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Outside of Time
part two

Episode Synopsis
While Voyager works on escaping the Leda bay, the crew on the Leda itself fight for survival.

15th - 16th & 18th - 19th May 2003

Edited for Reboot
26th October 2012

Episode Based In
September 2371 (early season 2)


Voyager, Engineering:
The entire room was chaotic, everyone was rushing from station to station. Ian turned away from one station, and almost bumped into somebody else. "B'Elanna!" he yelled over the noise.

B'Elanna pushed passed a few people as she made her way over to Ian. "Found anything?"

"Oh yeah, we can send a really nasty virus to the affected decks. Computer systems always hates viruses," Ian replied.

"Good, do you have one in mind?" B'Elanna asked.

"In the mid 21st century somebody created a virus that would over run an entire computer system. The virus is extremely well hidden, it literally eats every vital program, one by one. In only a few hours the entire system would be unusable," Ian replied.

"That's the thing, when we get that part of the ship back will we be able to get rid of the virus?" B'Elanna asked.

"Um there is a cure for it, but it would mean we'd have to close off the decks until it's done. So if this deck gets over run we'll have a big problem," Ian replied.

"I suppose it's better than nothing. I'll inform the Captain," B'Elanna said. She tapped her commbadge.

The Leda:
Jessie stuck her head around the corner, and spotted a large door ahead. As she slowly made her way towards it the floor creaked violently. Picking up her pace she entered the large mess hall, she noticed the hole in the ground so she rushed over to it.

"Oh my god, James are you ok?" Jessie yelled down the hole.

James looked up at her, he pushed some of the debris off of him. "Yeah, I think so."

"How did you get down there?" Jessie asked.

"Well I jumped up and down on it until it gave way, just for the hell of it," James replied.

Jessie rolled her eyes, "don't give me that."

"All right, the floor just gave way and I fell. It just seemed a stupid question," James said.

Jessie folded her arms, "have I done something to deserve this attitude?"

James sighed, "no not really."

"I'll go down to your deck," Jessie said. She turned around but bumped straight into Claire. "Oh thank god, it's only you."

Claire pouted, "only me? How insulting, why don't you join your boyfriend."

"I was just going to do that and... hey he's not my boyfriend!" Jessie said a little too loudly.

Claire rolled her eyes, "whatever." She violently pushed Jessie, she stumbled and fell down the hole. She landed more or less on top of James.

Voyager, the Bridge:
Kathryn was busy pacing the bridge, while everyone else were still in their previous spots.

In: "Engineering to Bridge, we're ready for the procedure."

"Ok standby," Kathryn commanded.

Chakotay groaned, "it starts."

In: "Captain, we really should start soon, we haven't got long."

"Tried telling her that, she won't listen," Chakotay said.

"How long until Engineering is taken over Tuvok?" Kathryn asked.

"Thirty two minutes Captain," Tuvok replied.

"Any luck Harry?" Kathryn asked, turning her head the other way.

"Not really Captain, there's no way I can scan the Leda when that scan is on," Harry replied.

"Keep trying," Kathryn commanded.

"But Captain..." Harry said.

"Just do it!" Kathryn snapped. Harry nodded nervously, he continued to work.

"What's going to happen after thirty odd minutes Captain?" Chakotay asked.

"If we haven't found our crewmembers, nothing. We could still send the virus through to the affected decks," Kathryn replied.

"True but we need the engineering systems for that virus to work. If the engineering systems themselves are infected with the virus it's going to spread through the entire ship," Chakotay said.

Kathryn sighed, she tapped her commbadge. "Janeway to Engineering. How long will the virus take to disrupt the Leda's shields?"

In: "We have no idea. The virus was designed to be unpredictable. At the most two hours, but the shields could be the first thing the virus attacks which could mean it could only take a few minutes."

"Damn," Kathryn muttered.

"Captain we should do the procedure now," Chakotay said.

"I agree with the Commander," Tuvok said.

"That's an idea, who thinks that trying to save the crew on the Leda is futile and it'll kill us all anyway?" Chakotay asked.

Danny turned away from the helm, "I hate to say it since three of my friends are on that ship, but he's right."

