Due to writers block in the past I've decided to run a backup system. An episode cannot be released unless there is another one finished. Usually the oldest is released, with the new one taking the older one's place in my backup folder. If no episodes are released in a long time, the backup will go up to tide things over.

At the moment there are no backups left due to an unproductive 2017. I aim to bring the system back very soon. Anyway long story short, below are the episodes in progress.

Last Updated: 13th August 2018

Episode Number: Title


2:04: Disconnected


This episode could go either way; be a simple one or I'll underestimate how much needs to be done and overwhelm myself. Disconnected had a good story at its core, and for the most part started out really well. Somewhere around half or 3/4 of the way through, I started to rip off what the episode was inspired by and a lot of its good ideas went down the drain. My job for this is to fix it so it fulfills its potential. This means some is edited, while some is newish. It'll be like Interactions reboot I imagine.

Proof Reading

Episode Number: Title


2:05: Resistance


I've always called Resistance the best episode of Season Two, and yet here it is on my to do list. It needs some work on it if it wants to be able to keep its crown. There's a few issues with the original that are easily fixed. The rest of the episode should remain the same.


Episode Number: Title


B4FV 2.01: Outside of Time


Part 2 is tiny compared to Part 1, I remember rushing through it, so new scenes will be added to flesh it out. When I get round to this, the ending to Broken Wreck will be attacked as well, so I can finally label B4FV2 complete.

On Hold

Note - % are based on goals I've made for that particular episode. It'll never be fully accurate, but it gives you (and me) an idea how much has been done.