Borg have prevailed," she said.

"You're welcome," Chakotay grunted. "Now our side of the deal."

Kathryn stood directly in front of them. "We don't think so. This alliance is terminated. Your ship and its crew will be adapted to service us."

"Oh that's a surprise, I can hardly contain the heart attack," Chakotay muttered.

"Don't," Damien said, looking too interested.

Kathryn pushed Chakotay in the chest, it was enough to send him backwards onto the ground. Then she headed to the helm. Tom panicked, he quickly raised a phaser he had in his pocket and fired. A shield went around her as she closed on him, he was thrown half way across the room. The needles on her hand went straight inside the helm itself.

"She's trying to access our co-ordinates," Harry said.

"How did we not see this coming," Chakotay sarcastically said. "Damien."

"Whatever," he grunted.

"Chakotay to the Doctor, you're on."

The Cargo Bay:
"You know I'm sure a lot of people could just think about coffee, so..." James muttered as he stood in an alcove. The Doctor put a device on his neck.

"Janeway only seems to have connected with three people, the other two were needed on the bridge," the Doctor said. "Plus you can irritate her as a backup if the coffee doesn't work."

"Yey," James sarcastically said.

"B'Elanna?" the Doctor questioned, looking back at B'Elanna.

She was a bit distracted by what Seven was doing, "what is that she's connected to? Oh!" She got back to what she was doing, "it's ok I'm ready."

"I'm not," James said, closing his eyes and cringing.

"It hasn't started yet," the Doctor said.

"I know."


On the bridge, Kathryn looked up like she was distracted. Everyone else watched on the edge of their lack of seats.

"Hmm the Borg are off to some planet I don't like," Damien said quietly to Tuvok next to him. He raised an eyebrow disapprovingly. "What?"

"Commander told you to make it look like we were somewhere else, quiet," Tuvok said.

"Oh you're no fun," Damien rolled his eyes, he didn't go to fix it.

Kathryn started talking to herself, "coffee is irrelevant." She whimpered a little, "mmm stop it, ooh big cup, jug, that's just... irrelevant. We don't need coffee, we are Borg."

"Come on just annoy her, if that doesn't work then," Chakotay said as he climbed onto his chair, clutching his chest.


Back in the Cargo Bay James still had his eyes closed, but at least he wasn't talking to himself. He peeped one eye open, "should I tell you guys what she did one day when the water tanks were offline, and she needed a bath?"


"Oh god no, don't tell them that!" Kathryn suddenly screamed out, startling everyone.


"How would you even know about what she did?" B'Elanna cringed.

"Meh she told me. Replicated a few litres of coffee flavoured soup, and soaked in it for several hours," James said. "Why does she tell me these things." He went silent, his face cringed in confusion. A while later he only muttered the 'word', "huh."

"We're losing the link," the Doctor said.

B'Elanna nodded as she worked away, "initiating power surge." She threw down a lever, "now!"

The device on James' neck started to spark, this made him cringe anymore and tightly grip the alcove.


On the bridge the same was happening to Kathryn. Her eyes widened, she sounded like it was choking her. She screamed as it sparked out of control, she fell on top of the helm.


In the cargo bay the device did the same to James, he fell to the ground next to the Doctor. He quickly rushed to scan him.

"Did it work?" B'Elanna asked.

"I believe so," the Doctor replied.


Tom limped over to Kathryn's body to scan her, "she's disconnected. I'll get her to Sickbay."

"No, get her back to the cargo bay, we can secure her better there," Chakotay ordered.

"Aye aye," Tom said.

"Before you do anything set a course for the alpha quadrant, warp nine," Chakotay commended.

"Yes sir," Tom responded, sighing in relief.

"Come on Jessie, push," Kes said.

"Push push!" Lee added on.

"Oh for the love of..." Jessie grumbled, her face a lot redder than usual. "Of course I'm going to push, I can't or won't pull will I!" Lee cowered before quickly backing off.

"Jess, breathe don't yell," Kes softly said.

Jessie screamed, grabbing Lee's arm tightly again. His squealing could be heard ship-wide.

"Everyone knows that that you push and breathe, don't tell me what to do, I'm not stupid!"

"I'm just telling you when," Kes mumbled.

"It seems to be every second," Jessie breathed. "I'll tell you what, I'll push if you stop telling me to."

Kes sighed, for once sounding a little annoyed.

In: "Transporter room to Sickbay, prepare for incoming transport."

"Ohno, I'm first, I've been here for ages!" Jessie yelled out.