"I do agree with the Commander," Tuvok said.

"So we heard," Harry grumbled.

Kathryn looked back Harry's way, "what do you think Harry?"

"I'd agree with the Commander if we had a different plan," Harry replied.

"What do you mean?" Chakotay asked.

"Well the virus attacks one system at a time, right? What if instead it went for the actual scanner before anything else?" Harry replied.

"Yeah, we could find the others then and get off this ship safely," Danny said.

"We can't just decide where the virus will hit," Chakotay said.

"Maybe we can, we just need a good hacker," Kathryn said.

Chakotay shook his head, "the best hacker from my crew was James, but he's missing."

"And there's a high chance he's still alive," Kathryn said.

"Ooh she's got that, I've got a plan look," Danny grinned.

"Yes but I don't get why," Chakotay said.

Kathryn went over to stand behind Danny. "Danny we don't need helm at the moment, go to Engineering."

"Uh ok," Danny said, she climbed out of her chair.

"Just tell B'Elanna to stay on standby, you'll hear from me in a while," Kathryn said.

"Right," Danny said, she headed towards the turbolift.

"Captain, what are you up to?" Chakotay asked as Kathryn came over to stand near him.

"Shut up and help me here. What could we send through to the affected decks that could get the missing crew's attention?" Kathryn replied.

"A virus, can't we stick to that plan?" Chakotay muttered.

"Oh we will, it's just I have a different virus in mind. We just need our crew in the right place to use it," Kathryn said.

"Yeah great plan, what if they're dead?" Chakotay groaned.

"If we haven't got a response or anything from the Leda, we'll send in the other virus. Ok," Kathryn snapped.

"Why don't I believe that?" Chakotay muttered.

The Leda:
Jericute-os of Borg was wandering down one of the dark corridors nearby the large mess hall, while muttering to herself. "Damn explosion, I had a nice grey colour on my skin and now it's an awful reddy colour. This is going to take lots of plastic surgery to fix."

Somebody appeared at the doorway, it was none other than Brannon Braga. "Hello babe, come over here. I want to show you something."

"Oh grow up Brannon, wait... what are you doing here?" Jericute-os asked.

"Stop ruining the mood, just accept that I'm here and that I'm sorry," Brannon replied.

"Ok," Jericute-os said happily. She strolled over to where Brannon was standing. He took a hold of her hand and he lead her back the way she came. He stopped outside a smaller door.

"Inside there is the plastic surgery to fix that lovely skin of yours," Brannon said.

"Oh Brannon, you always knew what I wanted without me even having to say it," Jericute-os swooned.

"I know sweetheart. Just go in and I'll meet you later. We can have a nice meal," Brannon said.

Jericute-os giggled, she went through the door and she seemed to disappear. Brannon looked through it, it appeared to be a turbolift shaft. "Maybe not, bye bye." He then disappeared too.

Meanwhile at the bottom of the shaft Jericute-os woke up with a really nasty sharp pain in her stomach. "Owie, this is not the plastic surgeon, this is not as painful."

She looked down at her stomach... wait can she do that? Oh who cares. "Oh dear god!" she screamed as she saw her stomach. There was a nasty looking spike sticking out of it. "My outfit, it's not meant to be red! Oh it's ruined... ruined... ooh pretty spots," she squealed before fainting.

Clive and some unknown crewmember were both trapped inside what looked like a jeffries tube. Clive was busy trying to open one of the doors.

"We're going to die, oh my god. I didn't tell Jacki what I felt," the unknown crewmember stuttered.

"Good for her," Clive muttered.

"I should have wrote a will, I have a lot of teddies that need a good home," the unknown crewmember said.

"Somebody kill me now," Clive said in the door's direction.

The door opened so suddenly, Claire was on the other side. She smiled sweetly, "hiya everyone."

"Oh thank god I'm not going to die," the unknown crewmember sighed.

"What makes you think that?" Claire asked sweetly.

Not that far away:
"Maybe you should go first," Faye said.

Craig turned his head to look at her, "don't ladies go first?"

Faye pretended to think about, she pushed Craig towards the jeffries tube door. "I heard something, it could be somebody."

