Due to writers block in the past I've decided to run a backup system. An episode cannot be released unless there is another one finished. Usually the oldest is released, with the new one taking the older one's place in my backup folder. If no episodes are released in a long time, the backup will go up to tide things over.

Last Updated: 3rd November 2018

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2:06: Game Over


Hopefully more than an edit than Resistance was. The story itself is fine, it just needs tinkering with. I've got an idea for the second Game, so I'm gonna redo that as well as the first one so it's similiar in style to Home Sweet Holodeck. Three more new scenes are also planned in.

In Progress

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2:07: Anarchy


Since I've been away from computers for a week and a bit, I couldn't really write Game Over since that is mostly an edit. Anarchy, previously known as Dimension Jump, though was a one I planned to redo from scratch. With the exception of two scenes, one of which was partially written a while back, the episode's been finished on paper. It obvioiusly needs typing up.

Almost Completed

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B4FV 2.01: Outside of Time


Part 2 is tiny compared to Part 1, I remember rushing through it. New scenes will be added to flesh it out.

On Hold

Note - % are based on goals I've made for that particular episode. It'll never be fully accurate, but it gives you (and me) an idea how much has been done.