Season One is the season that needs the most rebooting, so there's been quite a lot of changes to the episode list. The order's slightly different and a couple episodes have been replaced or merged together.

Edit: Most of the original episode remains intact, with new and/or longer scenes.

Rewrite: An edit, but with a lot more new scenes which outnumber the originals.

Redo: The basic idea of the episode remains, but it is rewritten from scratch.

New: Speaks for itself, a new episode replacing an old one.

Episode Number: Title

What Is it?

1.24: World Domination

The draft version's extremely basic plot will be used, or what I remember of it, to remake World Domination. Basically it will tie in with what's happened in Reboot One and will in Season Two (original and Reboot). No more "real world", no writers, no confusing Lilly/Emma debut. Anything will be better than the original but I promise to make an effort to write this well.


1.25: Memories of Fury

Season Six is my second favourite season after Four, but for some reason I opted to parody episodes like Fair Haven over ones I liked. This episode is a mix between one I liked and one I didn't.
This will replace the awfully rushed Boss/7th Voyager arc "ending" known as Prepare For Trouble.


1.26: Tales of Voyager

This is the sequel to Secret and Escape, and will parody the fifth and hopefully not final game of the Monkey Island series, released in 2009 I believe. It's not yet finished, I'd estimate it at about 1/3 of the way complete.


1.27: Too Good To Be Q

Too Q was an ickle little thing, yet even still not all of it is devoted to its plot. It's hard to say if the new stuff will make this an edit or rewrite. A few troublesome bits will be amended though.


1.28: Voyager Live

Due to another episode having Voyager in the title I may give it its original title of VTV Live back.
The episode will edit Voyager's Drinking Game and VTV Live into one. These two weren't meant to be taken seriously so I can't see much being done to change them.


1.29: Resistance Is Futile

Originally known as Thrown Key. It started out as Tom locking a quarreling Janeway & Chakotay in their quarters, then a disaster would happen. I ended up picking Unimatrix Zero once I saw at least Part 1.
I haven't fully decided on what's being kept, however I have decided on what's going to be new about it. Let's just say a certain episode I hated will find its way in here.