"Somebody dead, maybe," Craig said.

"Would it be moving?" Faye asked, while tapping her foot.

"It might have fell over," Craig replied. Faye stared blankly at him. "Oh alright I'll check, but if a dead guy falls on me you're opening the next door."

"That's fair," Faye said.

Craig turned towards the jeffries tube door, he reached down for the handle. He opened the door very slowly, lucky for him nothing fell out. Clive popped his head out, "hey."

Craig jumped a mile, he backed off into Faye. Faye just giggled, "that was a good one, did you see him jump?"

"I did," Clive replied as he climbed out of the tube.

"It wasn't funny," Craig pouted.

"How did you get in there?" Faye asked.

"I dunno, one second I was on Voyager the next I was in there. Have you seen Claire?" Clive replied.

"No, why?" Craig said questioningly.

"Well she kinda killed somebody," Clive replied. He pointed at the jeffries tube. Craig and Faye stepped forward to look inside, they saw the unknown crewmember lying obviously dead.

"That just happened, here, now?" Faye said nervously.

"Well she wouldn't stop stabbing the guy, I pushed her off and I dragged him away. It took me a while to notice he was already dead," Clive said.

"Woah, he must have been annoying," Craig muttered.

"You don't know the meaning of the word until you've spent five minutes with Hughie here," Clive said.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but Claire continually stabbing a guy to death is really odd, right?" Craig said questioningly.

"I think so yeah," Clive replied.

"Great, you'd think being trapped on a really creepy ship was bad enough," Craig said.

"My god, how much do you weigh?!" Kes yelled.

"I'd rather not answer that, especially since you're a woman!" Tom yelled back.

"I'd better get a rope or something," Kes said, she let go of Tom and walked off.

There was a huge thud and then a big crash. "Oh this doesn't feel very safe either... aaaaahhh crraaaappp!" Tom's voice screamed. There was another crash.

Kes peeped her head down the hole, Tom was now two decks lower than before. "Oops," she muttered.

"How long's that rope?" Tom asked sheepishly.

"I didn't get one, you distracted me," Kes replied.

"Well I'm sorry you dropped me," Tom muttered.

"What, I can't hear you!?" Kes yelled, she walked off.

"Hey, don't ignore me. Um, there's a dead body down here. I'm sure it's looking at me," Tom stuttered.

The large mess hall:
James came through the main door, with Jessie not far behind him. "Did we turn right or left before?" he asked.

"Left," Jessie replied.

"Damn it," James groaned. He turned back around, and looked towards the turbolift doors. "I wonder if the lifts are working."

Jessie started to look around the room, "oh yeah, I wonder what falling to my death is like."

"Ok, now you take me seriously," James muttered.

Jessie turned to him and smiled innocently, "when did I not take you seriously?"

"I think the Voyager crew could be killed off three times over, during the time it'd take to go through the whole list," James replied.

"I only wanted an example," Jessie said.

"Ok, five minutes ago," James said.

Jessie raised her eyebrow, "you were serious?"

"Oh god, forget it," James groaned.

Jessie grinned as she turned around, "I win." James rolled his eyes, and turned back towards the main doors. Jessie looked around the room again, she walked towards a mirror. "God my hair's a mess," Jessie moaned, she started to fiddle with her hair.

As she did so the room got a lot brighter, also dozens of voices filled the area. Jessie turned around looking confused. Lots of people in those old Starfleet uniforms were sitting or standing around the room, everything seemed normal.

A few people started coughing, a few minutes the entire room had joined in. Several people fell off their chairs and didn't get up. Others got out of their chairs coughing, but some collapsed onto the ground. One girl stopped nearby Jessie, she stumbled into her, then she fell limp in her arms.

Jessie backed away from the girl, she just fell onto the ground as a result. Jessie turned back towards the mirror, a hand touched her shoulder, she jumped and turned around. The room was dark and quiet again, James was standing in front of her.

"Jess, are you ok?" he asked.

Jessie glanced around nervously, she looked at the ground. A small corpse was lying nearby her feet. "Can we go, please?" she stuttered.

"Yeah sure," James replied. He turned to leave the room, Jessie followed after quickly taking a hold of his arm.

