Some of the desktops here are made by me, but some of the others of just Voyager or Enterprise itself for example were found online. If you're the owner of them, please contact me and I'll remove them. Sometimes it is hard to tell if they're official images or not.

                            Note: I know this desktop was made by someone already, but it suited the fifth season so well, I couldn't resist.   

All of my videos are hosted on Youtube as I've had issues with streaming/downloads on this site before. If you run into any problems playing these on this page (adverts are the usual issues) just click the Youtube button on the bottom right of the player.

Please Note: This is a little different to the one on the old index page. I've fixed a few problems I had with it and changed the format of the text. Nothing too drastic.

Music used: Xenoblade Main Theme

Janeway & Chakotay - Hand of Sorrow
Please Note: There's another pairing mixed in with J&C, just so you don't go wondering WTH when you play it.

Music used: Hand of Sorrow by Within Temptation

Credits (2008)

Music used: Star Trek Voyager Theme (Soft Rock Remix)