"It's probably James and the doc," Kes said.

Nearby two figures, one standing and the other lying on the ground, rematerialised.

"Doctor," Kes called out to them. The Doctor rushed to her side.

"No no, I don't want him looking there," Jessie stuttered as Kes went to her side instead. She looked around helplessly, "where's James?"

"Unconscious. We should worry about you," the Doctor replied.

"Ok ok," Jessie calmly said. The Doctor, Kes and Lee prematurely sighed in relief, they jumped out of their skin a second later. "What are you waiting for hologram, wake him up for god's sake!" she screamed at them.

"Are you going to kiss your baby with that mouth?" the Doctor asked.

"I didn't swear wise guy," Jessie grumbled. She kicked one of her legs at him to try to get him to leave, it didn't work. "Come on, stop looking!"

"You've had to push several times in the time it took you to yell at me, couldn't you of just done so?" the Doctor muttered.

"Nooo, you're supposed to tell me to do it, tosser. I am not doing anymore until James is up," Jessie snapped.

The Doctor protested, "but..."

Jessie breathed in deeply then screamed as loud as she could, "James!" This woke him up of course and possibly other injured and unconscious crewmembers all around the ship.

James held his head as he sat up. Another scream from Jessie got his full attention, he scrambled to his feet to join her by her side. "How's she doing?"

"Almost there," the Doctor replied. He smiled, "there's the head."

"What, is that all!" Jessie cried. James put an arm around her, and held her hand. Her other hand was still attached to Lee's arm who had turned white at this point. Jessie looked at James helplessly. "You do it, you're stronger."

"Sorry Jess, I can't. You can do this, you're stronger than you think," James said, kissing her on the cheek. "Hold my other hand, Lee's turned very white." Jessie moved her left hand from Lee's arm, just then he collapsed like she was the only thing holding him up. Without noticing that she took a hold of James' other hand. It was good timing as she screamed again, tightening her grip on both hands.

The Doctor continued to shout the simple instruction repeatedly, "push, push!"

"Shut up, shut up!" Jessie yelled back at him.

"One more should do it," the Doctor nervously said.

Jessie pulled a face, moaning, "no more, I can't."

Lee stumbled to his feet, "this gotta hurt more than that."

Jessie deathglared him, "do you want to swap? I bet you couldn't handle it, get out of here!" Lee quickly scampered off.

The Doctor smiled as he saw an opportunity, "Jessie push!"

Jessie moved her glare to him while she still did as she was told. "Is that all you can say!? God damn it, it's like a broken record hologram."

The Doctor smiled in victory, "that's it, you can relax now."

"Thank god," she sighed, falling onto her back. She and James both relaxed for a moment at the sound of a baby crying. "Thank god, it's felt like I've been pregnant for years."

Kes and the Doctor smiled at one another. She lifted a small bundle wrapped in a blanket. "Congratulations," he said while scanning away. "You have a healthy baby boy."

Jessie grinned at James, he looked a little uneasy for a second before smiling back at her. He leaned down to kiss the side of her head.

Kes smiled downward, "oh he's gorgeous."

"Kes, you don't mind prepping the Captain," the Doctor said, casually taking the bundle away from her. Her face dropped.

"Yes Doctor," she muttered, walking away.

"Lucky you're a hologram," James said.

"Yes, why?" the Doctor frowned.

"Cos you'd be going to hell otherwise for that," James muttered.

The Doctor looked confused, "um, he's perfectly healthy. Our baby is..."

"Don't do the our baby thing," Jessie said.

"Huh?" the Doctor mumbled. He leaned over to hand the baby to her, then straightened back up.

She stared down at the little boy lying in her arms. One of his tiny fists rested against his tiny crinkled face. She moved one arm slightly so she could stroke his face with her fingers, then the hair on the top of his head.

"Oh, he is gorgeous isn't he?" she squeaked, looking up at James. He sat down on the edge of the biobed. "He's his father's son."

Kes walked back over to drag the Doctor away with her. "Doc, give them some privacy."

"But, we need to do the full physical and everything for our new crewmember," he protested.

"Come on Jess, he looks more like you, look at his hair," James said, looking a bit uneasy at Jessie's comment.

As she was too focused on her new baby son, Jessie didn't notice this. "Do you want to hold him?"

"I don't think that's a good idea," James meekly replied.

"Oh come on, you'll be ok," Jessie said, carefully handing their baby to him. She then tried to sit back up.