"Damn writer, Kes used to be sweet," Tom was busy muttering. He looked around the room he was in. He stormed over to one of the doors, he tried to pull on the handle but it wouldn't budge.

Tom turned back around, and gazed at the see through tank in front of him. The door behind him shook violently like something hit it. Tom turned back around. "Who's there!" he called.

"Oh it's just Tom, let's leave him," Clive's voice said.

"I heard that you moron," Tom snapped.

"Ooh, someone's bitter," Faye's voice said. Tom heard her and Clive laughing.

"You two stop it, help me with the door," Craig's voice groaned.

"It's ok, we don't need you two anyway. You're both too weak," Tom said.

"Where's my chain-saw when I need it?" Clive's voice asked.

"Yeah exactly, help me with the door!" Craig's voice yelled.

"Fine god," Faye's voice groaned.

Tom tried to pull the handle again, this time the door opened. Craig looked around the room Tom was in. "How did you get in here?" he asked.

Tom pointed at the ceiling, "Kes thought it would be funny to let go after helping me climb to the next deck."

"It is funny," Faye said.

"No it's not, I could have been killed," Tom snapped.

"That is what's so funny about it," Faye giggled.

"Is she hyper on the air or something?" Tom asked.

"She's based on Marill, does that answer your question?" Craig replied.

Faye pouted, "am not."

"What, hyper on air or based on Marill?" Clive said questioningly.

"Both, let's go," Faye muttered. She walked off. The three guys all followed her.

"Wait one second," Tom said quickly.

"What?" everyone groaned as they all stopped.

"What was that noise?" Tom asked.

Everyone turned around slowly. Most of them gasped in shock. Jericute-os was now in the tank and it was filling up with water.

"Ah crap, I can't swim. Eeew, red water," she moaned.

The camera turned on Faye, "a Borg."

Then it turned to Craig, "a Zombie Borg."

It turned to Tom who pulled a confused face, and shrugged his shoulders. It then turned to Clive, "a Zombie Borg Barbie more like."

"Hey I resent that!" Jericute-os screamed. She then went under water.

"What's the Borg doing here?" Tom asked.

"Oh you can talk, how clever," Faye said sarcastically.

Tom ignored her, "it's a very good question."

"Beats me, their contract isn't valid until the Season Three finale," Craig replied.

"Who cares, obviously Claire is still killing," Clive said.

"Claire? Ookay, do you take drugs?" Tom asked.

"Why, want some?" Clive replied.

"Wise guy," Tom grumbled. He pushed passed the others and continued down the corridor.

Voyager, Engineering:
B'Elanna ran passed the core, she pushed several people forward as she did. "Come on, everybody out of here now!" she yelled. Every unknown crewmember ran towards the main door. B'Elanna stopped at one of the stations, Ian came up to her side.

"Aren't you going?" Ian asked.

B'Elanna just glanced at him briefly, she tapped her commbadge. "Torres to Bridge."

The Bridge:
"Go ahead B'Elanna," Kathryn said.

In: "Engineering's got a minute left, should we send the virus?"

"We haven't got a response from the Leda yet," Kathryn replied.

Chakotay stood up, "Captain that ship is huge. If the crewmembers are still alive I hardly doubt they could find the bridge in time."

"What happens if life support is the first system to be affected?" Kathryn snapped.

"I was hoping it wouldn't come to this," Chakotay muttered. He pulled a phaser out from his belt and pointed it at Kathryn. "B'Elanna, send the virus."

"Delay that order B'Elanna," Kathryn said angrily. She put one hand on her hip, "what do you think you're doing?"

"Obviously you're not going to listen to anybody else. I think Voyager needs somebody who will in this crisis," Chakotay replied.

"Tuvok, put him in the brig," Kathryn commanded.

"I cannot Captain, the brig is on the affected deck," Tuvok said.

"Damn it," Kathryn muttered.

"B'Elanna send the virus," Chakotay ordered.

In: "Aye sir. Torres out."

"Tuvok can you escort the Captain to her ready room?" Chakotay commanded.

Kathryn glanced towards Tuvok, he stood in silence. Kathryn turned back to Chakotay. "I think we have a problem, Commander."

