With only four to go I've simplified this page a tad to be like the others.

Edit: Most of the original episode remains intact, with new and/or longer scenes.

Extension: An edit, but with a lot more new scenes which outnumber the originals.

Rewrite: The basic idea of the episode remains, but it is rewritten from scratch.

New: Speaks for itself, a new episode replacing an old one.

Tales of Voyager  NEW
This is the sequel to Secret and Escape, and will parody the fifth and hopefully not final game of the Monkey Island series. It's looking to be another two parter, but I'm hoping I can slim it down a bit since the previous games got a part each.

Too Good To Be Q  EDIT
Already a super short episode, originally the shortest episode of the series until Hunters vied for the crown, its reboot isn't super long either. A few new scenes have been added, while the originals have been spruced up. One scene at least has been removed.

Voyager Live / VTV Live / Live Games  EDIT
The episode will edit Voyager's Drinking Game and VTV Live into one. These two weren't meant to be taken seriously so I can't see much being done to change them. As you can see, I'm still unsure on the title. Voyager Live would've been fine if it weren't for Tales of Voyager two episodes earlier.

Resistance Is Futile  EXTENSION/REWRITE
Originally known as Thrown Key. It started out as Tom locking a quarreling Janeway & Chakotay in their quarters, then a disaster would happen. I ended up picking Unimatrix Zero once I saw at least Part 1. I haven't fully decided on what's being kept, however I have decided on what's going to be new about it. Let's just say a certain episode I hated will find its way in here.