James looked down at the baby to catch him open his mouth slightly, a part of his fist went into it. His closed eyes moved. James frowned, and pouted a little. Jessie watched him, concern planted on her face.

"Are you all right?"

James blinked at the same time as the baby did, they still remained closed though. "I don't know."

Jessie stroked his arm, "it's all right. I heard it's harder for the dad, it'll sink in."

"Hope you're right, I don't want to be my dad," James mumbled, glancing at her.

"You won't be," Jessie said. "You're not him."

James looked back at his new son. He was now awake and looking up at him with big brown and green eyes. His tiny hand reached out to grab his dad's thumb. James' face softened, "wow."

Jessie smiled at them both, "aaw see."

"Yeah," James slightly smiled. He stroked the boy's face with one of his fingers, he smiled.

"I was thinking maybe that his surname could be just Taylor-Stuart," she said.

"What about Rex-Stuart or Stuart-Annet," James said.

"No," Jessie pulled a face. "Taylor and or Stuart's fine."

"But he's yours too," James muttered, glancing back at her.

"Yeah but he's not a dog or a posh bitch, he shouldn't have my name," Jessie said.

"Um but he's not going to be a Taylor boy either, and I'm not going to be a Taylor dad. I was going to use the Stuart part of my surname," James said.

Jessie pouted her lips, "ok just Stuart then."

"We're never going to agree on this yet, huh," James sighed.

"Yeah you'll think about it and agree later," Jessie smiled, fidgeting slightly. "Ugh I wish I had another pillow."

The Doctor walked back over, "we need to give him the full new crewmember psychical, and a full scan just in case."

"Oh, can't you do that later?" Jessie asked as James handed their baby back to her.

"It'll be a better idea to get this done before Janeway's treatment, and before little James Junior gets settled and needs feeding," the Doctor replied.

Jessie pouted while looking up at James briefly, she looked back at the baby. His nose crinkled, he squeaked as he stretched one arm. Jessie's pout got bigger, "you're mean."

"Sorry," the Doctor said. "Once I'm done you can have him all to yourselves. You'll just need to bring him in every now and then for checkups."

Jessie reluctantly handed the baby to him, he started to walk away with him. "Wait, Janeway? He's not bringing her here, is he?"

The Doctor widened his eyes, quickly he dashed out of sight, passing Kes on the way. She stopped at the station nearby to work at it.

"I hate this place," Jessie muttered. She lay back down, pulling the blanket up to her shoulders but it was too short to cover her feet.

James put an arm around her, she rested her head in his shoulder. He kissed her forehead while stroking her hair. "Do you want me to get you a better blanket, pillow."

Jessie's face lit up, "oh, can you get me a change of clothes, some make up to cover the tears. And a brush, maybe lipcell. You think I'm nuts don't you?"

"Yeah but," James smirked, he rested his head against the top of hers, sneakily giving her another kiss. "You know that I love every single crazy quirk you have."

Jessie looked up at him, eyes widening. "Huh?"

"You know, quirks," James mumbled. He then realised what he had said, then grew a little nervous. "Um, crap, I didn't."

"Relax, it's not like you said something bad," Jessie sighed. "You know you are so cute."

"No I don't," James commented. "Jess um, you do know that I love you right?" He gave her another kiss. She looked up at him.

"No," she softly said.

"Oh," James said, blushing slightly. "Oh well I do."

"Really?" Jessie said. "I love you as well."

James' eyes widened, "what huh?"

Jessie moved a little so she was eye level with him, she stroked his cheek then gave him a proper kiss. Kes smiled as she watched, she looked back down at the station.

"I'll er, get you your pillow, clothes," he stuttered nervously. "Do you want something to eat, drink?"

"You don't have to go right now."

"You'll need, I won't be long," James said as he quickly stood up. He rushed away.

All Jessie could do was smirk at him. "You're going to be a great dad you know, nothing like yours."

James stopped at the door, he turned to face her. "We'll see," he turned to leave again.

The Bridge:
Tom stepped out of the turbolift, "guys guess what." Only Harry looked at him. "Rumour has it Jessie's had the baby." Everyone else turned to him. "I'm going to go and snoop around."

"I hope you enjoy your punch," Harry said.

Danny moved from her station, she edged to the turbolift so nobody would notice her. Tom turned around to catch her. "Danny," he said in a sing song voice.

"Crap," she grunted.

"Ok people, last chance to place bets. Danny's going to find out everything," Tom said. Everyone but Danny, Tuvok and Chakotay gathered around him in a flash. Danny smiled nervously.