"It doesn't matter, B'Elanna's going to send the virus. There's nothing you can do now," Chakotay said.

"B'Elanna," Ian stuttered.

B'Elanna looked up from the console. An eerie looking red wall of light was just behind the core, a few seconds later it overtook the core itself. "Ian get out of here," B'Elanna said.

"But what about you?" Ian said questioningly.

"I'm nearly finished, go!" B'Elanna yelled.

Ian stepped backwards slowly, he turned around and ran out of the room. B'Elanna looked back down at the station, she keyed in a few more commands. She looked back up, the wall was just centimeters away from her. B'Elanna tapped her commbadge, "Torres to Bridge, virus is on." The wall went through her, her eyes glowed briefly.

"You little bitch," she said, her eyes went back to normal. "Crap," she muttered. She ran back out of the wall, and ran out of the room.

The Leda, the Bridge:
"It wasn't my fault, stop blaming me," Kes said angrily. Tom, Faye, Craig and Clive followed her through the main door.

"Are you trying to say it was my fault, I didn't rest my hand on that button," Tom said.

"Oh for crying out loud, shut up," Craig groaned.

"Hey wait, this is the bridge," Faye said as she glanced around.

"Great, we can try to contact Voyager," Tom said. A bright flash of light went around the entire room. "What was that?"

Faye and Craig went over to a nearby station. "I dunno, these stations are way too old to understand," Craig replied.

"Hey there's a message," Faye said. Everyone gathered around her as she keyed in some commands.

"What does it say?" Tom asked.

"It says to shut down the scanner, um how do you do that?" Faye replied nervously.

"I'll check another station," Tom said. He headed over to another station.

"There's something else," Clive pointed out.

"Yeah, if we can't shut it down we have to... oh, that ain't good," Faye said.

"What?" Tom said questioningly.

"That flash of light was the ship getting infected with a weird virus. We need a hacker to try and get it to affect the scanner only," Faye said.

"Anybody a hacker?" Craig said.

"Hell no," Tom said.

"Don't look at me," Clive said.

"We have a problem then, if we can't do it the life support can easily be affected anytime soon," Faye said.

"Let's hope it goes for the scanner first then, if not we're doomed," Tom muttered.

"I take it you can't shut it down," Clive said.

"You take it right. According to this, that scanner is not part of the ship's systems," Tom said.

"Does anybody know who else is on this ship?" Kes asked.

"That Borg, but she's probably dead," Tom replied.

"Can we get the comm online, if there is one that is?" Craig asked.

"We can try," Tom replied.

"In the meantime I think two of us should look around for anybody else," Faye said.

"Good idea, let's just hope we don't find Claire," Tom said.

"Who should go?" Craig asked.

"I think I should stay behind with somebody else who's smart," Tom replied. Everyone glared at him. "What, I'm smart."

"I think he meant smarter, so that's everyone," Craig said.

"Ha ha, very funny... not," Tom muttered.

"I'll stay, maybe there's something hard I can hit him with here," Clive said.

"Great," Tom groaned.

"Ooh let's go," Faye said sarcastically. She headed for the door, Craig and Kes followed her.

Voyager, the Bridge:
B'Elanna stepped out of the turbolift, she headed over to the engineering station. "Deck 11 has been fully taken over Captain," she said.

"I take it the virus is working then," Kathryn said.

"We won't know until something breaks down. I know it's working on Deck 11, several side panels were getting error messages," B'Elanna said.

"Soon the entire ship will be infected by this virus, don't you get the feeling we should have done this a lot earlier," Chakotay said.

"I take it you've got no response from the Leda itself," B'Elanna said.

"No, not yet. I just hope your virus doesn't affect life support on the Leda or here," Kathryn said.

"It should affect the Leda more seriously, the Leda's an old ship which'll have less advanced defence systems," Ian said.

"It should only affect minor systems here for now," B'Elanna said.

The Leda:
"Eeew, some girl died on me... so gross," Jessie stuttered.

"Technically it wasn't you though," James said.

"It seemed real so she kinda did, ok," Jessie said.

"Hey this is just a dead end," James said as they stopped outside a door.