"Um Tom, why would I share with you?"

"Well James and Jessie didn't tell you they were even having a baby, if that were me I'd get my own back," Tom smiled cheekily.

"Ugh that's why your only friend is No Backbone Harry," Danny groaned. She went into the turbolift.

Tom shrugged, "everyone your final chance to make bets. Let's see if anyone bet today for the birth."

Jessie still lay on the biobed, half asleep. Kes stood next to her, holding a tricorder.

"You freaked him out, huh," she said.

"I think I did," Jessie laughed a little. "In my defence he said it first, twice actually."

Kes smirked, "doc says he wants to keep the baby overnight just for observation, and you can stay with him."

"What about James?" Jessie asked.

"Uh I doubt it, you're allowed to stay as you need to rest from the birth," Kes replied. Jessie pouted at her. "I'll ask him." She headed away, then disappeared into the office.

Seconds later the main Sickbay doors opened. James walked through them with two pillows underneath each arm, a blanket over one shoulder, a large bag over the other one, and lots of gift bags in his hands. Jessie bit her lip to stop herself from laughing.

"Where's the sink?" she asked.

"It'll be at the bottom of the bag," he replied. He dumped the bags next to the biobed. James put the blanket over her, she sat up a little to allow him to put pillows at the head of the bed. "I hope I haven't forgotten anything." He lifted the main bag up onto the side of the bed, then took out several things from the bag, saying it's name everytime. "Ok nightwear, make up bag, brush."

"What about a sandwich?" Jessie questioned.

"Oh," James cringed slightly. "I forgot, I'll get it." Jessie grabbed his hand.

"No I'm fine, I want you to stay," she said.

"I was thinking about his name," James said, bringing out a padd from the bag.

"Oh you brought the names list," Jessie said. She took it off him. "The surname's still a problem."

"I thought about that too, I have an idea how to solve it," James said.

"Oh really? I liked the name Michael, and Duncan. I'd need to see him to decide, what do you think?" Jessie said. "What's you idea then?"

"Well we go with Stuart," James replied.

"Ah ha I win," Jessie grinned.

"But it depends on how you answer something," James mumbled.

"So we've come to bribery then, huh?" Jessie smirked.

"No, bribery's later. It's just if you answer no we'll have to continue arguing about the surname. You have to promise you won't say yes just so you win," James said.

"I promise, but you're starting to worry me," Jessie said. He took a hold of her left hand.

"Jess I, um I'm in love with you, I have been for a while and I wanna be with you for the rest of my life."

Jessie smiled shyly, blushing a little. "Aaaw you're sweet, but you can't flatter me into changing my mind."

James kept a hold of her hand as he knelt down, onto one knee. "Marry me," he squeaked. "Please?"

"Huh," Jessie's mouth dropped open in shock.

James cringed, "oh, idiot. I'm such a, ugh."

"Yes," she said as he was about to stand back up. He froze on the spot with wide eyes.

"What, did... I thought you weren't going to say yes just cos," he said.

"I'm not," Jessie smiled. "I'll marry you."

"Really?" James' voice went back to the squeak. She nodded, grinning at him.

"Come here," she giggled. He stood back up, she wrapped her arms around her shoulders, pulling him to her. "You're so cute when you're nervous." They kissed.

"So really?" he asked quietly. She nodded her head. He took out a ring box out of his back pocket, he opened it to reveal the huge diamond ring. "Really?"

"Stop it silly," her eyes widened as she saw the ring. "Please tell me it's cheap."

"It's not, but it's long paid for so," James meekly said. As he placed the ring on her finger she spotted the gift bags on the floor.

"What's all these then?"

"Oh uh, stuff for the baby and you," James replied.

"What are you like huh?" Jessie shook her head, resting on the biobed again.

Kes reappeared carrying the baby, she carefully placed him in the little biobed next to them. "Ok, what's with all the gift bags?"

"They're from James," Jessie replied.

"Ah that explains it," Kes sighed.

The doors opened for Tuvok, "Ensign?"

James glanced back at him just briefly, "Paternity leave starts now, sorry."

"As of now that leave is cancelled," Tuvok said.

"What?" James and Jessie both exclaimed, they looked toward him.

"I'm afraid with the two Borg's onboard we're going to need you to, as the Commander puts it, keep an eye on them. As long as we're in Borg space you should be on duty," Tuvok said.

"It doesn't have to be me, Janeway is disconnected and the last I saw of the other one, she was attached to one of those machines that blows up balloons," James muttered.