"Whoever designed this ship obviously needs some qualifications in ship design," Jessie said.

"I dunno, it maybe an important room," James said. He pulled on the handle, but it broke in his hand. "Let's hope I'm wrong."

"Let me think, that's the hundredth door you've broken so far," Jessie said while folding her arms.

"Ninety nine actually, that's if you count every door I've broken in a lifetime," James said.

"I meant just on the Leda," Jessie said. The door creakily opened on it's own, the room was in fact the one with the tank. "That's weird."

"Weird? That is weird," James said as he looked towards the tank.

"Eeeew, what is that!?" Jessie exclaimed. She rested her hand on a nearby console. Jericute-os disappeared, all that was heard was screaming.

"Wasn't it dead, how did it scream?" James asked.

"Maybe it was a zombie," Jessie replied.

Meanwhile Jericute-os was on the next deck, looking a little cut in places. "Oh great, now my clothes are slit. That Borg shop will never take them back now," she moaned. She moved her hand to brush some blood off her face, but somehow she just got more on her. She looked at her hand. "Oh great, now one of my fingers are missing, now my Borg gloves won't fit."

Faye, Craig and Kes were wandering around what looked like an engineering. "Maybe we could shut the scanner down from here," Craig was saying. Faye giggled for some unknown reason.

"You can't shut the scanner down, you are too dumb for that," Kes said in a moody tone.

Craig rolled his eyes, "ok enough, can we have the sweet Kes back?"

Kes turned around to face him, "hmm, let me think about that."

Faye stood beside Craig, she started stroking his arm. "Hey cutie."

"Um, you two aren't Faye or Kes, are you?" Craig stuttered.

Kes glared at Faye, "how are you here. You're dead!"

"Shh," Faye whispered. She continued to stroke Craig's arm.

"What does it matter, you still won't be able to escape from here," Kes said.

"Ok, who are you two?" Craig asked nervously.

"She's just some kid I killed. Jeez she's so annoying, you can't get rid of her no matter what you do," Kes replied.

Faye giggled, and she stuck her tongue out at Kes. "Are you the person who possessed Claire?" Craig asked.

"Claire? Ah yes. She's around, this one's more fun. She's got power, potential power," Kes replied.

"Crap," Craig muttered.

"Indeed, since I'm here you're not going to live another second in this room," Kes said.

"Second passed... um, I shouldn't joke right," Craig said.

"Right," Kes said as she moved closer to him.

The Bridge:
"Well?" Tom said questioningly.

"I got a high score on Tetris," Clive said.

"You're supposed to be doing work," Tom muttered.

"You didn't say what though," Clive said.

"You're just doing this to annoy me, aren't you?" Tom said questioningly.

"Yep, is it working?" Clive replied.

Tom sighed, "have you done anything?"

"Actually yeah, I've managed to stop the virus hitting the life support twice while at the same time scoring a really good Tetris score," Clive replied.

"Good, keep at it," Tom said.

"Like I could beat that score," Clive said.

"I meant with the virus," Tom said angrily.

"I know," Clive said. He grinned, Tom just groaned.

"Do you realise that you'll be helping me beat a galaxy record," Kes said.

"Um, good for you, but for nobody else," Craig muttered.

"Everyone for themselves," Kes said. She stumbled backwards, closed her eyes. She reopened them, "Craig? Oh my god, that was close."

"Kes, that's you right?" Craig said nervously.

"Yeah, we haven't got much time left. We have to find the shield generators, if we shut that down, time will catch up on the ship," Kes said.

"Wow, how did you know that?" Craig asked.

"I was at the meeting, duh. Now get looking," Kes replied.

"Um yes ma'am," Craig said. He glanced at Faye, she was still holding on his arm. "Ah crap," he muttered.

Jessie and James were standing nearer to the tank. Jessie pressed her hand against the glass, she cringed as she looked down at it. "That zombie must have went through a turny thing, ouch."

"That's just great, more bloody deaths," James muttered.

"Not exactly, I've never felt more alive," Jericute-os said.

Jessie and James turned around slowly, they saw Jericute-os at the door way. "Eeew, that's not pretty," Jessie said.

Jericute-os smiled, "I think it's kind of cool. I keep killing her yet she still survives. She's strong too, yet too used to the Borg collective. She can't fight against me, this is perfect."

"Oh that's just great," James muttered sarcastically.

The three heard a familiar voice echoing through the corridor, "James, where the hell are you! I didn't mean to push you it was her and..." Claire crashed into Jericute-os, pushing her to the ground. "Ooops, sorry... eeeew!"

"It's ok, I think we should just run for now," James said.

"Is that Amy? Gee, I thought she had taste in hosts," Claire said.

"Run... yep," Jessie stuttered. She, James and Claire ran out of the room.

Jericute-os pulled herself, "damn, she's very unlucky too." A bit of the ceiling fell and landed on her head.

The Bridge:
"I think we're screwed," Clive muttered.

"Oh what makes you say that?" Tom asked sarcastically.

Both Tom and Clive were floating around the room, along with some other stuff. "It's kinda fun actually," Clive commented.

"Great, gravity's gone, will oxygen be next?" Tom groaned.

"Probably, we'd better get out," Clive said. He and Tom tried their best to push themselves towards the main door. Clive grabbed onto Tom's boot, he pulled a face as a result. "Oh my god."

"Ok my feet smell, it's not that bad!" Tom said angrily.

"You failed to mention it being non toxic, you lying twit," Clive groaned.

Tom rolled his eyes, he grabbed a hold of the main door.

In: "Anderson to everyone on all decks, except Amy girl, report to engineering. Amy, go to the other side of the ship."

In: "You're an idiot, give me that."

In: "Leave him alone, he's really cute."

In: "Snap out of it..."

"Yeah we're screwed," Tom said.

Later Engineering:
All of the main cast, who are on the Leda of course, were now present. Several unknown crewmembers were standing nearby looking scared to death.

"We've found the shield generator, we just need somebody to redirect the virus to it," Kes said.

"I could do that, it's a similar virus to the one I sent to Tom's computer," James said.

"Good, get on it, hey wait a minute!" Tom snapped.

"Can't, no time," James said. He went over to a nearby station, he started working on it.

All of the unknown crewmembers started whimpering, one screamed and a big crashing noise followed. Everyone looked over, Jericute-os was busy throwing the unknown crewmembers around the room.

"Um hurry up, will you," Craig said nervously.

"Wanna go and make out?" Faye asked.

"Oh my god, Faye come back please!" Craig yelled. Faye giggled.

"Yeah, I feel sick," Tom muttered.

Jericute-os threw the two remaining crewmembers, they both landed into the group which knocked them to the ground. The only ones left standing were Jericute-os and James.

"I really don't like her," Tom grumbled.

"Yeah whatever, get off me!" Clive yelled.

"Hmm, somebody's being a bad boy. Stop that or I'll make you," Jericute-os said.

"Make me," James said without turning away from the console.

"Ok, you asked for it," Jericute-os said. She picked up another unknown crewmember, he started squealing like a kid. She threw him towards James, he ducked quickly so the crewmember had a much harder crash landing, against a wall. "Meanie."

"Yep, that's me. Now shut up, you're ruining my concentration," James said.

Jericute-os picked up a large bit of metal, "ok I'll be quiet." She hit him over the head with it, "and so will you." To her surprise James got up again.

"Ok fine, make it quick," he said. He hit her, she stumbled backwards. "Go, all of you!" he yelled.

All the unknown crewmembers ran out, Craig was the first to get up. "No argument here," he said.

"Can you carry me out?" Faye asked.

"Oh dear god," Craig groaned. He ran out of the room.

Tom, Jessie, Claire and Kes all got up. Clive was the last up. Claire headed out, with Clive not far behind her. "Need a hand?" Jessie asked just as Jericute-os jumped onto James, knocking him to the ground.

"No, I'm fine," James replied, he pushed Jericute-os off him.

"Let me take over, you need to destroy the shield," Tom said. He grabbed Jericute-os by the arm, she just elbowed him hard, he fell back to the ground. "Aw damn it!"

"Leave it to the professionals," Jessie said while shaking her head. She kicked Jericute-os in the head, she didn't get back up.