Jessie pulled a face, "huh?"

James looked back at her, "she was huge, catch my drift."

"Eeew," Jessie pulled a face. "Wait, huge as in b word like that girl, not weight?"

The Doctor scoffed, "of course not, she's the skinniest girl I've ever seen."

Jessie pouted, pulling the cover further up. "Come on Tuvok, you should get your other lackeys to do your dirty work. He's got a son now so he's not going to jump through your hoops."

"It's for everyone's safety that he complies. He knows that," Tuvok said.

James closed his eyes and sighed, "I guess so."

"What? I just said you wouldn't jump," Jessie said.

"I know, but he's right," James muttered.

"What about our son, he haven't given him a name yet," Jessie said angrily.

"Can I?" James questioned. Tuvok shook his head. "Not even five minutes to help decide his name?"

"No, you can decide now or later, the Captain may wake up any second," Tuvok said disapprovingly.

"Fine," James grumbled. He marched away, intentionally in Tuvok's direction. He stepped aside by the door, James still gave him a push as he left. When he got his bearings back he followed.

"I don't believe this," Jessie groaned. "Janeway said we could have time off no matter what."

The baby began crying loudly and kicking his legs under the blanket. Kes picked him up gently. "Yeah I thought so, he needs a feeding."

"Ookay, can you go to the replicator for me, and get some milk," Jessie smiled nervously. Kes stared at her blankly.

"Oh dear."


Outside Tuvok and James headed down the corridor, James stayed ahead with a look of thunder on his face.

"You are the biggest weapon we have against the Borg, after the vampires got blown into space anyhow. We can't take any chances even with the alliance on our backs. They did try to betray us after all," Tuvok said.

James swung around to face him, he had to stop abruptly before he crashed into him. "Listen Tuprat, I'll come with you to guard Janeway and see if she's a threat. If she isn't I'm going back to Jess and my son. You can then only call me for emergencies which I'm supposed to handle only."

"Ensign," Tuvok warned with his eyebrow raised.

"What, what are you going to do? You can't lock me up if you need me, can you?" James muttered. "If you do need me to guard her, I'll do so but, I'll be very cranky if someone bothers me after that. Understood?"

Tom turned the corner looking cheerful, he stopped nearby. "Hey James, how's Jess or your Junior?"

James shook his head, "why don't you tell him Tuvok." He stormed off.

"Um, what's his problem?" Tom shrugged.

"He's angry that I asked him to resume duty," Tuvok replied.

"After he had a baby, Tuvok that's just mean," Tom scolded mockingly.

Tuvok's eyebrow raised even higher, "it was not meant to be mean."

The Conference Room:
Everyone remaining were sitting around the table. The Doctor was one of them, despite having patients.

"It'll take some work but I'm confident I can remove all of the implants. However our other drone is another story, it looks she's been a drone a while," the Doctor said.

Chakotay groaned, "she's a nutcase, do we really want her on the ship?" Everyone else shook their heads.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow, "she was assimilated as a child, it's bound to have been." Everyone pretended to fall asleep and snore. "Never mind."

Chakotay 'woke back up' again, "do what you have to Doctor, that girl needs counselling. Also we need to uninstall the Borg hardware."

"Actually one or two of the systems work better with it," B'Elanna said. "Though that coffee shop in the Cargo Bay has to go, it replaced the hydro ponics part of the bay."

Harry smirked, "let me guess, they're growing coffee beans."

"And the Borg definitely didn't get any real co-ordinates off us," Chakotay questioned.

"Definitely not, however we do not know for sure if this Seven of Nine is really disconnected constantly. We need to know for sure," Tuvok said.

"I'll get on it when I check on the Captain," the Doctor said.

Chakotay sighed, "I know the last few days have been a bit much, but I'm confident that'll we get through Borg space and whatnot after getting through all that." Everyone did the sleep thing again. Chakotay groaned, "you know I have been very close to snapping for a while, don't even push me."

"Well let's just hope we're out of the woods now. This is a finale, excluding the movie after all," Tom commented.

"Ah but we don't know which ending was voted for," Harry said.

James stood outside the Cargo Bay looking very uneasy. With a deep breath he stepped inside. In one of the close by alcoves, Kathryn stood there regenerating. He stood there, watching her intently. "You had plenty of times to tell me, why didn't you?" He sighed briefly as he looked down at the ground, then back up at her again. He sat down on the step near her, facing away and buried his head in his hands. Kathryn's eyes shifted while they were still closed.


****THE END****

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