James pulled himself back onto his feet. "We haven't got time for this dumb virus," he said. He picked up the bit of metal Jericute-os dropped. He smashed the metal against the device nearby the console. It sparked and it went off.

"Nooo!" Jericute-os screamed.

"The shield, it's gone down," Harry said.

"Good. Tuvok open the bay doors, Harry get a lock on our people," Kathryn ordered.

"A few are in Engineering, we cannot get a lock," Harry said.

"Hail them," Chakotay commanded.

Leda Engineering:
In: "Voyager to Leda Engineering, we cannot get a lock on you where you are. Leave the room."

"You heard her, let's go," Tom ordered.

"Oh no you don't," Jericute-os said, she pressed a nearby button. The warp core door thing started to come down.

Kes quickly got under the door, Tom followed quickly. Jessie stood by it, "James come on."

"Just go, there's something else that needs to be done first," James said.

"Are you stupid, let's go!" Jessie yelled.

"He's stupid girl, accept it," Jericute-os sneered. She pushed James to the ground again. He pushed her off, he got back up to his feet. He went over to the warp core door.

"All right, let's go," James said.

"Finally," Jessie groaned. She ducked to get under the door. Jericute-os pressed another button, a forcefield came up in front of the door.

"Oops, my finger slipped," Jericute-os laughed.

James went over to her, he hit her hard in the face. "Oops, my hand slipped."

"We have everyone but two in Engineering," Harry said.

"Everyone get out of there now!" Kathryn yelled.

Harry shook his head, "no response."

"The doors are open Captain," Tuvok said.

"Setting a course out," Danny said.

Leda Engineering:
"What are you going to do now? You're trapped here with me, until I kill you of course. What are you going to do?" Jericute-os sneered.

"Oh, maybe this," James said. He pressed a button on the nearby station.

"Warning, auto destruct in thirty seconds," the computer voice said.

"You little piece of s***," Jericute-os muttered.

"Hmm, you're about to be blown up, what are you going to do?" James said.

"You'll die too," Jericute-os said.

"Fine with me, as long as I get rid of you at the same time, I don't care," James said.

"What about him," Jericute-os said as she looked towards the last unknown crewmember.

"Like he'll live long anyway," James said.

"Captain, the Leda is going to blow in twenty seconds," Harry said.

"There's still two people on board," Danny said.

"Are we still in transporter range?" Chakotay asked.

"Yes but we can't beam those two out of Engineering, we could do them some serious harm, it could kill them," Harry replied.

"They'll die if you don't, get them out of there," Chakotay ordered.

"Aye sir," Harry said.

Leda Engineering:
"Auto destruct in ten seconds. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two..." the computer voice said. James and the unknown crewmember started to dematerialise.

"What... no fair!" Jericute-os screeched.

"We have them, they're in Sickbay," Harry said.

"Danny, go to warp now!" Kathryn commanded.

"Doing so," Danny said.

Voyager flew away from the Leda, it jumped to warp. The Leda exploded, taking the rest of the graveyard with it.

"We're safe," Danny said.

Kathryn sighed, she looked around the whole bridge. "Good job everyone."

Captains Log Supplemental: We are free of the Leda, so we have set a course for home again. The crewmembers who were trapped on the Leda, most have recovered. Fortunately we only lost three crewmembers, it could have been a lot worse.

Doctor Jones was busy treating the unknown crewmember. Kes and Lee were both working on James. Both James and the unknown crewmember had severe burns on their skin.

Kathryn came in through the main door. "How are they?" she asked.

Doctor Jones sighed, he went over to Kathryn. "Crewman Harkins will be out of here by tomorrow. Unfortunately Mr Taylor sustained the worse of it, he's in a coma."

"What?" Kathryn stuttered.

"The sooner he wakes up the better. Kes and Mr Williams are treating his wounds, that's all we can do for him. I ordered the others to get some sleep to recover," Doctor Jones said.

Kathryn sighed as she looked over at James and Harkins. "Tell me when either of them have woken up, Doctor." She walked out.

"Yes ma'am," Doctor Jones said. He went back to work.


****THE END****

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